Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Macro Shots

Deep Inside a Bromeliad Flower
I am taking a break from sharing some of our adventure trips and hiking activities to share some macro shots I took last Tuesday at Balboa Park. Macro photography is probably the area of photography I explore least, and I do not overdo since I find it very strenuous for my eyes. If I do too much macro photography, I get headache somehow, I guess, from too much focusing. Being farsighted, I am not used to seeing objects up close without using my eyeglasses. However, if I use my eyeglasses when shooting macro, somehow, my pictures seem to be not focused. I guess, because the presence of eyeglasses between my eyes and lens bring me unnecessary movements. But anyway, from time to time, I do pick up my macro lens and enjoy seeing objects up close, something that I probably would not be able to see with my own naked eye since I would be too afraid to get too close to insects or too close to the flower's pollen. Whereas, macro photography, allows me to take a much closer look at blooms and various critters from a safer distance.

Here are some more of the macro shots I took this Tuesday:
Butterfly Hugging the Milkweed Tree 
Milkweed Blossom
One of the Many Caterpillars Crawling @ the Milkweed Tree ( do you see the eye? )
A Smiling Caterpillar?
 Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed

White Daisies at Zorro Garden
Green Beetle Enjoying the White Daisy
Green Beetle Smiling or Showing Off His Happy Tongue?
Looking @ the heart of a Succulent Bloom
A Smiling Orchid :) ( or is it my imagination to see a smiling lady with purple dress? )

Orchids At the Botanical Building
 (you can't have it all. The drawback in macro is that I had to move very far to get this wider angle shot. But there was already a lot of obstruction in between than what I initially thought of, so I had to make the most of what I have if I shoot a landscape photo with a macro lens )
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  1. Beautiful, beautiful macro shots, Betchai!
    Sorry to hear about your headache..

  2. oh those are incredible macros. now you inspired me. i know i got lots of those somewhere.

  3. wow amazing macro shots, envy much! Now I miss using my DSLR cam it's collecting dust na tsk tsk.. love that caterpillar shots

  4. very nice macro shots sis, you are like a professional photographer with these nice evidences... amazing!!!

  5. OMG, Betchai, I am stunned and in awe of these spectacular shots. WOW!

  6. Superb macro shots Ate Beth! You are one really good photographer.

  7. These images are awesome....worthy to be on postcards.

  8. Colorful pics!!!! I really liked it, Thanks for share...

  9. Beth!!! catching my breath here with your stunning macro shots and errr, posting paid opps and fillers, haha! will catch up with your other posts if my lunchbreak allows. have a great week ahead! love you! thanks for all the commentlove, superduperlove it! will try to make bawi pag di na ako ngarag with my real work and part-time work (blogging happine$$). mwahugs... ;)

  10. Absolutely beautiful! I love macro shots.

  11. I love Macro shots so much. What lens do you use here beth?

  12. Simply awesome photos !! ang galing-galing. I love macro shots. That Milkweed Blossom image, pwede sa canvas.

  13. Spectacular macro shots! The beetle shots are just amazing!

  14. Amazing! Those photos are true macros.

  15. wow, these are beautiful macro shots...i love to learn how to take one. :) have a great week. (thank you for your comment ate, yes...thanks God, we still have 2 more years in Bkk.)

  16. You're such a great photographer! I love those macro shots of yours!

  17. You are so good with what you do talaga ate! You make me appreciate the beauty of nature more :)