Monday, January 30, 2012

Surfing Dolphins

 Torrey Pines Cliffs and Mist
It's pretty windy today (1/28/12) for a hike in the mountains and valleys. The sound of the howling wind made us decide to take a more relaxing walk/hike along the coastal bluffs, from Torrey Pines to Del Mar. 
 Del Mar Beach
The Santa Ana wind brought some warmth again to us this winter, the warmth is very welcome, but not so much the very strong wind. Nevertheless, we chose a path where we would be hidden from the Easterly winds, that is a walk from Torrey Pines to Del Mar.
 Dolphin Riding the Wave (1/28/12)
The tide was high when we were out on top of the bluffs, and it is during high tide that we usually see dolphins. It is not very unusual for us to see dolphins from on top of the bluffs,
 Dolphin sightings from on top of the bluffs from one of our walks before 
Dolphins Swimming South to North
but what was different today was that we saw dolphins playfully jumping very high with the wave and surfing with the wave. Here are some more pictures we took today. :) My pictures were the first three pictures above in this post, and the rest of these pictures were taken by my hubby who is more patient in holding his camera to wait for the surfing dolphins. 
 Surfing Dolphins (1/28/12)
 Smiling dolphin While Surfing (1/28/12)
 Flipping Dolphin (1/28/12)
 dolphins were now swimming back out like the surfer to catch more waves (1/28/12)
And back riding waves again :) (1/28/12)
I love dolphins, each time I see them whether I am walking along the bluffs or swimming I always get a high of happiness. Dolphins are very happy, friendly and intelligent creatures. I hope they bring happiness your way too. Happy weekend, everyone. Hope you have a great weekend enjoying the priceless gifts of nature around you. 
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  1. I love to look at dolphins too..

  2. what a feast to the eyes. those dolphins are awesome.

  3. Wow, what a cool sighting. I just love dolphins. It is always nice to see them in the wild versus at the aquariums. Wonderful photos.

  4. Again a unique article. I love to see dolphins.


  5. Those dophins are so smart. We had a chance to play or swim with them, but it costs too much!

  6. The dolphins are very entertaining.

    Everybody tries to be always entertaining.

    To bring joy to everyone.

  7. The dolphins look like they are having so much fun. What a wonderful thing to come across during a walk.

  8. Wow..just wow...Betchai! Your photos of the dolphins and the ocean always make me so happy to see.

  9. What an awesome experience you had!

  10. It would be incredibly fun to be able to watch dolphins out there so close.

  11. Stephen from ChicagoJanuary 30, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    The dolphins pictures are awesome! Thanks for sharing the happy dolphines :-). I did't know that they like to smile. I am wondering if they also drink beer and surf....

  12. wow, surfing dolphins indeed!! and they do look like they're having the best time in the world! now they make me wish I were a dolphin :-)...I have to add....all the blue in this post is making me want to go to the sea, right now...

  13. thanks for sharing your "happiness". it's contagious!

  14. How wonderful that you were able to capture the surfing dolphins! I have tried but never succeeded like you have. You're walking in one of my favorite places in the world!

  15. Дивовижні істоти...
    Захоплююся фотографіями!

  16. adorable!!! the dolphins are sooo fantatsic creatures, thanks for bringing them closer to us! luck you!!!your pictures are simply amazing:-)

  17. Wow, how cool is that! It doesn't look like you're too far from shore to be able to see them.