Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Finding A New Trail

 Sunset near Torrey Pines Gliderport
 About a week ago, while watching sunset at Torrey Pines Gliderport, we saw several people walking on the trail below and East of the cliffs. Not familiar with the trail, and it was already dark, we decided to go back some other time to explore the trail where it seemed a lot of students and surfers take. Today, we got a chance to explore this non-formal trail near Torrey Pines Gliderport.
Our hike started at Gliderport, but instead of going down the formal trail, we first walked directly south on the trail which parallels the ocean. After a while, it was up and down, quite steep in some sections, but not yet intimidating.
 the very long quiet shoreline from La Jolla Shores Beach to Torrey Pines State Beach
( quiet because there is no car access below the beach, except at La Jolla Shores Beach and Torrey Pines State Beach )
 looking south towards La Jolla Shores
The top bluffs area here are actually some of our favorite spots in San Diego for sunset watching, and also for cliffs and ocean photography. Each time we are here, we are reminded how beautiful but fragile our world is. It also feels like we are transported to some other place, like Patagonia, haha, and not San Diego. For a while, our traveling minds wander somewhere as we see the scenery. 
 looking north towards Torrey Pines
( this may look scary, but hubby was pretty safe, he was on the trail actually which was not really that close to the edge, but it looked like he was at the edge )
We always feel thankful that the scenery in San Diego is so geologically diverse. It feels like we are on vacation whenever we explore its outdoors, from the ocean, to the ocean cliffs, to the mesas and canyons, mountains and valleys and desert. We need not go far to explore various scenery.  Anyway, we continued on the trail that goes down eastwards, and then, turns southwest towards the ocean. Though this hike is short, but probably one of my most challenging hikes, haha. I had to walk on five a lot of the times here. 2 legs, 2 arms, and a butt. My hiking pants and backpack were too dirty after the hike from all my buttwalk. :(
 a tiny bridge to cross, haha!
 he was walking straight, but I was hugging the walls in this section
 one of the easier parts of the trail
 and then, we could no longer go down
From here, though we saw sole marks below, but we stopped because there was a sudden drop from the edge of the rock where hubby was standing. We wonder how those hikers were able to go past here. But anyway, despite we were not able to go down to the ocean from here, we still think the hike was so worth it since this is something we have not seen before in San Diego. 
 can you see the drop?
As we look down actually between these rocks, it was like a slot canyon, we wish we could explore the bottom slot, but we just have no idea how to go down, as the rocks were vertical and smooth, we could not find any foothold. So, we just took some time to enjoy the scenery from there.
 Looking at the ocean below, so near, yet so far ( we had to take another trail down )
If the hike down was very challenging for me, the hike up was a lot easier. I no longer have to do the butt-walk, I still needed to walk on four sometimes, but definitely I did not need to walk on five.
 the trail going back up
 some parts of the trail
 some parts of the trail
and we are back here on one of our favorite cliffs
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  1. The scenes are amazing! You had a wonderful time exploring the little known trail, the scenes are really gorgeous. Those rocks look very dangerous though, and so very smooth at some places. I wonder if it is because of water or wind?
    Have a nice day :)

  2. pssst l can imagine you walking on five hehehe but l am sure you had such a great time with such an awesome Ocean view l would gladly walk On five too! :) that sunset photo is So beautiful! more SO because you were able to discover another trail! thankyou again for sharing with us joys OF Simple life!!. ..l bet you loss a lot of fats from walking on Five hehehe love yah!

  3. I enjoy hiking this new trail, though it takes me less than 5 minutes to finish the whole journey.

  4. What a fabulous scenery, gorgeous viewing from the trail, and I like the description of your buttwalk :-)

    Gorgeous photos, Betchai!

  5. What a beautiful trail. It sounds like a wonderful day.

  6. I really love your adventures, wish I could do that but when you have two small kids, it's impossible. Beautiful photos as usual!

  7. here again Betchai...and giddy as I read that part again about you hugging the walls in one section hahahaha...and the little footbridge to cross looks challenging enough for me hahaha....whew, breathless again at the blue blue blue world you shared here! :)

  8. Kudos to you and hubby. I wish that you share more of your trekking photos here. Salamat!


  9. Can I just say wow?! I love the trail, the shore, the sea. There is really something new to look forward to in your blog because of your nature tripping every now and then Mam Betchai. :) I love your mini adventures. :)

  10. There you go again.. Doing the thing you do best! Hope I could also get a chance to enjoy a mountain trail with my friends. :)

  11. Just to say 'envy ako sa energy mo and your hubby'. What a great adventure Betchai and yes awesome photos as always.

  12. ahhhh, breathtaking photos! Super miss the beach. I super love the first photo.

  13. You guys are so cute. We have been hiking, believe it or not. A couple of families and ours get together and take the kids out for a few hours. It is so great to get back into the routine of doing things for ourselves!