Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Fiesta Island In Mission Bay Blooms

Coreopsis @ Fiesta Island, Mission Bay, San Diego
In my previous post, Where the San Diego Wildflowers Are for 2013, I shared about places to spot wildflower fields in San Diego, but mentioned that I had not been to Mission Bay yet. Last Saturday, April 6, 2013, was the first time I checked if the carpeting wildflowers in Mission Bay were still around. When I got to South Shores Park ( where I had been photographing Mission Bay wildflowers for years), I was disappointed. The field was very green, there were more green grasses than coreopsis.
Some Patches of Coreopsis @ South Shores Park
However, looking at the other side of South Shores Park, hubby pointed to me a vast field of yellow across the bay. From South Shores Park, we drove to the nearby Fiesta Island.
Wildflowers by the Roadside of Fiesta Island
At Fiesta Island, we saw so many different outdoor activities, we could get busy observing how different people enjoy outdoors. By the water, some were wind sailing, others were in team kayak, rowing, and many more recreational water sports. On land, a lot of people were walking their dogs and I saw scattered patches of yellow coreopsis everywhere. Then, when we rounded the western section of Fiesta Island, we parked at the huge dirt parking lot.
 From the parking lot, we took a walk inside the dog's park where dogs could go off leash. This is where the widest field of wildflowers we saw.
Field of Wildflowers @ Fiesta Island
It is always a joy seeing a vast field of wildflowers. Not planted by man, no irrigation like in farms, they just simply grow wild and nature nourishes them to blooming beauties. They are like smiles from heaven that poured heavily on Earth. 
 @ Dog's Trail, Fiesta Island
 Dog's Playground
Lady and Her Dog (she was throwing tennis ball for dog to catch)
Not A bear, But A Dog Running
When Dogs Meet
Dogs Just Want To Have Fun
Aside from wildflowers, there are so many shore birds, however, what caught my eye and excitement was this hawk. There were several hawks soaring high in the air, but was excited to see this hawk up close perched on a post near the parking lot.
What Type of Hawk is This?
How to Go to Fiesta Island:
From I-5, take the Sea World Drive exit and head southwest, then make a right onto East Mission Bay Drive, then left to Fiesta Island. There is parking throughout the island. I highlighted the section with the widest field of wildflowers below.
Of course, I have not walked around the island, you may be able to find even a wider field, would appreciate too if you could let me know. :)
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  1. Those wildflowers are beautiful. You captured them perfectly. I will definitely enjoy that place.

  2. wow, this is so pretty, my imagination run wild, if I were a location manager for a movie I'll really take this place for a date scene or for an ironic cinematographic setting of separation.. beautilful ...

  3. Dogs do just want to have fun. The wildflowers look like a wonderful location for them to have fun!

  4. I have never really been in a place where flowers seem so endless, must be very affirming of God's existence.

  5. Heavenly views. Ate Beth, pwede magpaadopt sayo ahahaha, so I can go with you on your travels lol. Love all the photos.

  6. Oh my! I would certainly stop and take the joy of getting snapshots of these beautiful wildflowers! I can't wait to see wildflowes on our roadtrip in two weeks :)

  7. Those are beautiful wild flowers.We have a nice weather and the apple blossom are blooming but the wild flowers are not out yet, but my allergy is worst this spring.

  8. I want to set my foot dyan sa field of wildflowers. So endearing images Sis.

  9. We must visit San Diego again. I have repeatedly mentioned in my comments here in your blog how our relatives missed to take us to where you have posted beautiful snaps of nature around San Diego. This will be in my bucket list for sure! :)

    And those yellow flowers definitely brighten one's day! I don't mind waking up every single morning looking on a field of yellow flowers or any spring blooms for that matter. Simply beautiful!

    Ria C

  10. I've always wanted to visit a field full of beautiful flowers. Wala kasing ganito dito sa Pinas ;/

  11. awesome Betchai!!!!! those wildflowers are so vividly colored and beautiful as they are! the dogs must be having a blast! hmmm no idea what kinda hawk that is but know that you captured it wonderfully! this is just stuff I see in dreams...wishing one sweet day I could walk along fiesta island in mission bay! :)

  12. Wherever you point your lenses, Te Betchai, you never fail to give justice to all these breathtaking subjects. I am always amazed by the beauty of nature and God's wonderful creations.

  13. Oh what a lovely field of flowers. Would love to be here!

  14. beautiful wildflowers and sharing it here makes me want to see real fields of it, must be really lovely! great pictures as always!

  15. that is beautiful. i want to go there :) thanks for sharing beth

  16. What a great place to see wildflowers, looks like it was a beautiful day when you went. Awesome fields of flowers and I also enjoyed seeing the playful dogs. :)

  17. Oh my! So beautiful!!! How long do these flowers usually last?