Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thank You!

It is not often that I express my appreciation and gratitude here to you, readers of this blog, for the inspiration and the push you gave me to keep this site going. Little did I know, several years ago, that what started as an outlet for me then to reminisce and take the joy in, again and again, of experiencing our wonderful world at the backroads, would later become a passion to share. With you, through your comments, through your inquiries, through the keywords you left in various search engines, slowly the posts evolved from a mere expression of jubilation to something with more details of each place, of each trail, so that you may enjoy the same way I did or more those nature wonders that had touched me so deeply.
I thank God each day for this gift of being able to share my simple joys here in The Joys of Simple Life.
I do not know how else to return these blessings, but to share the simple joys in simple life that this site gets, to two kids who desire to make a positive difference in their lives through education. I would like you to meet the 2 scholars who are supported by this site entirely. I could not support them through this site without you.
Meet Ken Ray
he is now senior high school student, and has sponsored him since elementary)
Meet CJ
( he is now in kinder, and I sponsored him since last school year only, when he was still in prep. Like Ken Ray, I pray he will finish also his high school and hopefully, his college)

Yes, through you dear readers, this site has grown. I may not share it often, and may not thank you often, but it is through your visits that has helped The Joys of Simple Life grow in so many ways. How else could I return the gratitude to you and to our forever faithful God but to make a positive difference in Ken Ray's and CJ's lives? I met Ken Ray and CJ through Tapulanga Foundation, who are God's stewards in administering the gifts to these kids, seeing to it that these kids grow not only in body and mind, but also in spirit.
If you have time, I encourage you to please watch how Tapulanga Foundation started and had grown through the video above, where you will also hear the scholars share their dreams through their song.
" I have this hope....
That I will learn what others children know...
Like words and number....
Although I have these dreams
I don't know if I can reach for them
I need a helping hand
To make these dreams come true!"
If you too are thinking of how else to give back some of the wonderful blessings you receive, and want to give back through quality education of impoverished kids, you may want to contact Tapulanga Foundation. They not only administer your gifts, but they send you updates of the academic progress of your scholar. It is always a joy hearing from them.

having lunch with the scholars of The Joys of Simple Life and The Salitype Society with Mic, one of two founders of Tapulanga Foundation
( The Salitype Society is actively co-maintained by my group of blogging sisters/blogging besties )

As an educator, I strongly believe in the POWER OF WORDS AND NUMBERS. I strongly believe in quality education to empower the lives of the poor children, giving them a chance for a better future. I may not have all the riches in this world to sponsor a world of kids, but I THANK YOU, through THE JOYS OF SIMPLE LIFE, for allowing me to give 2 kids hope to believe in their dreams to have a better future. Like what they always say, we may not be able to help the whole world, but just making a difference in one is a big help already.

I also thank you for giving me a 2nd passion outside of my job( my first passion). Because of this site, I no longer think what to watch in TV. I have no time for TV now, coz I use the time to watch TV instead to blog, haha! It saved me getting more stress from those real or unreal TV characters. :) I no longer think of what movies to watch or where to shop on weekends. I simply have no time watching movies nor shopping now coz I use the time to enjoy nature through hiking, snorkeling, boogie boarding and other forms of outdoor activities with my outdoor partner for life.
Nature wandering made me spend more time with hubby sharing simple joys in simple life. It also help me save money too since I no longer buy things I do not need impulsively. The time I spend outdoors limits my exposure to commercialism and materialism as much as when I spent that time in the mall. I no longer spend so much time in Facebook or other Social Network because I am here. I find that being here is a more peaceful and meaningful way for me to relax and de-stress. I thank you for adding more meaning and purpose to what before simply started as a hobby, but now has become a meaningful part of my simple joys.

Let me leave you with the picture below, of Joshua Tree, which I find their limbs stretching out to heaven like a prayer, a prayer of surrender, of thanksgiving.

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  1. you inspired me and continue to inspire me in many ways, Beth. God bless you, your blogs and your scholars. hats off! love yah!

  2. You inspire me, Ate! :)

    Thank you also for sharing your life to us and for the virtual tours. hehehe!

    ♥ you Ate Beth!

  3. Teary eyed reading this Betchai and feeling blessed to have met such a generous and beautiful person who inspires me everyday to do good for others...may the joys of simple life continue to share love.....

  4. Thank you betchai for all the noble work that you are doing. Thank you for giving us an opportunity that we could be a little part of this kindness... May God always bless you and keep you inspired to touch newer heights and grow with every passing day. May the best of forces always be with you, here's looking forward to always sharing the pleasant joys in simple moments like these along with you. :)

  5. wow very inspirational sis! indeed you are making and giving a lot of yourself and passion in the form of this education! more blessing will come to people like who!

  6. it is all good, keep sharing, we will keep reading

  7. you are a blessing to us your sisters and to those kids.

  8. Such a sweet charity you guys have started, very inspiring.

  9. A touching way of saying thank you, made me smile! You are so blessed!

  10. So kind of you and through this post, i have thankful to know that there are still generous and kind hearted people who still helps those unfortunate ones.

  11. You have just opened my eyes to the other possibilities that lie in blogging. I commend you for your selfless endeavor in supporting education of kids, something we can never go wrong with. I'm sure this post of yours will ignite the flame in our hearts to be of help to others.

    I'm happy that you found your passion outside your work. I've said it before and I'll say it again, your photos are fantastic. They make me appreciate life more.

  12. I love what you've done! Congratulations, acts of kindness goes a long way. So awesome isn't it to see your sponsored child grow and learn from the fruit of your labor?
    Tweeted, liked and G+!

  13. No. Thank you ms beth for the stories and photos. Your words and images are very inspiring.

  14. ...back here Betchai and so inspired by your Joys of Simple scholar's smiles are priceless :)

  15. God bless you, and all the wonderful thing you do to help these children, Betchai.

  16. Thank you too for the inspiration Ma'am! Thank you for touching many hearts, including mine. We may not know each other personally but you really inspired me...

  17. I am humbled to learn about your good deeds, those kids should be very appreciative of what you are doing. Continue to share your blessings...

  18. Bless your kind heart Betchai. That is truly an inspiring act and I'm so delighted to hear about it. May our good Lord bless you more each day.

  19. May the good Lord blesses you more Betchai. You are an inspiration to many kasali na ako roon. Keep up the good work.

  20. This is such a noble mission. Keep it up girl and may you help a lot of people :)

  21. You are such a beautiful person, in and out. May you continue sharing your blessings and making a difference to other peoples' lives.

  22. Of all the beautiful posts you have written, this is the most powerfully beautiful. Your words evoked such strong emotion. Thank you.

  23. Wow! I commend you for helping kids to go back to school. You are the woman!!

  24. thanks for making our lives more colourful+more interesting by sharing your adventures+the beauties around you! great that you are supportint he two kids; I am also supporting one kid in Chile:-) its a good feeling...