Tuesday, April 16, 2013

North Torrey Pines State Beach to Del Mar Beach

Pink Blooms @ North Torrey Pines State Beach' Marsh Lagoon Area
Spring time, when smiles from heaven pour on Earth, sending field of wildflowers in some places, a sight to behold. A time where our more serious hiking is put on hold in favor of more relaxing walk enjoying the blooms. Thus, pardon me if for a while, I am taking a break from my series of posts about my  Top Ten San Diego Hikes. Maybe, after this post, I will alternate posts from our "Desert Solitaire Spring Break Vacation", "Top Ten San Diego Hikes" and more wildflower updates in and around San Diego. Ahhh, too many to share, to little time. :( I am not complaining since I love that " I am changing the world one day at a time- I TEACH!"- phrase borrowed from http://teacherswithapps.com/im-changing-the-world-one-day-at-a-time-i-teach/

Anyway, let me take you now to this very relaxing walk from North Torrey Pines State Beach to Del Mar Beach.

Start of Hike: North Torrey Pines State Beach 

Parking: Free outside the State park Area along Carmel Valley Road. $12 day use fee inside the State Park.
 Terns and Sea Gulls In Flight, at the Marsh Lagoon, next to North Torrey Pines State Beach Parking

Features: Walk on the beach, and then, go up the bluffs overlooking the ocean. At other times of the year, we usually look for playful dolphins and migrating whales from on top of the bluffs, but since it is spring time, let me share instead the present conditions of the trail right now. All pictures here were taken last Sunday, April 15, 2013.

Direction of Hike:
From North Torrey Pines State Beach Parking lot, first, we enjoyed the lagoon since this is one of the best places for bird watching in San Diego. Then, we walked west towards the beach. At the beach, we turned North to Del Mar. There are two choices to walk, both are special and have their uniqueness. One option is to walk entirely on the beach. The 2nd option, upon reaching the bluff, hike up the gentle slope to the middle bluff at same level with the rail tracks. Because it is spring time, beach walk would be all sand and rocks, whereas on top of bluffs are these: 
 Mix of Coreopsis and Sea Lavender ( south part of trail, closer to Torrey Pines)
first wildflower sighting you would see after going up the bluff
Purple Field of Dreams :) ( trail between Torrey Pines and Del Mar Beach )
 More California Sea Lavender  
 Join Us In this Walk 
 Looking South Towards Torrey Pines
More Sea Lavender ( it is a long trail of purple field )

Mileage: 3- 5 miles round trip (depends really as to how far you want to go), with only about 100 ft of elevation change. If you do not think you have time to hike but just want to enjoy the field of wildflowers, you may park anywhere between 7th and 8th St, Del Mar, CA. The top bluff almost meets the middle bluff (where the field of CA sea lavenders are) at 8th St. From 8th St, walk West ( you need to cross the rail tracks) towards the ocean. Turn South towards Torrey Pines for the CA sea lavender field.

Field of CA Sea Lavender, looking South towards Torrey Pines
Turn North and a little bit up towards Del Mar for more coreopsis (yellow). 
purple field disappears to give way to some yellow ( at the North part of the trail, closer to Del Mar Beach)
 Beach, Cliff and Wildflowers
More Yellow
Ahhhhh, these wildflowers are simple gifts from above, reminding us of His love, sending us all these smiles in the form of these blooms, not planted, not watered by man, but simply growing in nature nourished by God.

I LOVE SPRING!! Oh wait, did I not say before my favorite season is SUMMER?, haha!! I actually can't wait to be in the water again reuniting with the fishes, but meantime, let me share with you the JOYS OF SPRING.

Thanks always for visiting.
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  1. Beautiful blooms of spring! Proud to have someone who is helping change the world for the better each day through teaching! The sea lavender and the yellow flowers by the cliff are refreshing to see against the blue sky and the blue ocean as I keep my mind refreshed here in the seminar venue...looking forward to reading on your latest hiking adventure :)love yah!

  2. thanks for the virtual relaxing walk Beth. just what i need, my brain is fried from the blog marathon.

    i can imagine you blooming along with the flowers of spring! and yeah, too many things to do, too little time. like you, too blessed to be complaining though. hehehe

  3. Wow, betchai! This is so beautiful, a real gift from above. Nature blooming in the middle of nowhere, nurtured by no one... well, who could imagine it to be this way and to be so pretty. But His ways are unique indeed. Thank you so much for taking us there, I enjoyed my walk with you... through the purple fields, the yellow ones and the other blooming spring folks. I am taking the soft breeze back with me :)

  4. Ohhhh how I wish I could get a chance to walk to a ground full of beautiful flowers! It will probably make me feel that I'm in paradise! Lol Looks like inienjoy mo talaga ang season mo ate!

  5. How awesome to walk along the wildflower-lined path and have an ocean view. Torrey Pines is a beautiful place!

  6. You have changed everything into a wonderland!!!

  7. I'm imagining myself walking into that trail full of wildflowers -I'd just sit by marveling the beauty of - er, the sea or the view, or the flowers? Too many beautiful sights there. I'm envious :)

  8. The scenery is quite very nice and relaxing. I love the flowers for they add beauty in the surroundings. It also seems like I had a quick tour at Torrey Pines and will be walking through Del Mar Beach.

  9. I wanted to be there, spending a day watching those blue sea lavender and yellow blooms. Envy ako sa iyo sis Betchai.

  10. ahhhhh...the beauty of nature...I just love looking at those sea lavender flowers...very pretty!

  11. Those seagulls in flight are just magical to watch. I wish I could walk around those lovely blooms, must smell so good out there.

  12. I love spring too. The beauty of nature makes me want to go outside and enjoy it wile I can.

  13. Beautiful wild flowers, and looks like you had a wonderful leisure time there!

  14. Oh sure! I would love to walk on that scenery, kahit anong layo pa yan! I love the photo with those birds dancing in the air-- so beautifully captured! :)

  15. beautiful! i wanted to have a photoshoot with the lovely yellow and purple flowers :-)

  16. I had few cliff walking and I've encountered the same flowers. They are so pretty on spring season.

  17. I really love that picture with all the birds. That's the kind of place I'd like to visit one day.

  18. Seagulls in flight were perfectly captured, Te Betchai. I may sound like a broken record but I can't help but marvel at these photos. It's always a sight to behold! I wish I'd be given the opportunity to see beautiful places like these.

  19. Just stunning. I want to print them up and line my walls with the photos and just sit and gaze at them. awwww....