Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

Where Our Boat Docked after an exciting travel inside the canyon 
 Best Time of the Day To Visit: Afternoon Boat Tour to avoid facing the harsh sun photographing the Rainbow Bridge ( however, all shots here were facing the sun middle of the day because we did not have a choice :(, only one boat tour that left in the morning).
Our First Glimpse of Rainbow Brdige
To continue from my previous post on Lake Powell Boat Tour, after traveling 50 miles on the waters of Lake Powell from Wahweap Marina in Page, we reached our destination, The Rainbow Bridge National Monument. From where we docked, the hike to Rainbow Bridge National Monument was only 1.5 miles on an easy well maintained trail.
Rainbow Brdige is the world's largest known natural bridge which spans 275 feet. The Rainbow Bridge is considered sacred by Navajo Indian Tribes.  
The National Park system asks the visitors to honor and respect the cultures of the Navajo Indian Tribes. The neighboring Indian tribes travel to Rainbow Bridge to pray and make offerings near and under its lofty span. Special prayers are said before passing beneath the Bridge. In respect of these long-standing beliefs, the National Park system request the visitors cooperation in not approaching or walking under the Rainbow Bridge. - source: Rainbow Bridge National Monument Park site
Rainbow Bridge As Seen from The Trail
 If you click the picture above, you will see people in front of the bridge. That will give you a sense of scale how huge is this bridge.
 We got there about 10:00 am, and we were facing the harsh sunlight. We were told that the best time to visit the Rainbow Bridge for photography is in the afternoon, because photographing it would not be facing the harsh rays of the sun. However, because visitation to Page was low at the time of our visit, they only had one boat tour to the bridge, which was morning. In the summer, when the water level of Lake Powell goes higher from the melting of snow, the boat usually docks closer to the Rainbow Bridge. If you have seen photos of Rainbow Bridge reflected on calm waters of Lake Powell in this Canyon, it must be taken during the summer when the water level is higher. Of course, the only drawback with visiting during the summer and in the afternoon, is the heat. Because this is in the desert, summer temperature can go very high.
 Pink Bush I saw Lining in the canyons Going to Rainbow Bridge
( I wonder if they are dwarf red bud since they were too far for me to see)
The Rainbow Bridge can also be accessed through backpacking. Hikers have to apply permit from the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, AZ. It is 13 miles one way, over rugged terrains from Navajo Mountain to Echo Canyon to rainbow Bridge. The recommend at least 3 days backpacking for this hike. 
After one hour on land at Rainbow Bridge, we cruised back to Wahweap Marina in Page. More about Lake Powell and Wahweap Marina in my next post.
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  1. I am thinking that I shall have some joys of a simple life at these places some times after my retirement.

    Let me start countdown, which will last for a few years.

  2. So, is it true that there's that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? :-D

  3. wow, amazing...the rainbow bridge is indeed huge! its shape is so unique and it looks so sturdy, magnificently carved by nature...a 3 day backpacking sounds interesting to me...echoing rainfield on the countdown of a few years...aahhh I really wish I could someday see this in person...

  4. What a fantastic and incredible place, Betchai! The Navajo belief is interesting, and Rainbow Bridge is phenomenal!

  5. Wow...the bridge is really huge. But how come it is known as rainbow bridge?

  6. Wow, that rainbow bridge is gorgeous landscape. I would so love to visit there. You've captured some fantastic shots.

  7. the rainbow bridge is magnificent. now counting down with rainfield and kulasa. :D

  8. wow...I have never heard of this! your pictures are fabulous...thank you!! I would love to visit there.

  9. The rainbow bridge is spectacular. It looks like a huge dinosaur. Have a great week ahead.

  10. that's really breathtaking! :) it's not easy to have such an experience in visiting such good places.

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  11. Seems like a very beautiful place. The rainbow bridge looks amazing. The nature works in mysterious ways, great architecture!!
    Lovely shots.
    Have a great week ahead:)

  12. I promise myself I will see this place someday !

  13. Every time I visit your site, I'm in awe at how beautiful and wonderful the earth really is.

    Gorgeous capture!

  14. That is such a beautiful location. I love the sand colored rocks.

  15. Hi Beth, it feels so good to be able to blog again...I've been so busy with my shop I haven't blogged for ages! I've some 5 or 6 opps in SS that already expired -sayang! But last night (so funny) I got an email for a $60. lead on gardening -hahaha... nataranta naman ako and napa blog -what's with that! Hahaha... Hope I get to write about it -it's just a lead right now!

    Also, our good friend, Ebie, found me on facebook and she added me. I was kinda inspired to blog again. I may be able to blog a bit and be around the blogosphere now that this difficult school year is almost over -more on this when I get a chance to call you. Really sorry for all your calls that I missed... this school year has been difficult since I got moved to another school last Oct.

    Anyway, seeing your Lake Powell photos brought back so many wonderful memories of our escapades. Those were really special times, girl!

    Your blog page looks different. How do you do the "continue reading button" I like it -twice the click -hahaha... tell me all about it one of these days. Missing you lots too! I'll check Salitype later -missing everyone.

  16. Really amazing photos, as usual, Ms. Betchai! Every part of the world indeed has its own uniqueness and character.

    Daydreaming of seeing Rainbow Bridge someday....:)

  17. What scenic places there are in the U.S. alone! I did not know about the Rainbow Bridge until reading your post.

  18. The world's largest natural bridge, it is indeed huge! You have captured beautiful photos even when facing the sun, what more if they were taken in the afternoon. Happy weekend!