Thursday, April 05, 2012

Galapagos, A Natural Paradise


     It is Saturday, family day...a time to treat myself and my loved ones to fresh fruits and sumptuous sea foods. As always I would take photos of everything I serve before anyone could take a bite.

I could hear my kiddos laughing at me looking ridiculous as I try my best to photograph each food. 

Eating a well balanced diet is a must for a long, healthy life and as much as we can we try to educate our children on the foods that make them go, grow and glow.

and mmmm how could we sometimes resists the delicious treats that mother nature offers us...

In moderation, they make life on earth a bliss! As we finish off dinner my younger son gets hold of a volume of a color picture encyclopedia and turns to a page that features Galapagos Islands. He then bombards the hubby and I with questions from A-Z on the islands' geography, weather, history and wildlife. Always to the rescue to his no longer facts quick parents, my older son would point to the computer and say "google" off we go, mother, father and sons to search for Galapagos Island which we learn from Wikipedia to be
The Galápagos Islands (official name: Archipiélago de Colón; other Spanish names: Islas de Colón or Islas Galápagos) an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean, 972 km (525 nmi) west of continental Equador, of which they are a part.What completely pulled the kids' attention is the information on Darwin Island, named after Charles Darwin where fur seals, frigates, marine iguanas,swallow-tailed gulls, sea lions, whales, marine turtles, and red-footed and Nazca boobies can be seen. They go "mommy!!!! daddy!!! take us to Galapagos Islands now!!!" The hubby as always would search the net for sites to further amuse his kiddos and found which offers Galapagos cruises with safety and quality being their commitment, they always take their passengers as top of their priority.

A photo of M/V Galapagos Cruise Ship lifted from their site...our kids are wide eyed at the anticipation of one day going in to a Galapagos Cruise and seeing the following photos of wildlife below also taken from their wonderful site...

Before going to sleep the kids, the hubby and I pray together and thank the Lord above for His beautiful creation. Nothing man-made could ever compare to natural paradise such as that which could be seen in Galapagos...

post by Zen a.k.a kulasa for The Joys of Simple Life
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  1. oh Zen, love all your pictures, and the pictures from Galapagos Explorer that you shared are inviting me too. Like you, when I was taking care of the curious minds of my nieces and nephews back then when they were young, if I did not know the answer, I would always tell them, "let us go to the library!" How convenient it is these days, we can google the information now. My students sometimes when I ask to verify their understanding would also tease me, "wait, I will google first", haha!! miss you Zen, thanks again for this post.

  2. The animals and fruits are both very attractive.

  3. A cruise to Galapagos island would be such a fun one to discover and learn more! I hope one day you all can do that.

    Fantastic photos, Zen!

  4. I have always wanted to go to the Galapagos Islands. what beautiful photos.

  5. lovely post indeed, I have already heart a lot of fantastic things about Galalpagos...would love to go there too:-) happy weekend!

  6. LOL you and DJ do the same thing. Always taking pictures before anyone can touch it.

  7. that is a good looking watermelon. makes me want some.

  8. Yummy! Looks delicious! All of them. You just made me hungry! :-D