Sunday, November 04, 2012

Pelicans, Dolphins and Other Coastal Birds at Torrey Pines to Del Mar Beach

 Pelicans Chasing the Waves @ North Torrey Pines State Beach
All pictures in this post were taken by my hubby during his relaxing walk from Torrey Pines to Del Mar Beach this week. 

Del Mar Beach
Instead of hiking up the bluffs at Torrey Pines-Del Mar trail that runs parallel to the rail tracks, for the very first time, my hubby said that he tried walking on the beach instead from Torrey Pines to Del Mar, and took the bluffs on the way back to Torrey Pines. Walking at the beach, he was able to get pictures of these little birds up close which before we simply watch them from the top of the bluffs.
Little Coastal Birds ( I am not sure whether these are sanderlings or western sandpiper )
Because I was not with my hubby during his walk, let me share instead to you the behavior of these little birds as observed by my hubby. Hubby said they are fun to watch since they sprint towards retreading water to feed on small fish/crustaceans probably. Then, when the waves rush in, they run so quickly on the beach. If however the waves comes in so strongly, they flew quickly or rush away from the waves quickly by spreading their wings.
 these little birds flying away from the waves
Aside from these small coastal birds, he encountered a lot of pelicans flying North to South.
 Pelican in Flight
 Pelicans and Startled Surfer
 ( how huge are these pelicans? you can compare their size to the surfer )
Surfer and Pelicans
( thankfully, they never bump into each other )
Because he is walking along the beach this time, he said, he is able to take pictures of the pelicans gliding very close to the waves.
Pelicans Gliding Close to the Waves
I have mentioned in my earlier post that pelicans love to get close to the waves so they can strongly feel the wind draft since they love to glide.
When hubby reached Del Mar Beach, instead of walking on the beach back to Torrey Pines, he took the trail that we usually take above the bluffs. Above the bluffs, he is now able to spot dolphins getting as close also to the surfers.
 Nature and Men ( Dolphins, Paddle Boarder and Surfer )
 would you surf or would you stop for a while to watch them as they swim by close to you?
Anyway, hubby's pictures made me wish I also was walking with him, but then, we live close by, that for sure, there will be more pictures from our experiences from this place despite I always share pictures from here. Tough may be similar scenery, but experiences for us varies, such as The Surfing Dolphins last time. For after all, life is more than a beach at Torrey Pines. :)

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  1. These photos are just gorgeous, and fantastically capture!

  2. The little birds are so cute!!!! Love all the flying friends Angels Landing captured! It would be awesome to be surfing and seeing so much of mother nature's best all around you...enjoyed walking virtually with Khai...say hello to him from my family and I....viewing the latest Bond film at the mall with the kiddos and hubby now and blogwalking through phone...I love God's gift of technology :)

  3. those beaches and the waves are so beautiful..

  4. Look like the pelicans are a good windsurfer.

  5. wow, those are beautiful shots. so relaxing. i never knew birds could be so endearingly cute. :)

  6. These pelicans are real daredevils. They steal the fish directly out of the nets of the fishers. We have seen it ourselves in Cartagena, Columbia.


  7. I am really jealous of your piece of paradise. At this time of the year this is something I really want to do but can't because of the weather. I will surely visit your paradise someday again.

  8. So much to see there with the birds, dolphins and surfers. Great photos, I especially like the closeup of the pelican in flight.

  9. gorgeous as always. I love the inflight photos, they make me feel free!

  10. nature is truly one amazing creation on earth.....thank you sis for sharing this wonderful photos you've taken....

    btw, if you don't mind adding my new blog,, would love to exchange links with you...let me know

    happy Sunday

  11. So you and your hubby are both photo enthusiasts? Kakabilib! The pictures you take and post here in your blog are very definitive of your blog -- joys of simple life indeed! Looking at those birds, fishes, and waves can truly be comforting and can take away some of our cares in life :)

  12. So idyllic. I would love to visit and even to have these photos. They are simply stunning.

  13. Beautiful snaps by your hubby, Betchai. I feel comforted and inspired whenever I come by here. Thanks for always sharing all these beautiful captures for us to be reminded of God's beautiful creations.