Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Big Sur Favorites

Me @ Big Sur, CA

One of the places in California that we frequent for a vacation yet never get tired of is Big Sur. What I love most about Big Sur is that it combines two of the Earth's features that I love, the mountains and the ocean. Though between two California big cities, Los Angeles to the South and San Francisco to the North, yet this strip of Pacific Coast appears as wild as it can be. 
The Wild Pacific Coast @ Big Sur, CA

Let me share with you my Big Sur Favorites.

1. Favorite Lodging: Lucia Lodge

Lucia Lodge is one of the very few ( maybe only 2 or 3 hotels in the area) hotels in Big Sur that sits right on the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean with stunning vistas. Who does not want to retire to a beautiful sunset after a day of hiking or of exploring? Or wake up to a beautiful sunrise?
Sunset and Sunrise From Lucia Lodge

2. Favorite Waterfall to Photograph: McWay Fall, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
McWay Fall

McWay Fall probably is the most photographed spot in Big Sur. It's really very photogenic. The turquoise color of the water in the cove is simply mesmerizing. The sight of waterfall dropping next to the sea makes it very special. Just too bad we could not go down to the cove to enjoy the waterfall and beach to preserve the area. There was a trail that goes down here before, but that trail was closed due to erosion and foot traffic. 

With beauty, comes popularity, that sadly, to preserve the beauty of this majestic waterfall, the trail going down the beach has been closed now. I am not complaining the trail has been closed, I actually am glad that this piece of beauty is preserved for future generations to enjoy. And I believe, the closure of trail down to the beach added more depth to its beauty. 

3. Favorite Beach: Garrapata State Beach
Garrapata State Beach

Garrapata is more than just a beach actually, this is also a great place to hike! It's just a choice of hiking next to the cliffs down to the beach where you can find a spot where you feel so special for having the best of the beach all to yourself. Or you can choose to hike to the redwood canyon up the mountain at Garrapata State Park for a stunning ocean scenery.
Hiking and the Ocean, @ Garrapata State Beach and Park

4. Favorite Hike: Limekiln Falls State Park
Cascades @ Limekiln Falls State Park

What do I love most about this hike? Walking in the middle of tall trees in the redwood forest. 

5. Favorite Cove: Partington Cove
I actually love the hike here, it combines stunning ocean vistas, redwoods, tunnel, and then of course, the reward of the hike is a very nice relaxing rest at the cove.

6. Favorite Beach Walk: Pfeiffer Beach
Why? Well, isn't it obvious? I found my pink sands beach! Haha! Actually, it's not just the pink sands that I love here, but the rock formations. It's like being in Mono Lake, but just not in lake, but next to the ocean.

7. Favorite Viewpoint: All of Them :)
 I really do not have a favorite viewpoint in Big Sur, everywhere you turn, the scenery is simply inspiring. National Geographic won't put this in their list of world's ten best drives of a lifetime if it is not that rewarding. I just feel lucky enough to be living not too far from this very beautiful stretch of land. Big Sur vacation again? No doubt! 
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  1. WOW..another breath taking places you've been and thanks for sharing no wonder why you love that place because i can see the beauty you did see on the place mountains and oceans are indeed a nice scenery that McWay Fall looks very intriguing though, it would be a nicest place to just be on the sand...

  2. I love that first photo of you with the beautiful view on the background, makes your smile even brighter and prettier!

  3. that falls look amazing! already envy you for doing such great and fun things like this

  4. I love the butterfly pictures! The waterfall is so beautiful. I could stay for hours sitting on a rock snapping away at the beauty of nature! Very very nice pics! You are really lucky to be able to enjoy doing things like these! Keep on sharing your adventure pics. Love it!

  5. Oh what breathtaking views, the stuff of which I can only dream of seeing in that side of the world. I hope I get the same chance here where beauty also abounds.

  6. In one word, I say - LOVELY!

    What a beautiful place. One day soon, maybe we will find ourselves wandering around in your 'enclave'. Or better yet, I will 'hire' you as our tour guide hahaha.

  7. No doubt indeed! Aahhhh pink sand!!!! I wanna get a feel of pink sand on my feet! Love love love all that you love about Big Sur! Sunrise and sunset view by the lodge is more than enough to make me gleeful! And oh boy those tall trees...beach view and mountains...simply priceless...
    P.S. am back to doing my blogwalk rounds and other blogging thingy ehehehe, love yah!

  8. I have been an avid follower of your Big Sur escapades, Te Betchai but never did I get tired of any of them. All captures were stunning and each time you go for a visit must have been forever etched in your heart.

    As always, thanks for this lovely virtual tour. Hope you're having a beautiful time this long weekend! Mwaahugsss!

  9. Wow! I do not know how you explore that beautiful places Sis :-) Nature is so beautiful. I love the beach the most. I love the woods too. Looking at these pictures blow my mind :-) They are all breathe taking view :-)

  10. again, a very good post to cheer one's heart. God is indeed had made the Earth a masterpiece of Beauty.

  11. I love the pictures. Awesome to look at!

  12. I am impressed with the quality of photos you have posted. They're stunning.

  13. These photos are absolutely breathtaking. I wish I can see these sceneries up-close and personal soon.

  14. You are lucky to be gifted with endless possibilities.

    They are beautiful.

  15. So stunning! I love Number 1 :)

    You are super blessed to be able to see all these Ate.

  16. Wow! Brilliant captures, Betchai! So many colors of nature, all alluring and inviting. You are blessed to see them in person and so are we, to see them through you. Thank you so much for sharing the wonders of the world, they indeed make for maximum joys of our simple lives.