Monday, June 24, 2013

The Other Birds At Robb's Field

Robb's Field is not all about ospreys, which I featured previously. Aside from osprey, I also had featured in this post the white pelicans in synchronized diving and fishing. In this post, let me share with you the other birds we spotted at Robb's Field while watching for the ospreys.
A Heron Between Two Bird Watchers
Heron Caught Some kind of Stick Like Fish

Heron Excited to Eat the Fish
Heron In Flight
Little Blue Heron

Little Blue Heron in Flight
Egret Caught A Small Stick Like Fish too
Tern In Flight
not bird, but waning wildflowers
not birds, but perhaps, food for the birds: one leg crab
some purple wildflowers
not bird, but dogs enjoying nature at Ocean Beach
morning doves (bottom) and could not figure out the two at the top
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  1. I always enjoy your amazing photographs! Herons are some of my favorite birds, and you did a great job of capturing their beauty.

  2. The pelicans must not be aware that they are actually entertaining everyone of us.

  3. Delightful post, Betchai! I enjoyed seeing all of the birds and not-birds, especially love the waning yellow wildflowers. :)

  4. Great pictures of the birds. I love water birds of all kinds.

  5. Beautiful photos of birds and wild flowers!

  6. Oh I love that first photo where two lovers are enjoying the heron. The heron seems to love the attention he gets from them.

  7. the one -leg crab reminds me so much of my childhood summer days in the province. We use to bait them and wait for them to come out of those holes. Memories! i love all the bird photos!

  8. I love Pelicans! They are so much fun to watch. Might just be my favorite bird.

  9. Reading your photo journal is better than going to the movies. - so cool!