Saturday, November 09, 2013

A Time to Help, A Time to Pray, and A time for Rest and Relaxation with Nature

First, I would like to thank friends, colleagues and family here in USA for showing their concern and praying with me for my family's safety. Each time I got text, FB message and email, sending me prayers for my family, I could not help but feel so thankful for all the goodness I feel around.

Thursday, I was a little bit worried too, because my father was not picking my call (unreachable) and not answering my texts ( I knew they had no power). Thankfully, I was able to reach my father Friday, assuring me he was in very good condition, and that our place was spared from the devastating path of Haiyan (Yolanda in the Philippines ), the strongest so far in world's recorded history. Though relieved and thankful my family is safe, still, it's hard not to feel sad for the victims and their families. Some I personally know had lost their homes but thankfully not their lives. It is very hard for me to watch the news, and to see pictures, especially of places which have in some way brought meaningful memories.

I pray for comfort, strength to recover and rebuild to the victims and places that were affected by Haiyan and the other natural calamities that just struck our country. 

During these times, despite feeling sad for the victims, I feel also very thankful for the goodness I see around. Here in San Diego ( where there are a lot of Filipinos), local Catholic Churches have very active fund drive in direct association with Catholic Relief Services to be stewards of the help given for the victims of Haiyan. The local church here is also a key in giving emotional and prayer support to families here in San Diego who still have not heard anything from their family. The Gawad -Kalinga USA based in San Diego, is also very actively organizing relief funds right now for victims of super typhoon Haiyan. If you are called to help but do not know how, please check this link of charitable organizations which assist and help affected areas by recent natural disasters. If you know of family and friends ( or maybe localities) who may be in need of help right now for recovery, you may want to directly send your help to them who directly need help for recovery and rebuilding. I am also happy to learn from the local news that the US military is speeding aid to the Philippines. It is inspiring to see in this very tough times in Philippines the goodness and kindheartedness of people all over, sharing and giving in any way they can.

Having a very long week, both mentally and emotionally, I felt I needed much rest and relaxation therapy. Nature has always been my way of gaining strength and feel rejuvenated. Saturday, we had another date with the fishes at La Jolla Cove. Investing in a warmer wet suit really helped us enjoy water longer.
Snorkeling at La Jolla Cove, November 9 1013

When before, we usually spend most of our weekend on the slopes, this time, we kind of divide our time between the slopes and the water. I will share with you in my later posts, our weekend hikes as well, which we alternate with snorkeling.

Anyway, what was the story from today's snorkeling? Pardon me for this very little story. :)
Girabaldi: "Hey, gotta hide from that lady, she carries something in her hand, I am afraid what she'll do to me!"
Girabaldi: "Ahhhhh, she points that white thing in her hand, but she does not get me!"
Girabaldi: " Hey, lady, what is that you are pointing at me?"
Lady: " A very tiny camera, to take a picture, to have a beautiful memory of you!"
Girabaldi: " Oh, okay, now I can swim freely and safely now. Bye bye!"
Lady: "One smile for me girabaldi, please?"
Girabaldi turned around, and said: " what about I'll just pose for you?"
Lady: "Oh, thank you so much!"

----end of imagined conversation with girabaldi-----

Here is a video from today's snorkeling.

And here are some more pictures from today's snorkeling.

Thanks again everyone, for your visits and support to this site.
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  1. That's so cute. I would think it is too cold now for you to snorkel, but glad to know that you can. :-)

  2. The Girabaldi looks so pretty! Haha it sure gave you one great pose!

    I can see you are extremely enjoying your underwater relaxation and thank you for taking us with you virtually.

    P.S. I'd love to share the link to charitable institutions too, love yah!

  3. Your underwater photos are just so wonderful, and the story is quite fun!

  4. So say cheese.

    To you, and to everyone in the world.

    Hope everyone is safe.

  5. Wow...I have gone snorkeling so many times...but I have never had the opportunity to snap any of them. :/

  6. you need to stop doing this! you are making me jealous. it's friggin' cold here now even just the water in the bathroom. lol

  7. I have missed your beautiful pictures !!!!! Amazing as always!

  8. glad to know your family is safe, Beth. my only source of Philippine news is the social media eversince we unsubscribe from the Filipino Channel. the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda is really devastating, sobrang nakakapanlumo. it was in the front page of local newspapers today, couldn't bring myself to read further all the tragic descriptions in the news. i know we can only do so much in terms of donating but a prayer brigade would really be of great help for everyone who needs healing and comfort. i am blessed to have prayerful and helpful friends like you, Zen and Ruthi.

  9. Hi Betchai, I have no idea about what was going on in Phillipine. I read your post again today and realized that you are worried about your family. Glad that you got a hold of your father. It is very unsettling when they are so far away. Stay positive.

  10. I feel so grateful to at least help those people who are in needs, not just through the money we share but also sharing how we can ask for help for those people who are victims...isn't it so bizarre that the other part of the world has a nasty weather and the other part doesn't?

  11. It is good to know your family is safe in your homeland. Those are beautiful creatures it is worth a thousand of captures.

  12. I haven't tried snorkeling but if I have time or my family decides to try snorkeling, I would love to do it!

    But I'm glad that your family was spared from the typhoon. It is indeed really sad to see the victims homeless and helpless. I hope I could extend my help to them by giving something that is very important to them which are the basic needs: Food, water and clothing.

  13. good to know that your folks back home are safe...I feel bad for those people who have lost their loved ones....:(

    on the lighter note, I enjoyed reading the conversation between you and!

  14. It is nice to know that your family us safe and sound. Man, I could bear the thought of being in your shoes the time you did not hear from them.

  15. With everything that is happening around the world, it makes us appreciate life all the more. And with that comes appreciating what Mother Nature can offer us.

  16. wow those underwater shots makes me want to swim and snorkel in the beach. Your story is really funny and amusing.

  17. For days now, I've keep asking God, why did He allowed these series of calamities to happened. Now, I see his reason, though no one loves suffering, still god allowed this to happen for 3 reasons:
    1. He just wanted us to know that He is still the most powerful God and we should not put our trust on small 'gods'.
    2. We should accept our own limitations and always put God first in whatever we will pursue.
    3. Inspite of the trials and suffering we are into, There is always HOPE for all of us.

  18. I miss the sea! Last time I went there was March! I guess I have to go there very soon! Stress debriefing after an earthquake and devastating typhoon

  19. I hope our future generations can still enjoy and relax with nature. The recent tragedy, I hope, has served as a lesson to us to care for mother earth.

  20. Gosh. I miss snorkeling! The last time I did it was three years ago. Wish I could go to the beach and dive with my friends again. Your happy experience was well captured by your photos ate.