Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Backyard Blossoms

African Daisy
African daisy has blooms in brilliant yellow, orange, pearly white, shades of pink, purple and blue. Some have uniform color, but some have rings of contrasting colors around the center. At home, we use this in some parts of our side yard as ground cover.
Here is another flower from our little backyard.
Fuschias are very easy to grow, well, at least for me :) . They are drought tolerant plants, and in late fall, I cut a stem, plant some on the ground, and by spring, they are coming alive. During their first few months, I water them like once or twice a week, but after they have grown so well in maybe a year, I just let them grow naturally :) . Okay, I may water them like maybe once in two weeks during summer and fall. At home, we don't use water a lot, we actually use recycled water to water our plants. We collect our dishwashing water in a bucket, and use it to water our plants. Currently, our city is in mandatory water conservation program.
Another easy to take care plant are the roses.
I just picked this pink rose today from our backyard and combined it with African daisies, fallen limes and some leaves from the pine tree for some indoor flower arrangement.
As of now, these are the flowers currently blooming at home, I have taken some flowers that bloomed a few weeks back, but I still have to find them in my old folders. Sometimes, we do not really have to travel far to find gifts from nature, we can just look what is around us.
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  1. oh betchai, what a lovely site you have here filled with flowers, natures and everything beautiful..whether small or big you captured its true beauty...

  2. i shall be back to see some more.i'm busy configuring my blog at the moent...very time consuming task for a newbie!!

  3. (Visited The Salitype Society, such a good blog that is contributed by many nice people).

    I find rose needs a lot of attention for a beautiful blossom, if compare to others like Hem 'n Egg especially.

  4. Beautiful flower photos! I would love to grow the fuschias!

    Hopping over to your other blog..

  5. betchai what a wonderful idea. Can you add the new blog, to our blogging for fun group, it might help with proceeds, and traffic. I will add it to my favorites for sure.

  6. Lovely post. beautiful pics of your flowers too.

  7. The African daisies look so pretty in the vase with pine. Are those lemons in the water, they look so refreshing. :)

  8. Miss Beth,
    Very nice stills here... My favorite is the African daisy... It looks different from the ones I see here in the Philippines though...

  9. I'll check out your new site.

    WoW with your backyard flowers, only thing blooming in our backyard are dandelions,lol.

  10. Wow, delicate blooms from heaven. The fuchsia shot is extraordinary. Well done betchai.

  11. Good evening Betchai! I'll help you support that other blog by patronizing it. That's a very good cause! I'll check it out more this coming weekdays.

    Beautiful flowers, you have many plants by your lawn. =)

  12. I like your flower pictures. These closeups are good.I like the way the African Daisy looks the most.

  13. thanks a lot, everyone.

    also, thanks for stopping by my group of friend's site.

    @ Eng, will check your site later. you are learning fast actually.

    @ Rainfield, yes, there are a lot of authors there so that it won't thirst for posts :) Thanks for following us there.

    @ Icy, thanks for leaving a comment there.

    @ Melissa, thank you, yes, I will add the site in our blogging for fun group links. thanks for following us there.

    @ Keats, thank you.

    @ Diane, they were limes, we could not finish all our limes, so i picked some on the ground and used it as decor.

    @ Mark, yes, there are different varieties of African daisies. I have several varieties here, but I just showed that one since I find the contrasting ring more interesting :)

    @ Bob, dandelions are beautiful sight too, I have them here as well :)

    @ Jo, many thanks always for your support.

    @ Ayie, thanks, hope to see you there as well :)

    @ Ratty, thanks always for your kind words.

  14. Lovely flowers! I like the close up picture of the Fuschia. All of your shots really look very interesting up close.

  15. Beautiful display of colour here

    Good floral image

  16. I don't have such blossoms in my backyard. You're so blessed.

  17. Beautiful close up photos. I also visited your new site and it is good. I agree, with Melissa that you should add the blog to our Blogging for Fun group so we can visit it regularly. Have a great week ahead!

  18. Wow, all of these flowers in your backyard? Gorgeous! It's so shady here that mostly everything is green...not a lot of other color. I really like that African Daisy...simply gorgeous...

  19. I love fuschia. They are so pretty. Congrats on your new blog collaboration. What a wonderful goal to send a child to school with the money you make.