Thursday, June 06, 2013

Some San Diego Beach Laws

Paragliding in San Diego
San Diego is one of the very popular tourist destinations year round, mainly because of its weather and diversity. There is almost an activity for everyone. Whether it be surfing, snorkeling, hiking, rock climbing, shopping, theme park hopping ( Legoland, Sea World, San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and more than an hour away in Orange County is Disneyland), paragliding, sky diving, parasailing, boating, sailing, riding hot air balloon, etc.
Coronado Beach: 2012 America's Best Beach by Dr. Beach
However, some unlucky tourists or visitors to the city may have gotten ticket for not following the city beach and trails safety laws and regulation. Several times, I was asked by visiting friends of the signs in beaches or in state parks, amused by the number of restrictions. I usually tell them that maybe it is more to inform the public of the laws because ignorance of the law excuses no one. I had seen a young couple getting ticket from a ranger for having alcohol on the beach.  I also had seen a small group of yuppies stopped by ranger and getting ticket from smoking in the trail. Once, I entertained a visiting friend who smokes, and I got afraid when he very quickly used his butane torch lighter to lit his cigar while we were exploring Cabrillo National Monument.
Cabrillo National Monument
I had to inform him right away of what we may get into if he continues to smoke. Ranger may stop us and give us ticket. Thankfully, he complied and stopped smoking.

The following are some of the beach laws for the  City of San Diego Beach, Park, & Water Areas:

1.Alcohol is prohibited at all times at all City of San Diego beaches and beach parks as well as State Beaches.

2. Smoking is prohibited at all times at all City of San Diego beaches and beach parks as well as State Beaches.

3. Glass containers are prohibited if used to carry liquid for drinking purposes.

4. Fires are permitted only in fire containers provided by the City or in personal barbeques elevated off the ground. Coals must be removed or deposited in hot coal containers.

The list above is just a partial list that I am aware of. Tourists and visitors of San Diego who may not know about these are not excused from these laws. As they say, ignorance of the law excuses no one. It is always best when we are traveling and exploring other places to pay attention to their laws so we do not end up with a very expensive and stressful vacation. After-all, vacation is meant to be enjoyed and to give us a full relaxation.
Enjoying Nature's Therapy in my home city @ Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve, San Diego, CA

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  1. Wow. It's good to hear that alcohol is strictly prohibited in the state beaches. It makes guests feel more secured from drunkards (in case there are any) LOL

  2. check my blog and you will know what it is :)

  3. I love Coronada beach, it was when we spent one of the happiest times in my life. I went away with SO and kids without mama, can't remember how I managed it, but it was so nice to get some relief.

  4. wow! love all the photos! it wold be a perfect place for me as I can do all the things i love there!!

  5. I can see why San Diego is a popular destination based on your pictures. It's beautiful!

    I love your picture of the para-gliding and you communing with nature :)

  6. You live in a paradise Ate Betchai! As a popular tourist destination, they have to lay the laws to protect the citizens and the tourists as well.

  7. I don't know that there is a law about it. Thanks for sharing this one. I have to ask hubby if we have this kind of law in my area.

  8. Those are very helpful laws; just right to keep everyone safe and secure. My college best friend who lives in San Francisco just moved to San Diego last month and she said she likes it there better than up north. With how gorgeous these pics are, I can't blame her. :D

  9. San Diego offers almost activities for tourists pala. Basta ako, hiking lang. good to know that San Diego beaches are alcohol-free pala.

  10. San Diego is definitely a great place to visit...lots of things to do and see! I've been there once when we used to live in California.

  11. Those rules are just very useful and will keep the order and peacefulness of the place. It's really apt for us, especially for travelers to abide by these rules.

  12. We do have laws for a reason. If people would have common sense and less awareness of self and more awareness of their surroundings, maybe we would not need so many laws.

  13. i am glad that handsome guys like me are allowed in state beaches. there are no rules so i will definitely go there someday.

    stunning landscapes.

  14. love love love the pose Betchai...sunset and you, simply perfect to view on a lazy Sunday here :) wishing those kind of law would be strictly implemented on my side of the world :)

  15. I wanna try the paragliding but I think before riding one you really have to have some sort of training? :)

  16. San Diego is like heaven for people who loves life. How I wish we can get the chance to visit San Diego someday.

    I love the last photo of you Ate Betchai.