Friday, January 29, 2010

Orange and Oblation

**originally published January, 2010

Friday's Blogging For Fun. Our group is doing an alphabet meme, and this week, we are doing letter O. I had been thinking since last week about letter O, and could not come up with an interesting "O", until the word Orange came to my mind,
Orange Hue @ Sunset, San Diego, CA

Then, today, my eldest brother shared to us the great news about my nephew as one of the 50 Oblation
Scholars ( out of the 70,341 examinees) of the University of the Philippines. My nephew is graduating in high school this March 2010 ( Philippines end of school year), and coincidentally, he is also one of the top 20 finalists of the Philippines Math Delegation out of the thousands representatives from different high schools in the different regions of the Philippines. When he was in elementary, he was one of the Philippine Delegates for the elementary level to the World's Math Olympiad held in Singapore. Though he did not bring Philippines a medal that time, but for us then, his representation of the Philippines to a Math Competition in an international level is already enough achievement. So, to my nephew, our big congratulations and good luck also for the coming Math Olympiad. The top 20 finalists will continue to vie for the top 4 to represent the Philippines in the coming World's Math Olympiad.

Now, back to "Orange". Here are some more of my collection of orange photos.

California Poppies, Toothrock Trail, Poway, San Diego County

Sunset, San Onofre State Beach, San Diego County

Antelope Canyon, Page, Arizona

And here is more about orange and oblation. :)

Orange- like yellow, is a happy color :)

Physiological Effect: Orange has proven to be a stimulus of the sexual organs. Also, it can be benefitial to the digestive system and can strengthen the immune system.

Psychological Effect: Orange has shown to have only positive affects on your emotional state. This color relieves feelings of self-pity, lack of self-worth and unwillingness to forgive. Orange opens your emotions and is a terrific antidepressant.

 Oblation -  is a term used for a solemn offering or presentation to God. University of the Philippines is the premier institution of higher learning in the Philippines, and its symbol is the "Oblation", which is a figure of a naked man with arms outstretched and face pointed upwards. The University of the Philippines symbol of "Oblation" is based on the second stanza of "Mi Ultimo Adios", written by the Philippines' national hero, Jose Rizal. Each year, they award 50 Oblation scholars, to the top 50 UPCAT qualifiers. To the 50 best entering UP freshmen, to maintain their Oblation Scholarship, they must not have a grade below 2.0 ( or no grade below 83%), no dropping of classes and no incomplete standings.The Oblation scholars enjoy such benefits as waiving all school fees, a book allowance of P2,250 pesos per semester, a P3,000 monthly stipend and a STFAP-patterned transportation allowance. Oblation scholarship is only good for 4 years.

** 3/12/14 Update: My nephew is able to maintain his Oblation Scholarship, he is now in 4th year of a double major pursuit: Metallurgical Engineering and Computer Science. Next school year, he will no longer enjoy the benefits of an Oblation scholar, for oblation scholarship is good only for 4 years, and engineering is a 5-year course. Though he has two majors, but he will be able to finish both without adding more years to his college.
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  1. Hi Bets, you beat me in my Orange too. Sunset in San Diego is the most spectacular site in our State. I will mark my calendar for the poppy festival.
    Congratulations to your math whiz nephew. Math is one of the hardest subject. Going back to the Oblation, I have seen photographs of actual students dressing up (or not) and it was a spectacular presentation.
    Hope to meet you soon, spring is almost here.

  2. girl, congratulations on your nephew's great, mindful of numbers runs in your!

    and the orange is absolutely warming my heart and my thoughts on this cold and damp season..


  3. Hello Beth, love the orange sunset, period walang kasunod hehehe....

    Gosh, pahingi ng kahit konteng mathematical spell sa pamangkin proud to be the friend of his aunt hehehe...

  4. i hadnt realized it before but u r right.. orange is a happy color

  5. You have shown the color orange in all sorts of ways..fantastic!

  6. What a good news that you should be proud of.

    Have a series of orange days.

  7. Beautiful and stunning images as ever, betchai.

    Congrats to your nephew! It's an honor to represent a country and you all must be so proud of him.

  8. Oh Betchai, I love the color orange, and what stunning pictures you have shared with us all yet again. Congrats to your nephew!

  9. He Betchai, Congrats to your nephew, that's wonderful news! I love your orange images especially the sunset with birds and the field of poppies. Orange is a happy color!

  10. Gorgeous photos and congrats to your nephew!

  11. Outstanding achievement about your nephew. That is quite a feat! May your weekend be filled with Orange colors! :)

  12. Oh Betchai... I so miss spring now. With the kind of weather we are having right now... I want to wake up tomorrow to springtime.

  13. hahaha and I thought you have some photos of oblation to out here!

  14. Hi Betchai, congratulations on your nephew's achievements...

    The orange sunset is lovely!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Hi Ms. Betchai.

    Congratulations on your nephew's achievement.Kung pwede lang makahingi ng konting talino sa math , ginawa ko na hehehe.

    Great captures..napapa wow ako sa ganda. Isa sa mga fave ko ang orange.

  16. Beautiful photos, Beth! I've seen some in your previous albums but I do not tire of seeing it over and over again! It's awesome!

    Congratulations to your nephew, he makes us proud to be Filipinos! Mabuhay ang Pinoy. He is so lucky to have a Math Wiz for a Tita. *winks*

  17. I already feel happy by just looking at your picture betchai :)

  18. I knew there was a good reason for liking orange :) Your photos betchai are spectacular, as always.

  19. What a lovely photo! It certainly brought a smile to my face...and you're right, orange is a happy colour. :)

  20. the orange is absolutely warming my heart and my thoughts on this cold and damp season.

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  21. What a perfect way to have your letter O. something that makes really sense to me, orange sunset, the oblation of your nephew..aand wow... being one of the representative in Math of the country is an honor.

  22. Orange love! I'm sure my hubby will swoon over this post if he sees it. He is my orange man.

    I was going to ask for an update on your nephew but there it is on the tail end. You must be one proud Aunt.

  23. Wishing your nephew the best especially for his commendable double major pursuit. Now to the orange: I always associate this color to those sweet orange jellies I used to eat in my childhood days. For some unknown reason, the association just stuck but it gives me a happy feeling.

  24. Just amazing views. I miss participating to memes, nagfade na yun ano AteB?

  25. Wow! Those sunsets are breath taking :-) I really like it so much. I like to take photos of sunset or sunrise :-)

  26. I love how you connected orange and oblation! Great photos by the way!