Friday, February 17, 2012

Santa Barbara: Not Just Another Beach Get Away

Anacapa Island, Channel Islands National Park, off Santa Barbara Coast, CA
Santa Barbara, CA is one of the quiet escapes in Southern California. It is a popular nature get-away for most Los Angelenos because it is only about 2 hours away from this very busy and crowded city. Though Santa Barbara is very close to Los Angeles, yet it feels a world apart. This not so small but quiet town is sometimes referred to as the American Riviera, what with her beautiful sparkling beaches, majestic mountains and colorful culture. 
Hiking @ Anacapa Island
Santa Barbara however, is more than just beach, sands and surf. World class Santa Barbara vacation homes, premier resorts, fine dining, historical places, culture, great night-life, hiking, surfing, and many more outdoor activities await every visitors. Though offering both indoor and outdoor vacation, Santa Barbara is a great place for those who enjoys being OUT! From the city of Santa Barbara, visitors are just minutes away from the wine country, with majestic wine vistas which probably you may have seen from the Amazing Race. Though Santa Barbara is a great place for surfers, boogie boarders, paddle surfers and kayakers, but this quaint charming town offers water, land and air outdoor recreation. 
Rollings Hills, Mountains and Clouds Above Pacific Ocean
Heading for the hills and mountains, visitors can be almost 2,5000 ft above sea level overlooking the Pacific Ocean. If visitors want to fly their dreams high up in the sky, with a few hours training, they can get a birds-eye view of the Pacific coastline along Santa Barbara coast paragliding their way to a vacation of a lifetime.    
Visitors can immerse themselves in the migration of the Monarch butterfly, or scan the Pacific ocean for whales, 
Pacific Gray Whale
or visit a world so different yet so close at Channel Islands National Park. 
Sea Gull on a Bed of Goldfield @ Channel Islands National Park, CA
Doesn't that sea gull seem to be calling you to enjoy Santa Barbara and its magical natural world nearby? If you do come visit, a short day trip from Santa Barbara is Big Sur, 
McWay Falls, Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA
McWay Falls, one of the few waterfalls on Earth that is right next to the sea!
where the ocean,mountains and clouds kiss each other wonderfully!
Big Sur
If the call of fine dining, culture, amazing outdoor opportunities, wildlife, mountains, ocean do call you, Santa Barbara is just 2-hrs away from Los Angeles International Airport, or minutes away from Santa Barbara Airport. 
Elephant Seals on Point Piedras Blancas, San Simeon State Beach
you will hit this place before you reach Big Sur when you are driving from Santa Barbara 
 And when you are vacationing in beautiful, scenic and quiet city of Santa Barbara, don't forget to also take one of the world's top ten drives of a lifetime listed in National Geographic and Travel magazine, Big Sur, which is as close as you can get when you are in Santa Barbara. 
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  1. Betchai, I've never been there but have heard how beautiful it is. I had a friend who lived there, lost her job and came here to San Francisco to live. She was here a few months and missed Santa Barbara so much she moved back. Your pictures are very enticing. I'll have to visit one of these days.

  2. Oh boy, I would love to explore Santa Barbara one day, with you. My other sister lives there, and she goes to the beach almost every day when weather permits..

    Fantastic photos, Betchai! You bring this beautiful world to me, thank you!

  3. McWay Falls is way cool! There are a couple of falls the go right into Lake Superior that way. But I've only seen them from the top side- much less dramatic that way. haha.

  4. I have never had a chance to go to the Channel Islands. The views are magnificent! Yes, one must stop to see the elephant seals at Point Piedras Blancas!

  5. God's gifts to us! I hope to explore these places! I should do a rain dance for the great wildflowers!

  6. Well, I guess if I'm in LA i think i will go to Sta Barbara too :-) The place is quite meditative.

  7. Oh I will definitely visit California again and Sta Barbara will be on the top of my list of must-see places. this is paradise. thanks for sharing.

  8. Jaime Leon RodriguezFebruary 20, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    I want to go to Santa Barbara now!

  9. awesome! I'd really love to visit the place right away! aaahhh thanks to you I get to see the rest of this beautiful world through your yah friend,