Sunday, January 17, 2010

Beloved Partner on Road Trips

Fallen Leaves and Reflection
It was not my idea to come up with the above design. After hiking, I was pleased to see how nature wonderfully decorated our car. Before clearing the leaves, I took a remembrance of how nature gave us a pleasant surprise that time.  This car is our beloved partner when taking road trips outside of city.

Crusing on Desert's Dirt Road, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA
We love to explore our wonderful world, and a lot of the times, these hidden gems would require cruising on rough roads, unpaved roads, off road, soft sand, snow, and what else.
Crusing on Snowy Mountain Road, Mt. Laguna, San Diego County, CA
Though in the city, we prefer to ride the sedan because it consumes less gas, but the comfort provided by SUVs on rough, unpaved and off roads allow us to see more of these many hidden gems.
Navigating Through Big Redwood Tree, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, CA
However, we are not really "off road" people. We fear we have very little idea about car repair and maintenance. Our little knowledge about car maintenance would sometimes stop us to explore some places we really want to see if the driving would become so tough. We are afraid of maybe getting a flat tire if we hit some pointed rocks, among other things. It is good news for us to learn that we can quickly call for help. Let us say for example, we are exploring Dallas and would need an immediate brake job, we can call Dallas auto repair to get quick assistance. Since this car repair company is all over US, providing most common car repairs to almost car makes and models, such as Honda Pilot, Chevrolet Silverado, among others, now, we are gaining a little bit confidence to maybe visit some places we intentionally skipped before because of our fear of having car trouble on the road. Now, maybe, I can look forward to going to Race Track Playa in Death Valley National Park.
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  1. Beautiful photos, betchai! My car needs a brake job soon..

  2. Hi Beth, you changed the background of your blog, it's so nice, that darker background made the pictures stand out a bit! I like it. I love all the photos as usual! The last one is my fave, nice composition! :)

  3. Nice pix as usual. If only I am really that confident to drive without fear of getting lost despite being equipped with a GPS device I might have seen a lot of exciting places too.

  4. This is a great reflection shot. We have driven Lone Pine, too, and was a bit scared. We were the only people driving around.

    We have planned the Death Valley trip until the accident and then my daughter getting a weekend shift schedule.

    Thanks for all the tips and photos of your road trip.

    My car is back almost new.

  5. beautiful photos Bethchai i love the 1st one, same here Bethchai we don't know so much about car maintenance, thanks for sharing this to us

  6. Funny, I have a service engine soon on my car as well. Trying to put it off as long as I can. Great photos and good article.

  7. I love the picture where you drive through that very old tree, very cool. We just bought a new car, last summer, so ours should be good for a while yet.

  8. The first one which can be overlooked esily is really good.

    I always admire your type of travel. I do it occassionally. It is very fun.

  9. As usual, all your pictures are stunning, but that reflection in the car is just too perfect. It's a mystery as well as a picture until you study it.

  10. Beautiful,Lovely and fantastic shots !!great Blog you have !!

  11. betchai, the fallen leaves and reflection on your car is a fantastic capture. So cool.

  12. oh how nature loves you in return sis!

  13. For a busy person, you always look like you have wonderful adventures. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  14. I remember the park, IcyBC been there once and she didn't like it too much. The decorations are great aren't they?