Saturday, April 06, 2013

My Top Ten San Diego Hikes, #5- IRON MOUNTAIN


Me @ Iron Mountain Summit
Why I Love This Hike:
1. It is very accessible, an easy drive anywhere San Diego.
2. It is a moderate hike to the peak ( 6 miles round trip, 1000 ft elevation gain/loss from Highway 67 trailhead; or 9 miles roundtrip, 1600 ft elevation gain/lose from Ellie Lane trailhead). Not too long, not too short, not too steep, not too flat, just right! Therefore, when we woke up with fogs,
looking outside from our window
we know, it wouldn't be too late for us to drive to and hike up to the summit of Iron Mountain to look at the wonderful layers of clouds below us. 
Looking Down at Thick Fog ( looks like cloud) on top of Iron Mountain
Seeing the clouds pass by us, hug us, or tease us, is one of nature's treats that I love most at Iron Mountain.
3. Just like El Capitan Open Space Reserve, it has nice view of surrounding mountains and ocean. The view from the top is very relaxing and comforting. If you love geocaching, you can enjoy finding some treasures here too.
Found a "geocache"
4. There are many other connecting trails here to take if in case we wanted more distance and elevation to cover.
One of Our Find Taking the Other Connecting trails @ Iron Mountain
For more about Iron Mountain, please visit my previous post on Iron Mountain, which gives more details to this hike. 

Reviewing the list of My Top Ten San Diego Hikes:
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  1. The vital statistic of Iron Mountain is so perfect.

  2. the great mountain conquest :P

  3. Look amazing, and the fog is just splendid!

    Happy Easter, Betchai!

  4. Dahil sa mga larawan nakapaskel, parang sinasabi nilang subukan ko din na umakyat ng bundok.

  5. That photo above the fog was absolutely amazing. What a beautiful sight.

  6. Beautiful...and I love the fog!

  7. just right! sound like my kind of hike. hehehe! so love that signature pose of yours Beth. it speaks so much of your simple joys on being with nature.

    lol on rainfield's comment :D

  8. Sea of clouds! I haven't experienced this kind of adventure. Wonderful images. Happy weekend.

  9. Hi there wonderwoman!!!!! Whew that photo of you showcasing the beauty of Iron Mountain is picture perfect!!! And so bluetifull too!!! Aaahhh hugging fogs and clouds is more than awesome! Now there goes another reason why I am keeping my SD dream! Love yah!!! :)