Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Two Late Posts

I missed two Fridays of Fun Friday in our Blogging for Fun Group. Catching Up, I will be posting here two letters, V and W.

V is for very late volcanic post :( .
Lassen Peak Volcano and Lake Helen, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA, Summer 2009
Lassen Peak Volcano Reflected at Manzanita Lake, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA, Summer 2009
Lassen Peak is considered the world's largest plug dome volcano that rises 2,000 ft to an elevation of 10,457 ft. This is a very beautiful and peaceful National Park located in North Central California. Aside from Lassen Peak Volcano, Lassen Volcanic National Park consists of 3 other types of volcanoes. Actually, all four types of volcanoes found in the entire world are represented in Lassen Volcanic National Park, these are:
1) shield - Prospect Peak Volcano
2) plug dome - Lassen Peak Volcano
3) cinder cone - Cinder Cone Volcano
4) composite- Broke-off Volcano
Visitation at this park is lowest in March and peaks in the summer. Right now, the Southwest entrance is covered with 130 inches of snow.
Visitor Center at the Southwest Entrance of Lassen Volcanic National Park ( March 24, 2010 )
photographed by: Shanda Ochs, from Lassen Volcanic National Park website

With this kind of snow approaching the end of March, it's no surprise why the peak visitation is in the summer. In fact, last year during summer, we visited this place and this was the condition of the trail to Bumpass Hell when we hiked.
Summer Hiking to Bumpass Hell @ Lassen Volcanic
(from my multiply album, summer 2009)
It is a place where hot and cold co-exist.
snow and steam @ Bumpass Hell
( from my multiply album, summer 2009)
Fumarole at Bumpass Hell 
( from my multiply album, summer 2009)
Sulfur Works, Lassen Volcanic National Park
( from my multiply album, summer 2009 )
Now, from V, on to W. From ice and steam, to wildflowers and waterfalls at San Diego River Canyon Trail. All pictures were taken from our hike last Sunday ( March 21, 2010).
Wildflowers and Waterfall @ Cedar Creek Falls,
San Diego River Canyon ( March 21, 2010)
The hike to this 80 ft waterfall in San Diego River Canyon starts from San Diego Country Estates in Ramona. The hike is about 4.5 miles round trip, with about 1200 ft elevation gain/loss. This is a reverse hike, meaning, starting from higher elevation, we go down to the bottom of the canyon at the river gorge, and on the way back is an uphill hike. Some portions of the trail going down the river is very steep, thus we always bring our hiking poles when we take this trail, 
and those who don't have hiking poles usually end up picking sticks here and there for their poles to help them in their uphill and downhill trek. Unlike last year where there are carpeting wildflowers, this year, because it warmed up late of the year, the chilly and strong winds depressed the wildflowers and instead promoted growth of more weeds. Nevertheless, though more weeds than wildflowers, hiking is still as inspiring and refreshing.
Refreshingly Green
Here are some more pictures of wildflowers and waterfalls from our hike last Sunday.
Kids Enjoying a Dive and Swim After a Hike 
Sunflowers Above the Waterfall
Sunflowers and the River Pool Below
Cedar Creek Falls
Me, Photographing the Yucca 
Owl's Clover
I am sorry if I can't update this site often now, having to balance both work and studying and also having classes on Saturdays take so much of my energy that I am not as inspired to sit down and blog in my free time. On my little free time, I prefer to be taking the trails instead and get rejuvenating energy and de-stress from the wonders of nature, enjoying the simple pleasures in life out of the doors. 
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  1. I knew I should have gone to Cedar Falls last weekend! Someday I am going to make that hike!

    The snow at the visitor's lodge is a LOT of snow. I need to add Lassen to my list of places to visit.

    As always, your pictures are fabulous. Don't worry about posting often-you're stuff is so good we can wait as long as it takes!

  2. thanks Kirigalpoththa and Vixen.

    @ Vixen, wow, we could have met last Sunday at the falls :) We take the Ramona trail since it is closer and no driving on unpaved roads, the first time we were there before was from Julian and the drive there was very difficult. Also, Ramona is closer.

  3. I enjoyed all of your pictures, especially the wildflowers and waterfalls. I agree, when free time is limited, hiking is a good way to de-stress and re-energize.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Betchai!

    Do what is great for you! De-stress is always good for the soul and the body.

  5. let us hope it does not represent still one other!

  6. take a break if necessary. take pics n post them randomly. dont put too much effort into it but post them like on a diary basis. but bring us along on yr trails. it is the pics thru which we see the wonders n the mundane you see in yr daily life. your post is awesome as always

  7. Wow....they jumped off a cliff? :p

  8. Looking at your photos calms me. It's like wanting to slow me down, very relaxing...and beautiful

  9. I really like that picture of the visitor center from your older pictures. And the newer stuff like that waterfall are so great. You go to such amazing places.

  10. wow. the after volcano effect is beautiful. I wish i can jump into the river too.

  11. All are fabulous pictures! But, my personal favorite is the 2nd one.

    Looks like an amazing place! You must have had a swell time.

  12. Betchai technically you didn't miss W, because I postponed it a week, because I was on vacation. So you are actually ahead a week. I always love your photos, and I think this is the first time I have seen you share volcanoes.

  13. Betchai, my favorites - the visitors center, the wildflowers and yucca. Breathtaking photos as only you can do. Gorgeous, Betchai.

  14. Hi Bets, these are great photos and what a great feeling to have when you accomplish something you like. Your shots never fail, all breath taking.
    I have been hiking for the past 3 weeks, and it has relieved some stress and anxiety. You are so lucky to be close to the wonders of nature. I'd love to go there someday.
    I have bought a pair of Keen hiking boots and the lady at REI fitted me the right shoes. I was surprised when a pair of juniors hiking poles fit me, so does my hat.
    Blogging and visiting also take up so much of my time, am trying to return visits the soonest possible.
    This weekend we went on a road trip on RTE 66 passing Dagget, Newberry Springs, Ludlow, Amboy Crater, and came back on Joshua Tree and 29 Palms to home. I will post them one at a time.

    I hope hubby feels better. We might be in Carlsbad this Saturday and in two weeks to see the poppies in Antelope Valley.

  15. I am amazed that you can do all that you do. We certainly understand your absence from the blog world but we certainly do miss you when you're not here. Your post and incredible photography are such a joy in my life..aging and infirmity have made me far too sedentary and I live vicariously through your hiking and outdoor adventures.

  16. I love the house photo buried in the snow. You have so many gorgeous photos Betchai :)

  17. How is it that you always inspire me and everytime I visit I am completely committed to going to California. Just beautiful as always!

  18. Incredibly beautiful photos, and what a joy to see, as always!

  19. The visitor center looks completely covered in snow. Thanks for allowing us to travel with you in pictures through the winter and summer months.

  20. What a contrast between the volcano and the softer waterfalls and wildflowers. I don't know the owl clover. Those western plants are SO different!

  21. I feel the same way about my blog, it has been neglected for the real world and it has also given me less time to comment on other blogs too.

    I have to say that the photo of the kid jumping of the cliff is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!

  22. Betchai, There is an award waiting for you at SelfSagacity. Have a good weekend.

  23. amazing...amazing....amazing.... :D all seems to unreal to me, you are a awesome adventurer and blogger betchai.

  24. i love your photos, always picyure perfect most esp when you capture the actions!

  25. Amazing... need I say more? Love all of them and can't pick a favorite.