Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hiking In The Rain

 Lake Poway in the Rain
I am singing in the rain :) ....... can you hear my heart sing for joy with the pouring rain? It has been a long time since I hiked in the rain. In fact, my last rainy hike was at Savage River, in Denali National Park. That was July, 2011. I have missed hiking in the rain, I miss hearing the rain drops falling on my rain coat. I miss jumping over puddles. I miss the cold rain hitting my face, no, they are not memories of tears and sadness, but memories of refreshing joy. I miss walking on more slippery ground where I had to walk more slowly and cautiously so I won't slide down the slopes. I love rain, rain teaches me to slow down, to just listen to the magical music the sound of its falling brings.  
Was it only a few days ago when I wished for rain to come? Ahhh, the joys of simple life, when nature gives the happiness of your heart and it start pouring rain! I wish for more rain to come though, so that hopefully, it is still not too late for a beautiful spring season. Here are some pictures I took today from our rainy day hike at Lake Poway. Because of rain, all pictures in this post were taken by my cell phone.
 Layers of Hills and Mountains on Rain @ Lake Poway
Coast Live Oak
 Cormorants Lost in Lake Poway?
I always see cormorants along the coast, but Lake Poway is 10 miles inland from the ocean, so I wondered if these two cormorants were waiting for the sky to clear so they would know which direction to take to go back to the ocean. This is my first time to see cormorants at Lake Poway, for the common birds I see here are hawks, osprey, vultures, peregrine falcon, water fowls, white pelicans, among others. I really hope that these two cormorants would be able to find their way back to the ocean.
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  1. Your cell phone took great pictures, Betchai! I like rain when the weather is not freezing.

  2. I don't really like hiking in the rain, it messes up my photo's. Your are still very good.


  3. Those are beautiful photos. I have to admit, I much prefer sun. it doesn't look as gloomy.

  4. there will be a time i paint that first picture and i will post it when i do!

  5. Hiking in the rain is a great experience that I always would like to have.

    But I use an umbrella.

  6. aahhh nothing ever stops you from being happy with nature wonderwoman...I too love rain! great shots as always even with your phone...

  7. You take so many challenges, that's one of your joys!

    Personally, I do not like to hike in the rain, gets slippery at times, and hard on my knees.

    The end result though is very rewarding, nice views!

  8. The rain just makes trees so dark and dramatic. I like to walk in the rain too (most of the time- but backpacking in the rain is tough because you get totally soaked and can't dry out for days)

  9. I am missing the rainy days and cooler temp. It's getting warm here again. Great photos from your iphone!

  10. I like the way the trees look in the rain with wet bark. :)

  11. Love the first photo!! And I think I like hiking in the rain! As long as it's not too heavy haha!

  12. I can hear the song (+ I love it:-)...its different experience and one sees different things-we did some rainy hiking in Reunion 2 weeks ago and spotted plenty of water snails who came just because of the rain:-)

  13. Eww I do not like wet clothes, so hiking in the rain would not be enjoying to me. I hope you had fun though.

  14. it's raining here right now as I write this. I've hiked in the rain before. I think it can be fun sometimes, but it's much too cold to do it this time of year where I live.