Saturday, June 22, 2013

What Foods Do We Have For Hiking?

What Is in My Backpack?

I think it is a given that there is a camera inside. Hiking + photography + blogging are all one activity for me. I hike, I take pictures, I blog. :)

My motivation to take pictures usually comes when I am out of the doors hiking, and exploring nature. My favorite subject is anything about nature. However, I do from time to time take some pictures when am not hiking, like when I am home. 


Actually, because I was inspired to take pictures of what I see at home today, the thought of sharing what foods do we have for hiking came to my mind. In short, I ventured into taking pictures of food using my camera, not my cell phone! Haha!

First, let me share with you what we usually have at home, before we leave for hiking.

 Rice, Chinese Broccoli and Lemon Grilled Chicken
 Rice Up Close, I love rice, and I eat this three times a day! 

Frankly, I get weak when I can't have rice for several days. It is for that reason that whenever we go on an adventure vacation, I bring a rice cooker since most restaurants in remote places don't serve rice. At least, I could have rice even just for breakfast, since oftentimes, if we are on an adventure vacation, we are out for lunch and dinner. I am the type of person who must have my rice before hiking. :) We eat a lot of vegetables too. 

Tofu Soup

The above tofu soup does not have any meat nor sea food as what most recipes would have. I probably would share the recipe of this one later. I and hubby love this tofu soup. 

Now, going back to the question: "what food do we have for hiking?" Whenever we go hiking, we prepare to fight hunger. One thing probably we could not afford when going hiking is getting hungry and thirsty. Thus, we do carry a lot of water. My backpack has several liters of water in my bladder, and water canister. We also bring a lot of foods, something light that will not weigh us down, and something that will not easily spoil or smashed. 

 Trail Mix, natural meal replacement pro bar, sea weed, some sunflower or pumpkin seeds and nuts

These foods may not be something you would want for your lunch, but we always tell ourselves, better to have them than to starve! Better to have them to fuel us to explore and be up close to nature. We usually buy our hiking snacks at our local stores. However, if you live in a place with limited selection of hiking snacks, you may find natural snacks online, which can be your meal replacement while you are enjoying the wonders of nature in the trail.

 Pumpkin Seeds and Trail Mix in a ziploc, I recycle my ziploc :)
 Roasted Seaweed 
Me, opening my roasted sea weed snack while taking a rest during a hike
 Tofu Jerky ( looks like meat? that is tofu! )

Next time you see me jumping, hiking, and running in the trail....

well, it is because I am a happy well-fed hiker. :)
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  1. "A happy well-fed beautiful hiker"- you are my friend! thank you always for inspiring me to eat healthily and explore nature! because truly, The Joys of Simple Life is The best there is :) enjoy your vacation! :) love love love that dynamic last photo of you so much!

  2. You are always well-prepared. Cheers!

  3. I love rice too and can't live without it lol. Love the snack!

  4. I love two of the photos posted in this blog entry :) Maganda yung background ang nature/ice. Mas napansin ko ang mga yun kesa food :D

  5. You always take amazing and unbelievably beautiful pictures Sis :-) I am always a fan of your photographs. The rice looks delish and cannot live without it :-)

  6. I love all your photos,Betchai, and I love what you said, " I love rice, and I eat this three times a day!" I guess that's our trademark.hahaha.Hubby asked me " What should you do if there is no rice?"

  7. ...back here Betchai and soooo loving your macro shots...the orchid looks exceptionally beautiful captured by your lens and yep the food look so yummy too! love the skipping pose! :)

  8. i was here earlier and i got so hungry with all the food pics! on the other hand, your hiking photos never fail to satiate my longing for the beauty of nature. those flower shots are spectacular!!!

  9. I know the very owner of those seaweed snacks! So proud of him! ♥

    Ang hirap po i-resist ng rice ano? I feel you, Ate! hehehe.

    Ang saya talaga ng lifestyle nyo. ♥

  10. Eh, kung ganyan naman ang baon mo, then I am too willing to come hiking with you. ha.ha..ha.. Just asking, is chocolates good for hikers on the go? BTW Nice orchid photo.

  11. I am sure you're always ready...and i knew you will not go in the battle empty-handed. :) i can hear you about rice, i am the same...i feel like i can't last a day without having rice even at least once. :) love all the pictures including those macro shots, if i will chose one best picture I can't chose one, it all comes with a character and you captured each detail well, great shots as always! have a great week ahead. :)

  12. Beautiful photos! I especially like the second one. I don't hike, I just wall climb, but like you I always have a camera in my bag. Great food choices, more protein - more energy! keep it up!