Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Weekend Wanderings (2): La Jolla Cove and Lake Hodges

Torrey Pine Cliffs from La Jolla Cove

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Initial Plan: Relaxing walk at La Jolla Caves towards Windansea Beach for surfing photography in the morning, then, tidepooling at La Jolla Shores Dike Rock Tidepool in the afternoon.

How The Day Went: 
We started at La Jolla Caves as planned. However, the waves weren't that very flattering for photography, unlike the previous weekend  ( weekend wanderings 1 ). Our walk to Windansea Beach went fast because we did not take any surfing and wave photos as planned. We were back to La Jolla Cove area fast and focused more our fun on La Jolla Cove's scenery and wildlife.
Green Mossy Rocks @ La Jolla Cove
With The Sea Lions
Favorite Shots of the Day @ La Jolla Cove: sea lion, cormorant, pelican and man in the middle of sea lions

Before moving to La Jolla Shores for tidepooling, we had lunch first at Little Korea Restaurant in La Jolla Cove. 
Lunch @ Little Korea Restaurant, La Jolla Cove

After lunch, we went to La Jolla Shores. However, while walking on the beach, we were not so inspired to continue because it seemed like it would be a flat sunset, haha! No clouds at all to color the sky beautifully. Thankfully, there are many options in San Diego, we decided instead to go to Lake Hodges so we could take our chances with the birds again. 

Who says plans are always followed? Not us, not during that day.

Anyway, from La Jolla Shores, we went to Lake Hodges for some hiking and birding.
 Hiking and Birding @ Lake Hodges
Lake Hodges
Hikers and Bikers on the Trail, Kayakers on Water, birds and jumping fish
( it's always a joy to watch the dancing grebes )

It always amazes us to be at Lake Hodges for it feels so wild, yet we were just an earshot of a major freeway, a big shopping mall, and civilization. Yet at Lake Hodges, the dominating sound are the birds.

One thing we are slowly learning from birding is having patience. We do not have a lot of that yet, unlike seasoned birders. We are more into the "hiking" side. We don't stop hiking unless we see birds. But I guess, we are slowly having that patience to open our ears and eyes now that we've learned to listen to the sound of birds and spot them from afar. We couldn't believe that before, we were walking the same trails, but hardly saw anything. These days, as we hike, we pay attention to the sounds and sights around us, that to our amazement, we could spot birds even camouflaged in the surroundings. Our constant hikes in nature has slowly taught us to see more. Birding is one of the new joys we've found lately in the trails. We are very new to it, but enjoying it a lot. 

Until the next weekend wanderings here in San Diego :)

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  1. oh i love the road runner, i have not seen one yet and the pelican is so beautiful :)

  2. it is so nice to see how closer you are to that seal, they seems to be harmless with people, and those green rocks just wonderful to look at, although i'm not very familiar with the foods they look scrumptious.

  3. I love korean dishes. I love all your photos,Betcahi. The place is inviting, thanks for sharing your weekend wanderings to us.

  4. the stones with the moss, wow nature at its best Betchai. And what could be perfect than a walk with a delicious spread at the end.. :)

  5. The roadrunner is so cool. I thought it was only in the cartoons.

  6. Plans get derailed sometimes. But it's how we manage the change that makes or break a day :-) I love those green mossy rocks especially the pic with birds. But you know what I love the most? The food! Lately, husband and I just can't get enough of Korean food. We've been feasting on Korean dishes every weekend the past few.

  7. you have such an amazing life and good relationship with nature! i suggest you can make a tumblr account to post all your photos in bigger version so evryone can see your great pictures!

  8. wow! you even captured the jumping fish! so happy for you and Khai. you both share one great love with hiking, and now birding. the roadrunner looks so beautiful, have never seen one before. happy wandering! can't wait to read about your next adventure. :D

  9. how I wish to experience to get so close to sea lions...what an amazing experience! I miss korean foods....gotta love their kimchi!

  10. THe sight of kimchee makes me want to eat my brunch right now. I have to open a jar lol. Must be so relaxing to go for a boat right and see the beautiful view and amazing creatures in there.

  11. the bird shots are awesome! It really is hard to find a perfect timing on when to take a shot on the birds. The scenery overall is beautiful! If my house was near to that place, I would just go out and breathe some fresh air.. :D

  12. The dancing grebes are a joy to watch indeed!!! and the green mossy rocks are so refreshing to stare at! I'm scrolling up in a bit to look at them again! the Pelican and the other winged friends here seem to be having so much fun! hmmm yummy and healthy food treat here as always! scrolling up now..can never get enough of nature's wonders here at TJOSL :)

  13. That kind of scenery is something I would never get tired of watching. Sobrang ganda and it's very relaxing! I really love seeing photos of birds!

  14. How fun to spend the weekend with Mother Nature! I can't get enough of the pelicans, Te Betchai.They are always a sight to behold! Those foods must be divine! For us, weekends is a time to binge! Hahaha!