Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cell Phone Photography (2): at Torrey Pines State Reserve

The joy of photography? We take pictures no matter what our camera is? My cell phone I believe is my most used camera these days. It is just very handy. The pictures here were all taken from our hike in Torrey Pines last weekend. I only had zoom lens that time for wildlife photography, and for landscapes needing wider angle, I use my cell phone.  Thanks to cell phone, I no longer have to carry multiple lenses in local hikes. I still do though when we travel, for I know we may not be back anytime soon, so carrying extra weight is all worth it. But for local hikes, my camera partner for landscapes most of the time is cell phone. Maybe if I change to Samsung Note 2, I do not have even to carry a real cam with fast lens and zoom for wildlife? I heard of the BURST feature in NOTE 2, which may be good for wildlife and action photography.
Torrey Pines Tree
Golden Yarrow and Torrey Pines in Fog
Looking South from Guy Fleming South Viewpoint
@ Guy Fleming Trail
Red Butte
Badlands at Razor Point
Bottom of Cliffs
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  1. isn't the cell phone camera so convenient? Most times, if it wasn't for my cell phone camera, I would miss a lot of the action and the great photo ops.

  2. Those are much better photos than I would expect from a cellphone. The newer ones are much better than the kind I use.

  3. I sound like a broken record but you take the most awesome photos whatever gadget you use...come to think of it, I have not yet used my samsung note 2 to the max! maybe it is time I do some action shots using it eh? love yah! :)....I wonder what the little boy in the last photo must be glad to see a boy not playing with gadgets but exploring the world :)