Thursday, April 25, 2013

Izu, The King?

Another imagined connversation by Betchai. This time, the conversation is between Oceana (female ) and Izu (male), two of the African lions at San Diego Zoo's Safari Park. This is a continuation from my previous post, "What Happened Next?" All pictures were taken in the same day by my hubby, and they are presented here in the order they were taken.
~start of story~
After a very long time of rest, sleeping, relaxing and enjoying nothing, like what African lions would always do 21 out of 24 hours of the time in the wild ( to know why, please click here ), Izu got up from his slumber on top of the abandoned truck, stretched, reached out to Oceana, and then whispered......

Izu: "Oceana....Oceana, can you get up? Can we play?"
Oceana: " Not now Izu, I still feel sleepy."
 Izu: "Please, Oceana?", in a sweet begging tone.
Oceana shifted her head towards Izu. They both looked very sweet, as if murmuring to each other sweet nothings.
Oceana: " What kind of play, Izu?"
 Izu: "I want some intense game, Oceana."
Oceana got up but still showing some signs of sleepiness. For a while, it seemed they were engaged in a playful growling and brawling.
 After a while of loud noises in the air, silence came between the two. Then, Oceana left Izu.

Oceana: " That was a fun play Izu, now I am tired. I need to lie down on grass. Bye for now."
 Izu: "Hey, Oceana....Oceana.....wait for me, I will follow you."
 Izu also jumped off the truck, followed Oceana who at that time was already resting.

Izu: "Oceana, get up please, will you? Game not over, let's continue to play."
 Oceana got up that brought a smile to Izu's lips.

Oceana: "What kind of play this time, Izu?"
Izu: "A growling contest, Oceana. Let's make everyone know, I AM THE KING! THE LION KING!"
Oceana: "Oh, that is one easy game, Izu! I will growl to beat the KING!"
Afterwards, they growled and growled in unison! Oceana and Izu, one in growling tone.

Did Oceana beat Izu, the King?

After a loud competition of growling, Oceana stood up, about to leave Izu, while Izu's enamored eyes were all on Oceana, glowing in admiration.
 As Oceana walked away, Izu got up, followed Oceana....
Oceana: " You may be Izu, the King. BUT! I AM OCEANA, THE QUEEN!!!!"
~end of story~
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  1. that was really a cute story.lucky you guys have those rare shots. congrats to your hubby for a job well done on these photos, betchai

  2. bold and beautiful...
    thats some real clicks there...

  3. I am growling. I am a king as well.

  4. That was a fun little story. I hope you continue to do things like this.

  5. tremendously enjoyed the conversation and story Beth! bravo, more please... you and Khai makes a great tandem. this reminds me of the bird talk i did long ago. hehehe

  6. Wow. I can see the romance between them .A lovely couple. Lion is my favourite animal and I really think he is the king of the jungle.

  7. Ahahaha, I had a very good laugh out of the story and I love all the action shots!

  8. hehhehe, I love how you made a story of these shots,Betchai.They're cute ;)

  9. Beautiful story of a king and queen. I had fun reading your super cute story.

  10. Oh these images are just wonderful and so very loving looking between them! Your conversation made them so lively too..

  11. I am such a fan of your imagined conversations Betchai! I can see Orly and me here hahahaha....I am Oceana of course hehehe, :)

  12. You should print this and elaborate the story, it would make a very interesting children's book!

  13. Yes, such a cute story that can be told to grade schoolers. Parang ganyan mag lambingan amg mga pusa sa bakuran namin.

  14. I enjoyed this little story. I got amazed looking at the photos too. Simply lovely!

  15. Writing stories about animals as characters is called fable, right? Then, you can be one of the famous fable writers I know if you pursue that option. :) Love the story!!!

    Ria C

  16. The photos really matched their conversation, great going sis!

  17. This is a very entertaining story and photos. Love the way they growled together. This also lead me to thinking that at the end of the day man will follow the woman for some irresistible reason.

  18. yeah! You got that right Mr. Not so much fun playing by yourself eh? What a lovely story of these two beasts - I felt close to them afterwards. smiles.