Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Not Your Typical Las Vegas Vacation

Las Vegas Blvd

The picture above is the Las Vegas most people know, filled with colorful lights at night. Thousands of people walk on its streets everyday (or shall I say every night ) to experience this vibrant city. But behind these colors, is another part of Las Vegas most vacationers to this city do not see. If the Las Vegas Blvd is filled with all sort of crowds, Las Vegas backroads on the other hand is silent, yet teeming with natural colors. 
The Fire Wave, Valley of Fire State Park, NV

Between the two colors above, if you ask me which one do I prefer, it will not come as a surprise to those who had been following me here that my enthusiastic choice would be the natural colors in the 2nd picture. One of the many reasons why I have learned to love the desert as much as I do the mountains, forests and ocean, is because of the many hidden beautiful geological features in the desert that a casual passersby may fail to see. The desert is always judged as something barren, uninteresting, but to me, Earth is as beautiful when it is clothed ( with green vegetation and trees) as when it is naked ( devoid of vegetation, our Mother Earth shows us its beauty within). 
Multi-colored sandstone monoliths @ White Domes Trail, Valley of Fire State Park

Though the desert may look barren from afar, but you take a closer look and you will be surprised with the diversity of life within it. 
Beavertail Cactus and Colored Sandstone formation

The Valley of Fire State Park, which is about an hour away from Las Vegas, is one of the many outdoor destinations that tourists can explore around Las Vegas.
 Valley of Fire Wave
 Petroglyphs @ Valley of Fire State Park

Unlike what most people think, that a Las Vegas vacations means a "casino" vacation, fyi, we don't play in casinos. Las Vegas get-away for us usually means to explore the outdoors during the day, and then, to watch theater shows or concerts at night, 

of course, watching also the play of lights at the strip. 

"Out is In"- I know, this is an REI campaign, but got to love the store that prepares me to endure the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.
Elephant Rock ( can you see the road below? no hiking to go to this rock, it is very close to the East entrance of Valley of Fire State Park )

In Las Vegas? Enjoy uncovering Las Vegas' best kept secrets too, such as The Valley of Fire State Park.

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  1. I like the wavelines.

  2. Amazing tour of the natural side of Las Vegas, that most people never see!

  3. I have been to the Vegas in the first photo a number of times. Since I always go there for business, I have never had a chance to travel outside of the city. It looks beautiful.

  4. I agree with you, Betchai! The busy city isn't all that attractive for me. You sure did show us an amazing beauty of the earth with your fantastic photos.

  5. There is tranquility behind a busy city.

    I prefer the former.

  6. i would definite trade the colourful and bright city lights to the beautiful natural colours of the earth, Beth! nothing beats nature photos eventhough night photography is fun too.

  7. I was looking at Las Vegas vacation packages on Price-line and Expedia, and could not believe how reasonable the prices are!Is it a good time in the next 6 months to schedule a Vegas vacation?

  8. Out is IN! I prefer wandering outdoors than staying indoors.

  9. we miss this Betchai........gives us the reason to come see you again...... hehehhe ;o)