Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ways to Cool Down During Summer

Summer is near, are you excited, or do you dread it? Though all seasons are great for me, because each season is unique and we get to see the many faces of nature. Photography wise, my favorite season is spring! Despite my allergies, I just can't get enough of the blooms, whether they be wild in the fields or in garden.
The Flower Fields, Carlsbad, San Diego County

I love to imagine myself as the "flower fairy", hahaha, dancing in the middle of the flowers. But could I dance? haha, that is the big question!! But I could smile, at least! :)
No Dancing :) But Rejoicing

In terms of photography, after spring, my next favorite season is fall. I love how the autumn leaves become like flowers in terms of colors.

Hiking wise, my favorite season is winter. Somehow, I  find myself being able to hold better in cold than in heat. 

Hiking in heat  gives me very bad headache most of the time. However, I still do try my best to hike even in 70s F (or low 20s Celsius ) temperature.

So, where is summer in my list? Is it my most dreaded season? Hmmmm, actually, summer is my MOST FAVORITE SEASON! Surprise? Or no?

Let me count the ways why summer is my most favorite season. Or actually, let me share with you the ways to cool down this summer! They are not only my way of cooling down, they are the very reason why I love summer!

1. Enjoy the chilly breeze of the ocean.

If there is one place that I could just sit and be transported in time by my surroundings, then, the ocean it must be! I love listening to the powerful sounds of the waves splashing the land. The stronger they are, the more I feel relaxed. Somehow, the powerful waves feel like they came over to wash clean not only the land but every being. Maybe it's that thought when I was a child, that whenever we were sick, my mother would bring us to the sea to be healed by the breeze. We would bury our feet on the sand as we walk, believing that the sand is therapy to our feet. We would do exercises in water believing that water exercises, especially with the waves make our bones stronger. All these, have contributed to my affinity for the sea. The ocean relaxes me in so many ways, thus it is also the best place for me to cool down on hot summer days.

2. Ride the mighty waves of the sea.

Oftentimes, just looking out at the ocean is not enough. Feeling the power of the waves and be one with it gives a totally different exhilarating feeling. It's not only a good exercise, but it brings a lot of fun, and well, one of the great ways to cool down.

3. Enjoy what is under the sea. 

The ocean is not only beautiful from above, it's much more magical underneath the water. It's so calming and relaxing to be swimming with the fishes. Again, not only a fun way to enjoying the ocean, but one of the great ways to escape the summer heat.

What if you are not an outdoor person? How would you cool down during the hot days of summer? If you are indoor bound and not very fond of staying outside, I am sure a Cary air conditioning system would be of great help to cool down your summer.

How about you? How do you cool down during warm or hot days?
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  1. I think my favorite season is spring for everything. Everything seems so alive in spring.

  2. So in general, you LOVE all seasons :) These amazing photos of each season tell it. Each comes with its own beauty and uniqueness..

  3. Never ko pa natry magsurf Ate, parang exciting. Time in the water will definitely cool you off during summer time.

  4. ahhh..those are places and different ways to indeed cool summer, but for us...here in north side, we always wanting for winter to finally over as we are dreadful of the snow and freezing days.

  5. Every season has its own beauty. When I was living abroad, I loved the spring. It seemed like everything is new again, the grass, the trees, are greener than ever. I love summer too because unlike other Filipinas, I am not afraid to get dark. I love the clear skies of the summer!

  6. I love love love The Flower Fields. Colors of summer at its finest

  7. oh my! I love those flowers. I can stay there the whole day....how amazing!

  8. Spring is really the best season.

    But here in the Philippines, it's a combination of spring and summer all year round.

    I really like the photos. Great pictures.

  9. those are such nice photos to remember on times when you are lonely. such a nice thing to do with love ones too

  10. You always show the best photos in your posts :) And I can really see that you are happy!

  11. The beach looks so refreshing and my oh my! the waves are so high :-) The flowers looks beautiful and that includes you Sis :-)

  12. I take summer, any time. Winter is back unfortunately in the Big Apple. Yesterday (we had some dusting of snow) and today, we had to go back to our heavier coats (sigh).

    I have allergies likewise, and I'm allergic to 4 (based on allergy test, puro tree pollen), kaya I can very well be around flower fields. That's a sight to behold! Lovely!

  13. Ah, wish I could experience autumn. I 'd love to see those falling leaves.. Lucky you Betchai, you have enjoyable activities for each season.

  14. I love summer. Love to go to the beaches near Manila and eat delicacies from different provinces, and of course to eat ice candies and halohalo. Halohalo is always the best quick fix to combat the heat. :)

  15. Aaahhhh enjoy the view of the sea and drinking lotsa water and munching water melon it is for me!: )

    to me you are a flower fairy! turns brown to pink and has a smile that breathes out joy! Love yah!: )