Monday, November 04, 2013

Snorkeling and Nature Walk Weekend

The joys of simple life..... slowing down to enjoy nature's relaxing gifts.

Weekend started after work Friday. I asked hubby for a Fri-date. My idea of a Friday date or "Fri-date" is not about fancy dining out nor watching a movie, but swimming together with the fishes. It was low tide, and I had a hunch the harmless leopard sharks would be around following their food chain.

Not all sharks are born equal, unlike the other sharks, leopard sharks are harmless to humans

First, they have very small mouth that could only feed on very tiny sea creatures such as crabs, clams, shrimps, and fish eggs.  

Second, they do not bite nor chew their food because they have very small teeth, instead they swallow their foods without chewing at all.

Third, they pretty much are bottom feeders and not interested at all of big fish. The seals and the sea lions are safe with them, as much as humans are also safe with them.
Wonderful Fri-date with the Leopard Sharks at La Jolla Shores

Being surrounded by so many leopard sharks while swimming was one of my best underwater experiences so far. It's just so amazing to be so close to them, almost inch away from them. I actually would have to move away from them since my underwater point and shoot camera ( Panasonic Lumix DMC TS25 ) is not wide angle enough to be able to take them picture when very close. Despite its limitations though, I really love my underwater camera for a cost of $116. I chose Panasonic Lumix DMC TS25 because to get an underwater casing for my dslr would cost me more than $1000, and I am not at that level of taking very serious photography underwater to be swimming with that weight, and oh oh, money! :(  I will have more detailed review probably later.   

If our Fri-date was snorkeling with the leopard sharks, our Satur-date was snorkeling with other fishes at La Jolla Cove. 
Snorkeling Satur-date at La Jolla Cove ( that's me above, and hubby below )
La Jolla Shores and La Jolla Cove actually are very near each other, you could swim from La Jolla Shores to La Jolla Cove about 1 mile ( 2 miles round trip). A lot of swimmers do that, but I don't! I am afraid to pass the canyon which takes a sudden 500 ft plunge, reaching depths of up to 600 ft. This abrupt drop in depth and rich marine life is the reason why migrating gray whales can be spotted very close to the shore.

Here's a video I made from Fri-date's and Satur-date's snorkeling. Hope you enjoy it!

Sun-date, we had a very relaxing nature walk at San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve in Solana Beach. 
Nature Sights @ San Elijo Lagoon ( with kestrel, osprey in flight and dragonfly )
The lagoon above is actually a marsh water lagoon, right next to the beach. It is one of the popular bird watching spots in San Diego. However, there was nothing much going for bird watching, I think Mission Bay bird watching has a lot more bird actions and variety. But, I was so happy to see an osprey dive and caught a fish, but too far from me to take a decent picture. 
Osprey With Caught Big Fish and Egret ( what was the egret trying to do?)
Oh, how I wish they were closer to me so I could have taken a clearer picture, since I wanted to see the face of egret greeting the osprey.

I believe we burned a lot of calories from our cold water swimming and hiking, that we did treat ourselves to some desserts, haha! 
Sample snacks: chicken curry croissant, smoked salmon panini with avocado and salad, napoleon and chocolate chips meringue cookie

That's a peek to The Joys of Simple Life's idea of  exciting and fun-filled weekend "dates", slowing down to spend time with nature and being thankful for all the wonderful blessings around. It sure was another weekend spent like a vacation, well, a staycation. We did not have to pay for hotel since our hotel is our home, and the places we explore are everything local. Monday, started the week's reality again, :) , but I have no complains, I love my week always at work. 
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  1. It's very amazing hobby to dive into the sea! Loved your efforts for this article.

  2. I feel so envy with you sis betchai because you get to do snorkeling often, unlike me here it seems like forever since the last time i tasted the salty water and i miss diving so badly. So unfortunate there is no such beautiful snorkeling site here in my place :(

  3. What an enjoyable weekend! That's my idea of a weekend too, though we don't have that luxury here. We have to travel far and spend so much to enjoy the same luxury that you have. What an awesome place you got there.

  4. That is why we love the weekends. You always have fun things to do.

  5. Snorkeling is one hobby I really like to try, I like to see kasi what's lies beneath the deep blue waters. Nice video pala Sis Bet Chai.

  6. Lovely pictures of nature once again and coupled with yummy treats at the end of the post. :) Oh my dear, how can you swim with sharks?!? I know you said they are friendly, to me, they are still sharks... Good heavens!!!

  7. wow...those are wonderful things to do there, and i'm glad through your amazing posts I have great time seeing what's on the other side of this country.

  8. The underwater view is so marvelous. I hope to experience diving before I became a grandmother. :P

  9. Your swimming pictures with the fishes are just so wonderful and fun to see..Beautiful post!

  10. Sigh, as always I felt as if I were swimming with you with your detailed and wonderful narration of your swimming adventure. I am so glad you have a reliable underwater camera so you get to share the joy of sea creature friends with us. You really are wonderwoman. Love yah. ♥

  11. what a perfect weekend Beth! you are so blessed to have a partner that compliments your love for hiking trails and sea world. you two are both blessed to be living in SD, my kind of paradise on earth. i wish to move there everytime i read your SD wanderings, hehe. wish to have a cheap underwater camera too. i love your photos and video and always, till now i havent got the grip of editing videos. :D

    pahingi ng smoked salmon panini at avocado salad. did you cook the smoked salmon yourself?

  12. love the underwater collages, lovely how well the underwater fits to the over-the-water-nature collage and the food: sport&nature make us hungry, right?

    looks like a great relaxing time with nature!

  13. I need a lot of courage to swim with leopard sharks even if they are not scary really. I wish we can swim here whenever we want. The weather will definitely not permit that.

    Just like you Betchai, I love Fridays and weekends, it means more time with hubby and enjoying the things we really love.

  14. The earth is so beautiful! I'd like to snorkel soon, hopefully before I turn 40 lol.

  15. It must have been a fulfilling and relaxing Fridate you had with your hubby. More to come sis Betchai!

  16. Sis, you never stop to amaze me with all your beautiful pictures. I love how you spent your date with you husband. Love, nature and food nothing beat the three combination :-)

  17. Snorkeling is something that Triz has been really asking when she could do. The husband and I always tell her to wait till we can go home to Philippines. Haha. Poor kiddo! If only we live close to where you live Ms. Betchai! :D

    Activities like that on a date with our beloved sounds wonderful to me! <3

  18. The food is making me drool ate! Another fun adventure for ya.

  19. Hi Te Betchai! I miss being here! Beautiful places and glorious foodies! What more can we ask for? You never fail to entertain us with your amazing escapades. Thanks for the lovely share, Te Betchai.

    Love and hugs!