Friday, July 27, 2012

Finding Joy In Boogie Boarding

I knew…. I’ll Ride You As long as I could.

First time I got a boogie board 
 I did not know what to do 
 I looked around  
 As the wave started to form a huge crest, I docked down, 
hid myself underwater to escape the wave’s wrath

 When I went back up the water 
 A kid was smiling at me, said, “hi” 
 He said, “it’s fun! So much fun!” 
 Then, a  huge wave approached 
Gigantic for a first timer like me 
 Who was used to calm seas 
 The kid told me, “take it, take it!” 
 I wanted to ask “how?” 
 I followed him, but scared…..

 As he positioned himself towards the beach 
 Started kicking
 So did I 
 Then, in an instant, 
I felt the wave lifted me high 
 So high I could see the world below me 
 Scared that the wave would crash me down 
 I hold on tight to the nose of my board  
 Before I knew it, I was sliding down the wave 
 Feeling its power, riding its speed 
 I did not know what happened next 
 I did not know where I ended up

 But after the ride, the boy was right next to me
Asked me, "are you okay?" 
 With a BIG GRIN, I said, “Yes, I am!” 
 Responding with another big grin, he said, 
Glad you took it, SO MUCH FUN! RIGHT?” 
 I said, “right!” 
 Before he left me, 
 To paddle out past the breaking waves again 
 He gave me another comforting smile, 
 That kid, maybe sent by my guardian angel in the sea 
To let me find out about the joy, 
 Of being One with the Wave 
 From then on… I knew….
I’ll Ride The Wave as long as I could.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the joy of riding waves on a boogie board. Now I see why you love summer so much!

  2. There are angels around.

    You manage to spot one.

  3. does look like fun, and I'm glad "you take it" as the boy said.

  4. What a beautiful story. I love the message of your angel - he was telling you to LET GO and he's beside you because he wants you to have FUN. :) love love love this post.

    Happy weekend! :)

  5. never in my life tried boogie boarding yet. didn't even swim in the beach too hehehe. too cold for me. those waves looks cool though.

  6. Sounds interesting and pretty adventurous!! The waves look a bit menacing!! Have a fabulous sunday:)

  7. looks like i'm gonna try this one too.

  8. i'll join you sistah Ruthi. ;)

  9. This one I have to sit out, I am a chicken when it comes to hieghts and balance. I love seeing you on the waves though. Very cool.

  10. Sounds so much fun wonderwoman!!!

  11. Wow, Betchai. I am so glad you re-blogged this one(?). Love your rhyme, the emotions you captured are for real. And the message you send through it, we never possibly know who is God sent out there to teach us a few lessons in our travels and life, lovely. Loved this post very much :)

  12. You loved the sea and mountains that told your heart to write a poem. Great piece!

  13. It makes me wish I could swim well enough to do that too.

  14. wish i could ride the wave too one day. beautifully written poem from a first hand experience, Beth. i learned from K's English teacher that in order to write naturally, you have to be an observant of people and your surroundings.

  15. Oh Betchai! I just love how you described your first boogie boarding experience! that boy must have been an angel really...and look at you now, having the time of your life each time you get the chance and sharing to us, the priceless joy you find in it! :) love yah...

  16. Kelan ko kaya masasabing "I felt the wave lifted me high"? Ayyyy I envy you ate! Indeed, you know how to find the simple joys in life.

  17. that must be very fun, i've always wanted to try that but i couldn't find a bigger wave in phils or esp in nys

  18. That kid surely is brave to face the waves and you faced it bravely too! I have to agree with you that the waves are scary and for the first timer, it's puzzling on how you'll do it but you did it nonetheless. Good job! :)

  19. Very, very adventurous! Kudos to you! Wala akong guts to do any activity that has something to do with waves or any body of water for that mater. Hindi ako marunong mag swim hahaha.

  20. Awww Ms. Betchai! That boy surely was heaven-sent!

    I love this post of yours! Thanks a lot for sharing! I was deeply thrilled while I was reading line after line! I felt it was my very self who was boogie boarding, haha!

    Looks so fun!

  21. I bet it was exhilarating to be gliding with the waves..good for you know how to do that, kudos!

  22. I always have fun watching people playing with the waves. It makes me wish to do it one day too. It looks so enjoyable.

  23. What an amazing feeling, I am sure! Reading the post and watching your photos felt like I was also taken into your experience Ate Betchai.

    I miss being here and I am happy that I finally took the time to set down in front of the laptop and do the rounds. Hugs!

  24. You're very courageous in doing the boogie boarding. I bet you had fun. I don't have the guts to do that. I'm scared of the waves, lol!

  25. Your adventures are awesome! And now you're hitting the beach! LOvely!

  26. I grew up near the ocean and visiting your blog somehow satisfies my craving of seeing the place I grew up with.

  27. The waves are awesome for surfers.

  28. I hope you also post short stories aside from poems. I like this post, including the pictures!