Sunday, March 17, 2013

San Diego Welcoming Spring Weekend 2013

Me On Top Torrey Pine Cliffs ( in my favorite "talikod-genic" pose )

I am taking a break from "My Top Ten San Diego Hikes" series of posts to share some San Diego spring updates. Well, it's not officially spring yet, the first day of spring is still this coming Wednesday, March 20th. However, the wildflowers along the coast start to impress despite having very little rain this winter season because of the morning fogs. Sharing with you some pictures from this weekend's wandering. 
 Sea Dahlias, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
 Sea Dahlias with Torrey Pine's Badlands, Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve
 Bermuda Sorrels and Crocosmia, La Jolla Coast Walk Trail
White Daisy, La Jolla Coast Walk Trail
The wildflower display this year is perhaps the least impressive since my first San Diego spring last 2005. There are very little blooms in the inland hills and valleys. Thankfully, coastal blooms continue to impress. Though it is still a little bit early since carpeting wildflowers usually peak by April along the coastal area. I am getting excited with the sprouting of the greens right now in the trails along the coast. 
Field of Yellow Bermuda Sorrels, La Jolla Coast Walk Trail
 Field of Bermuda Sorrels, La Jolla Coast Walk Trail
 Field of Sea Sunflowers, Scripps Coastal Reserve Biodiversity Trail
I am hoping that there would be more rain and more foggy mornings to nourish them to peak carpeting blooms this April. I can't wait to see again the Purple Field of Dreams brought by the carpeting CA sea lavender
However, it's not only the wildflowers that bring excitement this spring. Spring is the time for the fastest living animal, the peregrine falcon to mate and produce offspring. 
 Peregrine Falcon in Flight
Peregrine Falcon on top of Torrey Pine cliffs
(Note: All pictures in this post are from this weekend's wandering except the two peregrine falcons. They were taken a few weekends ago ) 
Spring is also the harbor seals' pupping season. If you are visiting San Diego, do visit the mom and pup seals at La Jolla Cove. It's a joy to watch moms training their pups to be independent. 
 Mom and Pup Seal
Mom Harbor Seals Are Affectionate Mothers
( see more of my mom and pup seal pairs in my old post, SEALED WITH A KISS )
Nursing Mom and Pup Seal
What else to be jolly about spring? Well, the surrounding is teeming with happy wildlife, a sight to behold for those who have time to stop and enjoy their presence.
Sea Lions
Hawk in Flight With Prey
Snowy Egret 
Black-Crowned Night Heron on a Bed of Fallen Tree Blossoms
 (they may be one of the most common birds in San Diego, but still, I can't help but get excited seeing them )
( ? )
It is really now a time to be "Enjoying Spring", and enjoying more hikes. Bliss! We live in such a wonderful world!

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  1. beautiful! kawawa naman yung prey betchai. at siguro super ganda ng spring kesa sa summer ;-)

  2. Spring!!! Something I would love to experience soon!! :D love that talikogenic photo of you....but of course I love more photos of you smiling...:) those colorful petals and pretty wings and blue skies make me smile here when summer is in the air....gosh it is so warm here now and the sight of those egrets, our swimming friends and all the pictures of spring make me feel cheerful! Joys of simple life...what a wonderful world indeed! :)

  3. those wildflowers are beyond breathtaking. i can not imagine how much prettier can they be in April.
    i wish to see something like that here in the Philippines.

  4. Sarap naman sa lugar na yan ... Beautiful photos po.

  5. Gorgeous photos to see for the first thing in the morning here, Betchai! Just joyous and amazing..

  6. hey do you spend some time at home after all? or being on a journey is like home to you? :))

    1. hi Deeps, thanks always for your visit. Yes, though it looks like I am always outside, but I am home everyday unless we are on vacation out of town. :) San Diego is home, and yes, I do stay indoors to cook, eat, do laundry, clean the house, garden, do other household chores , recreate and also sleep ( my all time favorite hobby). :) But almost no day we don't spend a time out of the doors, San Diego lifestyle.

  7. We do indeed live in a wonderful world and if I don't get to see for myself the beauty you see on your side of the world right now, your pictures already gave me a pretty good idea.

  8. Hay Ate Bethchai, you are definitely in the middle of paradise! Must be relaxing to sit on top of the mountain and enjoy the breeze and the sigh of the ocean! Whew, makes me miss my hometown..

  9. Great shots of the Field of nature. Awesome floras and faunas Betchai. Kaka-in-love naman. Nabawasan ang burden na dala ko ngayon.

  10. i love to see those flowers, must be really awesome to see fields of it. you're living in paradise...:) and those sea lions, wow, i will be happy to see those outside the zoo or show. you're blessed and God bless you more.

  11. These photos are really beautiful! How I wish I could also get a chance to get upclose pictures of animals. :)

  12. look at those blooms...very pretty! such a relaxing scene...I could stay there the whole day!

  13. I so love that "talikogenic pose." Thanks 'Te Betchai for always letting me see what a beautiful world God had created for us. I may not physically experience how beautiful the other side of the world is but the daily online tour makes me marvel at God's wonderful creations :-)

  14. San Diego is really a beautiful place beautifully captured by your lenses Ate. This post makes me even more excited for Spring.

  15. Gorgeous! I wished I had more time to stop by last Saturday. Hopefully I can come back pretty soon. These are unbelievably wild in its real sense!

    P,S. We are already booked for Santa Cruz Island next month, I hope you can also explore the island. Still scouting for more wildflower fields. Will call you if I will spend overnight in SD.

  16. Your photos are superb. I heard they don't have winter there which is good, eh? :)

  17. Here again and loving everything I am seeing Betchai....singing "the hills are alive!"...and dancing in my imagination...have I told you before that those blooming spring flowers are stuff I used to dream of as a child...I'd go running up a hill and a pathway just like that of Torrey Pines in my slumber and marvel at the brightly colored blooms! thanks to you I have an adult version of that dream hahaha but at least I could fulfill the dream through your eyes and wishing I could see Spring for myself one day...thinking of becoming an accidental tourist too....can't wait for the rest of your accidental tourist story! :)

  18. How beautiful! I love the spring. Unfortunately, we got 5 inches of snow last night so all we see is white.

  19. Awww! Look at those Spring blooms! Nakakinggit! Whenever I see an ocean, parang napapaiyak ako kasi sawang-sawa na ako sa knee-level of snow namin dito. LOL. I love all of your captures sis, as always! :)

  20. i'm back! was here yesterday but only get to tweet "my friend lives in a land called paradise" with your link.

    having said that, your nature photos speak so much of a paradise on earth. aaaahhh! can't get enough of it! thank you Beth for keeping us awe-inspired.

  21. Those are such pretty flowers! Love the riot of colors, so very well captured. Also loved those birds, you capture them so well. Have a lovely week Betchai :)

  22. Oh Spring! most of my folks in the US has been waiting for this! :))

    Love those shots of white daisies and sea dahlias! :) LOVELY! ♥

  23. i love the flowers...and whose not?..and the waves and all..summer na summer...o spring ba sa inyo? :)