Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wind Surfing and Kite Boarding at Columbia River Gorge

Mt. Hood from Hood River, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area encompasses the entire length of the Columbia River Gorge, spanning two states, Washington and Oregon. The place is most popular for wind and water recreation, but of course, with its surrounding mountains, this place is also popular for outdoor photographers, mountain bikers and hikers. There is actually an activity for almost everyone.

Hood River, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
Aside from being known as a waterfall country, the Columbia River Gorge is world famous for wind surfing and kite boarding. Hood River, which is located at the base of Mt Hood, is the town which has the most windsurfing activity. Hood River is located about 60 miles East of Portland Oregon. The closest International Airport to Hood River is in Portland.
Wind Surfers and Kite Boarders
The windsurfing season at the Columbia River Gorge is from April to August. These are the months where windsurfers and kite boarders are assured of many windy days, mostly westerly. 
Why the Columbia River Gorge is popular for wind surfing is because the place is a natural wind tunnel. The wind here creates great windsurfing and kite boarding conditions. Windsurfers and kite boarders dance on the river here amongst the basalt cliffs, waterfalls, and lush forests.
Water + Wind Recreational Sports at Hood River, Columbia River Gorge
Windsurfers and kite boarders who do not want to miss out on a great day of kitesurf wind, can get the most accurate wind forecast in PredictWind. If they are in a certain surfing and/or kiting location, they can get email alerts of wind forecast from the top 6 locations near them so that they can plan ahead and pick their choice. Wind forecast information and real time wind observations can also be accessed through mobile phones, worldwide. PredictWind has given windsurfers and kiteboarders great confidence that they are at the right location, at the right time for the best winds. Aside from windsurfers and kite boarders, PredictWind is a must have gadget for fishing, sailing, yacht raising, cruising, and other water and wind recreational sports. 
Kite Boarding
Water + Wind = WOW! With a good wind forecast, you can enjoy the surf, jump and fly high with your kite at Columbia River Gorge!
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  1. Tried wind surfing once and I had so many falls before getting it right but it was fun.

  2. Yes, it is such a WOW experience or even just seeing these photos!

  3. wow breath taking back drop! i wish i could also those hardcore activities ... i could only dream of that ... part of my bucketlist already

  4. I was raised in a coastal area but never had the chance to practice this, even our neighbors are doing this every now and then. Though I tried a bit of surfing but never pursued it


  5. That is such an awesome place. I have been to Washington in 2010 and I fell in love with the state because of the water view. Hood River, Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area is beautiful.

  6. What a great it would be for me, but for the meantime I'll content myself by just dreaming.

  7. Waaaahhh!! Looks scary to me..hihihi

  8. picture perfect. parang cover ng magazine young #1 photo. interesting sports and recreation.

  9. This looks fun, and I like watching windsurfers! Gorgeous photos, Betchai!

  10. water+wind = wow....really wow Betchai! catching my breath here as I'd love to do that- windsurfing!

  11. Love the view of Mount Hood and the Hood River! : )

  12. I would love to play one of the sports here. Wind surfing or kite boarding...

  13. I have only flown kites before...and not myself. :p

  14. I have some sailing photos too, but they are not nearly as close. how I long for the water and the warmth...not cool, not cold. smiles.

  15. nice scenic area. perfect event for Spring, whether a picnic at the mountains or a camping trip during the summertime.