Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snorkeling With The Sharks, the Leopard Sharks :)

Leopard Sharks and Paddle Boarders, La Jolla Shores Beach
I have been having a time of my life lately snorkeling with the sharks! Yes, you read it right, sharks! But before you get scared, let me clarify these are the leopard sharks, not the white sharks! We were snorkeling not only with a few leopard sharks, but surrounded by hundreds of them! Would you want to swim with the sharks too? That is, the friendly, harmless to humans leopard sharks?

Leopard Sharks
Leopard sharks, despite their name "sharks', are harmless to humans because they have small teeth and are timid in nature. People are thrilled to see them, in fact, when you are in the water, and people are getting in, expect people to ask you, " where are they?" they, refers to the famous leopard sharks in the area. 
Group of Leopard Sharks
Leopard sharks are 4-6 feet long and feed on crustaceans and other invertebrates that live in mud and sand, like worms and crabs. Because of this nature, leopard sharks are easily seen closer to the shore. Leopard sharks are common sightings at La Jolla Shores. Swimming in the area, you will see excited kids and adults shouting for joy when they see the sharks, and say out loud, "whooo! I swim with the sharks!"
So, you think you can be so adventurous and feel the joy of swimming and snorkeling with the sharks? Just the harmless leopard sharks, of course. :)
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  1. Scary!!! But the water looks so good!

  2. Wow...aren't they dangerous? Are't you afraid that they might attack you?

    1. they are the harmless leopard sharks, Tekaus, not the harmful sharks :)

  3. I don't like sharp teeth, especially when they're attached to sharks who can yank off my arm in under a second. >_< You're so brave to be snorkeling with them!

  4. Looks like real fun but a bit scary too... You're one courageous lady Betchai :)

  5. At the end of the day, you can tell you have swum with sharks.

    Yes, sharks.

  6. Wow! This sounds really exciting but is a bit scary too! I mean, after all, they are Sharks!!!
    Fabulous captures! Wish you a wonderful week ahead Betchai :)

  7. I've swam with sharks too but not in the wild. I did that in Disneyworld at Seas Aqua Tour and also in one of the pools there. A little bit scary especially seeing those sharks swim under me, but the adrenaline was there, so it was really fun!

  8. Sure you did have a fun experience with these sharks.

  9. Oh, how wonderful and amazing! I did not know about leopard sharks, it must be a thrill to swim with them! :D

  10. OMG! aren't those shark scary?

  11. How wonderful and exciting to swim among the leopard sharks, Betchai! Must be quite thrilling!

  12. weeeeeee they are harmless, they are harmless, they are harmless... think I will need to listen to that phrase before I get the courage to swim with them haha, weeee

  13. I have never swam with sharks before cos if I see them, I will surely stay far, far away haha!! But these leopard sharks are harmless and timid? Hmm, would love to experience swimming with them! : )

  14. wow!! when will it happen to me...:))

  15. How cool is that. Are you ever at home? I think you can't ever say that you didn't live. I love your travel stories and photos. The best part about them is that they are attainable, not some place that is totally unrealistic to achieve. smiles.