Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nature At Its Best

Life is one huge coloring book. Each piece of stone, each strand of hair, each hanging leaf, and each ticking sound is precious. We are lucky to be walking on these grounds. To be witnessing the sky’s magnificent changing of hue each day is such a blessing that no amount of money could replace. 
If I’d be asked this very moment what I am praying for…I wouldn’t ask for wealth and fame but my answer would definitely be the chance to live a long healthy life. That is what I wish too for my family and friends all over the world. As we go through each day however with all its challenges and the myriad tasks that await us from the moment we open our eyes, at times we fail to eat well and on time. At times life becomes too busy that we couldn’t even have a moment to spend buying fresh fruits and vegetables and settle for whatever food in the refrigerator that is easiest to prepare.  Sleep time is often shortened because of too many things to be done even at night. I’ve been commending myself the past weeks for being able to shuffle my different roles as mother, daughter, wife, sister, granddaughter, aunt and friend etc with so much ease and energy. It is because I take my much needed vitamin supplement. Nature offers the best therapy there is and I am glad for having found a company, Nature's Best through another nature loving friend, that supplies fresh, great-tasting, effective vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements. They offer health products from A-Z that are so easy to order on-line. Now I feel more confident about reaching the age of eighty and above.  
~still healthy and joyful at 80's~
That would mean an unlimited time to enjoy NATURE AT ITS BEST. For who wouldn't want to be smiling and staring at such colorful things all the days of one's healthy life?

The right amount of vitamins definitely would make anyone feel like a child and that would make all the difference.
~all photos and post by  Zen- kulasa ~
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  1. beautiful pictures kulasa, thanks for this post. nature is indeed a great therapy, and i too would like to enjoy nature at its best.


  2. It really does show some of nature at its best.

  3. To stay healthy is on the top of my list. Good foods, balance between work and relaxation and lots of sleep !

    I love the last photo - hehehe is that Roel ?


  4. very very b'ful pictures, the depth of the sceneires cannot be described in mere two three words but it makes me feel you are a very sensitive person. The angry bird toys are soooooo my fav.

  5. awesome... love all the photos. make me homesick.

  6. I love the watermelon shot! so right that we should be happy and grateful for being healthy to enjoy the rest....I just read yesterday a very serious and long article about how bad supplements are for you (several researches actually also showed that too much of some vitamines may even increase the chnage of getting cancer-brrrrr);

    take care+a lovely new week!

  7. Gorgeous photos, and also inspiring words Zen! Having good health to enjoy this beautiful earth is much better than having a pocket full of money and doesn't know how beautiful the earth is!

  8. Life is at its best in the first picture.

  9. maintain a good health and enjoy nature and life at its best. hi there Roel! ;)