Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Longing For My Tropical Home Sweet Home


A colleague recently joyfully shared his plans for the 2012 summer vacation holidays in tenerife and England. I know, he does not mean to make us jealous that he will be experiencing the thrill of 2012 London Summer Olympics, but he was just excited about seeing his favorite sports in action and would be cheering for his home country, England. Though now an American citizen, but they always say, you can never take away England from an English boy! Just like you can never take away Philippines from this Filipina girl!
Sunset from Home Sweet Negros Occidental @ Danjugan Island Marine Sanctuary, Philippines
Because London is just a mere 4.5 hour flight to Tenerife, part of their itinerary is to enjoy fabulous beaches and verdant green in the largest island of the Canary Islands. Being close enough to most major European cities, Tenerife is a popular get-away for those who are seeking fun, adventure and thrill in the sun, warm white sand beaches, and hiking especially that Tenerife has the highest elevation in Spain in Teide National Park, a World Heritage site and is the third largest volcano in the world from its base. 
My colleague's excitement about having fun in the sun and warm waters of Tenerife is making me long for my tropical home sweet Philippines. I miss my family and friends! I feel sorry I won't be able to witness the college graduation of my eldest niece this year because the end of school year in the Philippines is March, which is still within our school year here in US. :( I miss tropical fruits freshly picked from our backyard.
 Atis (Sugar Apple or Annona Squamosa )
Buko ( Young Coconut )
I miss the abundance of fresh sea foods!
Baked Mussels, Oysters and Green Mango & Tomato Salad
I miss my orchids, I wonder if they are still around. :)
I miss the warm waters, where I can swim from early morning to late night without wearing uncomfortable wet suit and without shivering!
 Beach @ Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental, Philippines
My Lame Attempt at Underwater Scenery, Fish and urchins
I miss the sound of the rushing river rapids,
 Mambukal River, Negros Occidental, Philippines
the sound of the relaxing water falls,
 Mambukal Water Falls, Negros Occidental, Philippines
and hey, even the sound of these flying creature :) where oftentimes, I would simply see them quietly hanging in trees or inside a bat cave!
Flying Fox Bat, Mambukal Mountain, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Ah, there are just so much to miss from my tropical home sweet home. I am counting the, months! I am hoping to visit some of the Philippines' wonders, such as Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, now one of the world's 7 new Wonders of the Natural World. I promise to myself when I come visit my country again, I will try to take a lot better pictures than I did several years ago :) I can't wait.

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  1. I understand missing home. I'm very far from most of my family right now, and it's not always easy. Even though I would rather be where I am, I still miss my old home.

  2. You can continue to list down your favorite tropical fruits.

    And I am going to tell you that I eat them at anytime, very often.



  3. The long flight home is worth the travel to reminisce our own Country's beauty!

    Wishful thinking for me!

    Ai, Bets, ari na si Pierre, delayed lang and PAL.

  4. It is so beautiful there. I can see why you miss home! I am intrigued by the atis. How do you eat it, just like an apple or do you have to cut the skin first?

  5. it's more fun in the Philippines!!! that's the new tourism ad campaign and it is so true. love all the photos here, Beth! you made me miss home all the more.

  6. thanks for sharing such beautiful and colourful pics of your home with us...there is never place like home indeed, you are so right!

  7. aaahhh this makes me feel so happy to be home....Looking forward to your awesome home sweet home Philippines shots...and of course wishing to finally be in one photo with you my wonderwoman friend! :-) first I thought the sunset photo was in a foreign jealous of the hubby because he has been to that falls up there...

  8. I live pretty close to where I grew up and I still miss it. While different can be good, we definitely appreciate what we start with.

  9. I am on low dose of seafood. I need a refill. Well what a guy, he is lucky.

  10. BTW- thanks for posting the atis fruit, if it is like what I think, it's very rare to get here.

  11. Risky adventure on this rock at the waterfall. Good pictures.


  12. You are very close to satisfying your cravings for these things -- hang in there and let the excitement builds up !