Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Watching the World Go By at Torrey Pines Gliderport, San Diego

Paragliders and Torrey Pines' Cliffs
One of the places we go in San Diego, to simply watch the world go by is at Torrey Pines Gliderport. It makes me feel like I am on a vacation, but truth is, I am simply in my home turf. Up at the bluffs, I enjoy watching people hike down to the beach, paragliders and hangliders soaring high, dolphins jumping below, etc. 
It's simply a quiet place for me to relax and appreciate the work of nature. 
Lady Simply Relaxing at the Cliffs
On top of the cliffs, I enjoy watching paragliders soar high with the birds in the sky. There are some people who would bring their guitars, and play as they sat on top of the bluffs looking out into the sea. It's a joy listening to them, the acoustic sound is really very impressive which makes me wonder what kind of guitar they own. I am not very good with guitars, but I learned of one special type from one of my friends. He loves music, and sometimes play guitar during lunch break. He is very proud of his guitar that he told me that what he is playing is an excellent larrivee at musicians friend. So, I wonder if those people who bring their guitar to the bluffs sometimes own the same kind of guitar since the acoustic sound is really very impressive, hearing them kind of transports me into another magical world.
Observing all of these just sets a mode of happiness for me knowing that we may do things differently, but we all share the same happiness of enjoying and relaxing in nature.

Here are more images from our watching the world go by at Torrey Pines Gliderport in San Diego.

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  1. Such absolutely awesome shots - just breathtaking. You are blessed to live so close. My mother used to play a Hawaain guitar and it was such a pleasure to listen to her.

  2. the place looks stunning! would love to explore other countries like this as well! the place looks incredible and fun!

  3. Did you ever do that gliding thing Ate Beth? I'd be happy to sit there and watch them.

  4. These are just fun to watch and see! Such beautiful photos!

  5. I see peace and serenity in your captures, sis! Nakaka-miss na talaga yung blue color of the ocean! Now I regretted looking at this post with my daughter beside me kasy panay tanong na sya kelan daw kami magbi-beach uli? Lol.

  6. how awesome to witness these paragliders having fun! I miss the ocean breeze...:)

  7. I'm speechless, God did made an amazing world. Speechless nga so tama na comment. LOL

  8. What an amazing views from tip of the hill Sis :-) The beach looks so beautiful. The paragliders are having an awesome time enjoying the nature too :-) I bet playing the guitar too is exciting as watching the beach :-)

  9. Simply amazing views! You are so blessed Te Betchai. You don't have to go anywhere yet you can see these breathtaking sights. JUst perfect for a person like you who loves the outdoors. I bet you've had loads of fun!