Friday, April 27, 2012

Revisiting Horseshoe Bend

Just Love to Stretch After A Sandy Hike @ Horseshoe Bend
Photographing Horseshoe Bend with my Cell Phone

Horseshoe Bend is one of the many wonderful places to explore when visiting Page, AZ. It is located 5 miles downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell, about 4 miles southwest of Page. The hike to the overlook is short and easy, about 1.5 miles out and back on sandy soil.
Page is one of the places we probably frequent for a short vacation from San Diego. The main reason is we always wanted to try our luck at The WAVE, which is still an elusive dream up to now. The first time I saw the WAVE in pictures, I became restless and dreamy! I wanted to be there, I promised myself to experience those magical contours of the Earth. But going to the WAVE isn't easy, it all depends on luck.

Hundreds of hikers flock to the BLM Office in Kanab almost everyday to apply for a permit to hike in the WAVE. Only 10 hikers from the BLM Office will be picked to explore the place by lottery. Each day, only 20 hikers can go to the Wave, the 10 picked at the BLM Office a day before, and the other 10, picked by lottery 6 months ahead when one applies online. We tried both several times, and as you can see, we still have never been to THE WAVE. The chances is slimmer I guess applying 6 months ahead since there are thousands applying everyday all over the world, and only 10 hikers will be selected each day. Being close enough to Arizona, whenever we get our chance, we would plan a vacation to Page to try our luck by going to the BLM Office in Kanab, UT, about 74 miles West of Page.
Page, Arizona has many outdoor recreation to offer and has many mind boggling landscapes and geological features that even if we won't be lucky to be picked to hike the WAVE, we would still have a grand time.
Up to now, hiking to the WAVE is still an elusive dream, though after trying so many times already and having not won the lottery, my hubby tells me maybe it is time now for me to give up this dream since Earth still offers so many places to explore. And I can start planning vacation elsewhere instead.
Anyhow, even without making it to the WAVE, we had a grand time during our last spring vacation at Page. Horseshoe Bend is one of the places in Page we love to hike even if we've been there several times. It never was the same anyway.  Each time we were there, the conditions were different.
 This time, there were wildflowers on the trail. It always is an added bonus to see wildflowers gracing this arid land, beautiful white and purple contrasting the pink sands.
 We may not have been lucky enough to win the lottery to get permit to hike to the WAVE, but surely, a hike to Horseshoe Bend was just as rewarding and fun.
Aside from Horseshoe Bend, please visit my post about Page, Arizona for other places you could explore.

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  1. You are too close to the edge, makes me nervous!

    I was told it could be hot in the Wave.

  2. You can visit another wave by the seaside without applying any permit.

    That would not be a dream.

  3. I do hope for you to win the lottery to the WAVE one of these days. Never know, when luck changes! Your photos are gorgeous, and amazing!

  4. This is another amazing place! The photos are splendid, as usual.

  5. What an amazing place! Loved the shots, very beautiful.
    It looks pretty hot too, how is the weather?

    1. thanks Arti, it was not that very hot at the time we were there coz it was spring, it was actually in the low 30s ( close to 0 Celsius) or close to freezing.

    2. 0 celcius! I did not think it was that low!

  6. I have never heard of the Wave until you mentioned it and I looked it up online. None of my photography friends have photographed it so I guess they have not been lucky either. I hope you get to see it next time.

  7. I pray you will one day make it to the wave! Horseshoe bend looks amazingly beautiful! ..those wild flowers just brought huge smiles on my your joyful poses and that planking shot is awesome haha...which reminds me I haven't given it a try yet...I have to add though it is obvious that I love the color you are wearing hehe,

  8. Those flowers are a miracle on that dirt and land. When I am ready to visit these places, I will be sure to use your site as a reference. Thanks!