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Deal with Stress more intelligently and efficiently

How Do You Tackle Stress?

Nowadays a lot of people face a very common problem, which is tackling stress. Stress seems to have occupied about fifty percent of our lives. Hectic work schedules, family issues, personal problems etc has made us absolutely miserable. Most people do not know how to relieve stress and become completely lost when unwanted situations show up. The basics of stress management begin with the identification of the areas in one’s life which is leading to stress.

Many of us cannot identify the real source of stress. Sometimes situations are not too obvious and many people face difficulty in identifying the true cause for stress. In order to identify the stress causing elements in one’s life, it is very essential to follow carefully one’s habits and lifestyle. Some people adopt wrong measures to deal with stress. Here are certain instances of described below.
  1. In order to relieve stress many people resort to smoking. This is a very unhealthy measure to relieve stress. In the long run if developed into a habit, it can be very damaging.
  2. Using of pills is another bad habit that many people have. Certain drugs have long lasting negative impacts on the body.
  3. Emotional outbursts are also found in some people. Many vent their frustration through anger or dissatisfaction over something which is not quite related to their cause. The aspect of dissatisfaction only proves to be a means of relieving their stress.
Instead of adopting such negative measures to deal with stress, one can stick to something that would help them to deal with stress in a much better way. Instead of avoiding the problems that is causing stress, learning to tackle them in a diplomatic way is a much better approach. If a person is calm and focused, they get the ability to deal with a particular issue more efficiently. Anger or emotional outburst is not a solution to any problem. Nowadays the problem of ‘stress’ has become quite persisting. It is a very common issue now. A lot of newspapers and websites such as the and a few others are also doing excellent work in making people aware of the problems related to stress and the ways to manage them.

Here are certain tips and techniques that can help in stress management:
  1. Never overdo things: It is extremely important to say ‘no’. Many people cannot use this word, as they get worried of what the other person might think. Whether it is personal or professional life if things start going beyond limit then it is very important to draw the line.  When a person starts taking more responsibilities than his/her capacity it is sure to become a stress causing element later.
  2. Avoid people who cause stress. Certain relationships can be very stressful. If a person becomes stressed out in a relationship, it is better to move out of it. In certain unavoidable circumstances it is better to spend less time with the respective person.
  3. When in stress, do or read something that is motivational. For example, reading a story that is inspiring or song or an inspirational movie too can help in handling stress. Also meditating regularly and staying focused during stressful times can help immensely in keeping the situation under control.

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  2. Fantastic article and wonderful tips!

  3. Great tips. Saying no has always been difficult for me but since I have started uttering the NO word, I have much less street.

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  4. Thank you for your tips. It is very important to have these ideas handy. I get stressed just from thinking about taking a vacation. :-)