Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Anatomy of a Group Jump

Group Jump Picture, Tenaya Lake, Yosemite National Park
One of the fun things we do whenever we wanted to make fun memories in our travels and hikes, is to take jumping picture. Somehow, just the action of taking jumping picture alone already provides us a lot of fun. There is teamwork and group coordination too, as you could see obviously in the first picture above.

However, the picture above was just one of the many, and it does not really show the fun trials and more fun errors behind. :) Let us start with camera settings.

Setting: Shutter Speed Priority ( Tv mode for Canon users )
Shutter speed: 1/1250 ( because it is in shutter speed priority, the aperture is set by camera automatically as we perform the action )
ISO: 100
Shooting Mode: AI Servo, high speed continuous ( this will do burst shots capturing several frames per second, the speed is dependent on camera specs and also the lens )

Here was how it went (in 2 trials):

Trial 1:

Photographer ( KTL, my hubby): One of you will count 1, 2, 3. At 3, I will press shutter continuously as you all jump. Okay?
US ( 4 ): Okay. 
The four decided the front counts 1, 2, 3 loud enough.
Front: 1, 2, 3!
 Did everybody jump at the same time? Let us see! ( there were more frames, but I purposely did not upload similar pics to limit pictures in this post )

 Front jumped first, followed by 2nd
 first and second in line were already on air, the other 2 at the back just got the message
 the front was on the way down, the 2nd was at the peak, the two at the back were still on the rise
the front already landed, the 2nd was able to hold up above longer (though on her way down) while the two at the back were still rising

The burst shots showed the domino effect. :)

When everyone had landed, here was what the photographer said:

KTL: You were not coordinated. I could not remember you all were on air ( it went in a fraction of second, so he may not have noticed we were all on air at one time, but not very high). 
US: Oh, that's okay! We jump again! ( then, burst into laughter). 
KTL: Okay, same procedure. ( went back to his kneeling position)

Trial 2:
As usual, front counts 1, 2, 3 loud enough. 
 How was the 2nd trial compared to the first trial? Let us see.....
 looks better, though the first two in front jumped higher first, but the two at the back started their ascent already
 now they are all on high, though the front is on her way down
the front is already down, the 2nd and 3rd on the way down, while the back as always, just got the message :)

What was the verdict of the photographer?

KTL: Better than the first time, but you 4 were not on air together long enough.
US: Can we take a look at the pictures?
....we reviewed the pictures! 
US: Yes, there is one picture with all of us on high! We are good!

Though contented with our group jumping picture, but each one was not getting enough yet of fun. 
Cousin Running on Water Like Cheetah :) ( on high, not from jumping, but from running )
Poor Photographer, he had to endure kneeling on the sand to take each and everyone of us a picture. :) But anyway, he had his turn too. :)
KTL's turn :)
Ahhh, what joy it was indeed to celebrate the gift of outdoors with family and friends. There's no day I am not thankful for how simple the joys of hubby as well. As simple as a jump, a gangnam style dance, a run, a hike, a walk, a photo and many more simple joys in simple life. :) Thank you dear, always, for all the simple joys!
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  1. hahaha. this is awesome. I don't do jump shots simply because I'm always the one taking the photos and when I am on a photo walk I'm always alone.

  2. LOVE your post and indeed not everyone jumps t the same time*with the same speed, but this makes the result even more fun right? happy rest of the week!

  3. One two three go! Group jump shots are difficult to achieve kaya kailangan sabay2 talaga :) But you guys did a good job there!

  4. How fun! Great job to jumpers and photographer alike.

  5. being out door is really fun indeed! i love jumpshots too! it is good if it will have the whole barkada like this! great shots!

  6. My husband always asks me why Asian love to have a jump shot lol. These are fun!

  7. Synchronized jumping? Very nice...

  8. That is superb, the fun of jumping and how it turns out great, we did that during my visit in the philippines earlier this year and man! i have a teary eyes of laughter because of the funny outcome sometimes.

  9. weeeeeeeee, would love love love jumping with you all! how fun!!! i guess KTL had fun too capturing you all, though he had to endure kneeling on the sand. hehehe

  10. Your photos, made my day. Kakatapos lang kasi ng Maring. Pwede na kayo sumali sa Olympics if only there is an event for Synchronized Jumpshot.

  11. Nakakatuwa naman to... Actually, I suck in taking jumpshots, much more group jumpshots... Hahaha... Though hindi naman kasi ako professional photographer at digicam lang lagi ang hawak ko... :)

  12. Oh I love these jumping shots, Betchai! They show the joy thoroughly and fabulously!

  13. You made me smile with this post because it reminded me how many jump shots I had during our trips. Hubby love doing the shots while I do the jumps. :)

    Ang cute ni KTL sa running shot. :)

  14. ohhhhh tell Khai I am such a fan!!!! are truly the expert in jumping shots! :) enjoyed this as always...your joys of simple life :) love yah! really really really love love love KTL's photo here :)

  15. You sure like to jump very much.

    Which I can see in many of your posts.

  16. Your cool photos tell us that you certainly had fund :)

  17. thats like Anatomy of friendship :)

    are you there in that?

  18. Haha, fun shots! My nephews and nieces always wanted me to take their jump moves!

  19. great that at least there's one that you're all up in the air...:) but yes, its always fun to do it. :) for sure, i need to learn how to set the camera first because if i have friends coming here in Bkk, and they wanted to do jump shots, i always end up as photographer but i always failed. it should be really more try to think that I am using dslr, poor me! :) practice makes perfect, though...hehehe! happy weekend. xx

  20. Ganda ng jump shot nyo perfect and hindi blurred.

  21. Wow! I love your camera. And you both have done a great job.

  22. This just reminds me of my perks back home. Every time we are out and having fun, we never forget to take group jumpshot! Ahhh. Miss them so bad.