Monday, March 10, 2014

Why I love Daylight Savings Time

Torrey Pines State Reserve and Beach, San Diego, CA

Okay, don't hate me now, but I am one of those who secretly rejoices whenever time changes to Daylight Savings Time. Even though the idea at first sounded very strange to me being a transplant to this country. Maybe, during the very first week of experiencing it, I too was whining about 1 hour of sleep lost. But after that very first week of experiencing Daylight Savings Time, I found it actually was an "adjustment of time" for me to enjoy most of the things I love. 

Here are some reasons why I love Daylight Savings time:

1. Longer Daylight time to enjoy outdoors after work. 
Overlooking Torrey Pines from Torrey Pines- Del Mar Trail
This reason alone is enough for me to love daylight savings time. :) Moving the time one hour forward means sun setting late, and the longer daylight after work means more hiking time and more time to enjoy the great outdoors. The more time I spend outside physically, the less time I sit in front of the computer, the better it is for my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health!

Nature is very powerful in giving rest and relaxation therapy. I am so glad I have found nature happiness, that eliminated all those "material" wishes! My love for nature has helped me a lot reach a level of contentment beyond description. In fact, some may probably think I wish to travel far to explore the world, the answer is a "BIG NO!" I am happy where I am, whether I could travel or not, for NATURE IS EVERYWHERE! We may travel to explore more of Earth's wonders, but those are simply bonuses of this already wonderful life. 
Torrey Pines State Reserve
My love for the outside world made me give up TV and movies! Honestly, I don't watch any TV anymore, nor movies. I simply have no more time to sit down on a couch or bed watching TV, what with work, household chores and exercising in the great outdoors as priorities. What very little time left for me after these top priorities, I use it to blog instead. Blogging extends my joy of experiencing nature by sharing nature's simple pleasures, with a bonus, EXTRA HAPPINE$$. :) 

2.Late Sunrise
Sunrise View from our Bedroom Window

I do not really mind going to work in dark mornings. I actually love the thought that I will be seeing the sunrise, not the sun already high up on my way to work. I love sunrise. We actually have good sunrise view from our bedroom window, however, on weekends, oftentimes, I could not wake up to it.  Now, I am excited to be able to see sunrise because I am fully awake already by 7:00 am during weekends. :) 

3. Late Sunset
Late sunrise ( I do not have to wake up for sunrise ), late sunset ( I have time to catch sunset even I go snorkeling after work), how spoiled can we get? 

I am not saying I am not affected at all by the lack of time consistency in a year. I am not saying that I do not need time to adjust to the new time clock. It usually takes a week for me to adjust, like right now, it is 9:56 pm, and gee, I am still typing this, when I am suppose to be sleeping now, but then, I don't feel sleepy at all, since just a few days ago, it was just 8:56 pm. But instead of stressing myself complaining about this needed adjustment, I revel instead on the positive side of having time change. 

Because more daylight, means more time to ENJOY OUR NATURAL WORLD!
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  1. I don't like daylight saving time when I was in the US. I hate adjusting my time of sleep but can't do anything. Now, I'm in the Philippines and we don't have DST here. Makes me happy.

    I love those photos that you took Betchai. I love nature and makes me appreciate the works of our Creator.

  2. Great pictures! I haven't really thought about the fact that longer daylight hours means longer time to appreciate the beauty of nature. All I really cared about was that I could get home while the sun is up.

  3. The first photo looks amazing! (*clap clap clap). The place looks so serene.

  4. I'm with you sis Betchai, I do love daylight saving esp when its adjusting forward we all know that spring, summer and fall is coming pretty soon and we would no longer stay 24/7 inside the house due to a freezing temperature outside.

  5. I love, love, love it! No matter what others think of it. It's always a nice reminder that my kind of weather is just around the corner. Although, we are still going to experience another wintry mix starting tomorrow (sigh).

  6. So agreed with you,Betchai.I like Daylight Savings time on Spring but the not the Fall.

  7. why, but the pictures are sooo beautiful... If i have an eye for such a beautiful and wonderful scene, I wouldn't be minding time anymore.. :)

  8. Seeing this peaceful view gives me comfort and tranquility!

  9. Longer time outdoors! Nice! I love that! Too much stay indoors can be such a bore.

  10. It may be hard to adjust on DST, but the good thing is you can appreciate the nature in longer time. :)

  11. I've only been here in Canada for a year and a half and so far adjusting to DST is somehow a pain... I love though that when I get off at work, there's still daylight but the bad side is that the kids don't sleep early because even at 9pm, it is still very bright... but I do like it though because like you, it gives me more time to go outside and enjoy the surroundings... and just let the kids play their hearts out!

  12. I love daylight savings time too because it makes the daylight so much longer to do things, and I'm always out in the evening.

  13. I always admire how you find joy in everything.Needless to say I looooovvveeee everything blue here!!! :)

  14. happy and blessed weekend to you and Khai, Beth! bawi ako next week, tinamaan ng tamaditis, hehehe! enjoy DST in your side of the world.

    i can never get enough of your sunset photos, simply breathtaking!

  15. That's a good perspective of DST, early to bed and early to rise, isn't it? :)