Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fun in The Great Outdoors

US Having Fun Hiking and Photographing @ Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Outdoor activities always become more fun with family and friends. Make this year one of your bests ever by taking some outdoor adventures with your family and friends. There are various activities you can do with a group that are fun, enjoyable, and most of all, good for people of all skill levels.

Me with Family and Friends, and The Milky Way @ Mono Lake South Tufa State Reserve, California

One of the most interesting and versatile outdoor activities is hiking. If you have little kids and older people in the company, you can always find easier hikes with minimal slopes. Hiking does not always have to be as strenuous as climbing Mt. Everest.
Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
( probably the easiest hike we ever did, and who says easy hikes do not give beautiful rewards? )
 Hiking Lady with a baby stroller 
( who says that nature exploring stops when you have a baby?)

If the little child in your company will learn to love hiking, they become more caring of their environment, more motivated to keep a healthier lifestyle, become more physically active so that they are in better shape always to explore the world. It also is fun and very inspiring to see little kids think out loud like scientists because the nature they experience around them stirs their curiosity seeking for a better understanding of their world. 
Father and Son Exploring Nature Together

Hiking enables you to spend time with your family and friends in a relaxing, stress-free environment. The activity also offers great opportunity to learn about outdoor safety and wilderness survival.

Got some sands? Aside from hiking, another fun activity you can do with your family and friends is to have fun in the sand.
 Leaving My Shoes Behind for More Fun in the Sand

One way to enjoy the sand is by riding a UTV. Check out UTV news at for the most up to date and important UTV riding information.

Fun In Kicking Up Sands with UTV

Riding a UTV is something you can do with friends or relatives who like to experience the outdoors in such a fun and exhilarating way.
UTVing in Sand Mountain, Great Basin, Nevada
Aside from getting exhilarating ride in sand mountains, UTV's also let you explore the world around you in a fun, fast-paced way. Take it with you where your regular cars could no longer go!!

There are more other ways to enjoy the sand. If you do not know how, trust me, bring a kid, and the kid will show you how! It's very natural for them to enjoy sands! They enjoy it in so many ways!
top left: those 2 kids were not having enough of sand, even on their way back to trailhead, they still kept on sliding down. top right & bottom left : a family not getting enough of the BOOMING SOUND produced by sliding down  "singing sand dunes", they kept on climbing up after sliding down. bottom right: kid sand boarding

Nature is so full of wonders and happiness.  It really was so wonderful and amazing to be hearing the roaring and rumbling of the sand as you slide down. It's the very reason why those kids kept in going up so they could slide down again to listen to the music created by the sound waves of sliding sands! As you slide down, you hear, "ka-boom, ka-boom!" I, even already an adult, couldn't get enough of the music of singing sand dunes!

There is just so much fun out there in the great outdoors. From ice, to snow, to rocks, to sands, to water... life in the great outdoors is FUN! 
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  1. Fun in kicking up sand! I would love to experience that there!! Love the photo of the kid enjoying nature ;) so beautiful nature shots Betchai, the milkyway shot I love much!:)

  2. Beautiful,Betchai, My father in-law went in Alaska and showed all his photos on his trip,OMG- I can't wait to go there and I'm bugging my hubby to go I hope I can convince him before the

  3. Must be fun to wALK in that sand with your barefoot! Lovely captures ateB.

  4. wow!!! I love all the photos you share sis, truly a great motivation that outdoor is definitely a great thing and would love to do. i love the shot you have while you guys were pointing at the night sky.

  5. The Joys of Hiking... There really is no excuse for not enjoying life...

    The first photo was a very good treat for me, as I love nature photos so much...

  6. Lovely photos for the nth times. Fun in the sand, never played that game..ha..ha..ha.. All I know lang is making Sand Castle,. Can i do it there too ?

  7. couldn't get my eyes off that 3rd photo and your shoes in the sand! haha! would love to ride a UTV but the sand looks so fine it would be nice to walk barefoot on it.

  8. yes, it's always fun to go outdoors with family and friends as they make the trip more memorable. love that utv riding in the sand.

  9. another set of beautiful pictures, you never failed me, us with your very adventurous life. :) I am sure you had fun, I can imagine my kids and I having fun in a place like this. hope our family can enjoy nature-trip someday. p.s. ate Betchai, love that shoes...:)

  10. The only activity I have done so far is the sand bashing (using 4 wheelers) and sand sliding. The rest of the photos you have share are simply remarkable! I love that Milky Way photo and if it wasn't for the background flash, that group photo would have been stunning and it's already pretty as it is ha. :)

    Love, love, love your nature explorations. You should make a travel digest sis!

  11. Is that aurora borealis? Very nice pictures.

  12. If that is the amazing view of the outdoors I'd go to, I'd probably want to stay forever! It's just so beautiful!!!

  13. That is another outdoor activity that I would love to do. Hope there's a close place for all that fun sand activities.

  14. I really enjoy visiting your blog, love all the photos you post. The one with the shoes is awesome!

  15. These shots are really amazing! :) It's another way of appreciating life!

    Thanks Ate Betchai. And love the shot in the icefield.