Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Joshua Tree National Park, Music and Video

I recently stumbled upon an old album in one of my portable external hard drives. It was from a time when my younger brother visited us in San Diego during his work related trip/assignment at the Bay Area. Though we toured my younger brother to a lot of places in and around San Diego during his short stay with us ( just short since he had to go back to the Bay Area for work assignment ), but somehow, it was the pictures from Joshua Tree National Park that inspired me to make a video of our picture stills.

Words inspired from Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Trees ( with Arms Opened Wide Like in a Prayer of Thanksgiving or Supplication )

Very inspired to make a video of our pictures of Joshua Tree, I chose the song "Desert Sky" by U2 from their Joshua Tree Album. I am a big fan of U2 and I have some of their albums. However, after I completed the video, and uploaded in you tube, I was told I can not use the music because it is protected by copyright law. :( Aws! I am so sorry U2, I am so naive I guess, I did not know I could not use some original music. Thankfully, one of my favorite songs, where the title of my blog was inspired from, allows a re-use to share because Karl Kohlase's goal is to spread the word of Christ in songs. So, here is the video of our picture stills from Joshua Tree National Park, with "Simple Life" as background music instead.

our collection of still pictures @ Joshua Tree National Park during my younger brother's visit
( music courtesy of Karl Kohlase's Simple Life )

I guess I just have to listen to the video I made using "Desert Sky" from the U2's Joshua Tree album at home. 
Anyway, here are some pictures from Joshua Tree National Park which I used in the video above.
 Younger Brother at Joshua Tree National Park
 Me and Joshua Trees
 natural sights at Joshua Tree National Park ( with younger brother and yours truly )
desert blooms @ Joshua Tree National Park

I am missing my dear younger brother, and the rest of my family in the Philippines. How I wish they are near me, maybe, we would have lots of fun time together outdoors. 

Anyway, where is Joshua Tree National Park?

It is near Palm Springs, about 2 hours away from San Diego and Los Angeles. This is the nearest National Park for both San Diegans and Los Angelenos. Joshua Tree National Park not only protect the grotesque Joshua trees but also 501 archaeological sites, 88 historic structures, 19 cultural landscapes and houses 123,253 items in its museum collection. Joshua Tree National Park is a world class climbing destination, famous for its traditional-style crack, slab, and steep-face climbing.
Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree National Park
Joshua Tree National Park has more than 400 climbing formations and 8,000 climbing routes, where it offers challenging climbs for all levels of climbing ability. It also offers an extensive network of hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails.

Best Time to Visit Joshua Tree National Park: Late Fall- Early Spring ( since this is in the desert, summer can be very hot. ) California has micro-climates and very diverse geography, it is so hard to describe the temperature of CA as one state. Some places now are deep in snow and ice ( the mountains), the low desert had cooled down, and well, the coastal area is always at a comfortable temperature. One of the contrasts you could see at Joshua Tree National Park is the desert may be all rocks but the surrounding mountains may be white.
Desert and Snow ( that's me snowshoeing above ) @ Mt. San Jacinto in Palm Springs, very close to Joshua Tree National Park
One of California's top liners in its tourism is "enjoying the sand, surf and snow....all in one day!" Living in San Diego, we do that sometimes since we love snowshoeing too. 
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  1. i so love the prose (if that what it's called) you wrote Beth. very moving, bursting in intense emotions. a testament that God is truly magnificent.

  2. Very neat blog, and this article's superb with complete ingredients to be the best.

  3. Beautiful photos, Betchai, and I enjoy watching your video!

  4. So this is Joshua Tree! I've heard a lot about it. I do wall climbing and Joshua Tree seems like a good place to start on rock climbing :)

  5. Oh now I miss my brothers. I hope they would come here too for a visit and I will surely make one like this.

  6. Lovely photos as always Betchai. I have read in some articles that the Joshua Tree is the guardian of the plains daw.

  7. OMG! That’s an awesome adventure. Breathe taking photos too.

  8. wow!!! i love the photos with your brother, the bonding with him is memorable, and i'm surprised that your brother is also as adventurous as you are sis. he did climbed the rock...oh golly.

  9. ...singing with you "the joys of simple life"...and loving the majestic Joshua tree! and of course your beautiful happy smiles...I'd love to meet your younger bro one sweet day :) love love your words of LOVE for mother nature...:) thank you for never failing to inspire me...

  10. You have such a free and adventurous spirit ate! Ikaw na :) Sana I could get a chance to try rock climbing soon. If only I have enough time to do outdoor activities...

  11. I haven't seen a Joshua Tree, up close and I would love to see (and touch) one maybe in our next Cali sojourn. :)

  12. This is just one awesome place!!! I love those trees even though they look like aliens.. hehehe... and that's pretty cool too, sun, surf and snow all in one day. Love your photos sis, as always.

  13. Was that you climbing on that rock Ate? I'll fall for sure lol.

  14. Did you do the rock climbing too? Amazing place.

  15. Beautiful photos. It's amazing how just looking and being with the nature makes us inspired.