Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rain Drops Are Falling On My Head: 4 Health Benefits of Rain


We all know that rain is great for the environment. It helps plants to grow and keeps the world working the way it's supposed to work. However, not everyone knows that rain also offers a number of direct health benefits to people. From muscle development to skin moisture, rain helps you look and feel your very best.

1. Running in the Rain

Do you like to jog? Running is a great exercise that keeps you healthy and feeling great. Unfortunately, many people decide not to go running when it's raining. There are a number of reasons for this, from concerns about slipping to simply not wanting to get wet. However, running in the rain is actually really good for you.
Not only will it help keep you from getting heat exhaustion, though, but it will also help you achieve longer workouts and to work more muscles. Heat stroke is an ever-present threat for runners when it isn't raining, though. If you do end up suffering from heat stroke, you'll need to immediately head to your nearby urgent care center. It could be a life-saver.

2. Emotional Value

When you stand out in the rain, you're getting more than simply wet. You're getting an emotional value that you just can't get any other way. Experiencing a rain storm evokes different emotions in different people. For some people, it leads to a cathartic feeling, allowing for some kind of emotional release. This is most likely to happen when you've been dealing with other emotional issues and stress. For most people, getting rained on leads to a sense of happiness and overall relief.

3. Moisturize Skin

Are you dealing with dry skin? You can use moisturizers, and they'll help with terribly dry skin. However, to ensure that your skin stays soft and supple, consider taking a different approach. Instead of staying inside and pulling out the lotion, head outside when it's raining. The water will help moisturize your skin. Rain water does this better than water from a bath or shower, which can actually dry your skin out in the long run. When you're sitting out in the rain, your body is also getting the nutrients it needs to give you healthy, glowing skin.

4. No Chemicals

If you're interested in getting all the benefits of rainwater, consider harvesting rainwater for later use. This will allow you to get all the health benefits, as well as lowering your water bill each month. It's possible to use fresh rainwater for watering plants, bathing, or even drinking. However, make sure that the rain water in your area is safe for consumption before you drink it. In many areas where there's safe rainwater, you're getting water that is free of chemicals, contains essential vitamins and minerals, and tastes great. Plus, you get to save money using the readily available rainwater.
There are many benefits of water for people. In addition to the benefits listed above, it's important to remember that the world would not be what it is today, of course, without the benefits of rainwater. Rainwater provides mood elevation, skin moisturization, and nutrients. Shouldn't you take advantage of everything it offers?
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  1. How cool that you're able to write about the benefits of the rain, Te Betchai. I wrote something about the rain 6 years ago too but I'd usually deduce that it has got something to do with my emotions. LOL! That either it's raining because I am sad or crying or vice versa. Yeah! I know that's incredulously nonsense! LOL! Now you know what rubbish I could publish. LOL!

  2. Now I immensely miss rain on my side of the world. I have always loved singing in the rain, if you could call that singing hahaha: )