Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dive into Spring with Express

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Express for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Photo of Rog, Teyla and MJ beating the heat last summer, courtesy of MJ

Come to West Virginia one sultry weekend in July or August and get ready to be wowed when we drive you up to Nicholas County to see the beautiful Summersville Lake, the largest lake in our state.

Formed by a rock-fill dam (Summersville Dam) on the Gauley River, south of Summersville, the lake features 2,700 acres of water and over 60 miles of shoreline at the summer pool water level. I don't know about you, but 60 miles of shoreline spells F-U-N in capital letters to me, specially when bikini season rolls around!

 Photo of Rog taking in the beautiful Summersville Lake from an overlook, courtesy of MJ 

Speaking of bikini season, a girl friend and I were at the mall the other week checking out women's swimwear while excitedly making plans to spend a day at Summersville Lake in the next couple months, when temps start to soar around here (as of today, we still have snow on the ground!).

Summersville Lake is a popular recreation area in this part of West Virginia for outdoor activities such as fishing, boating and rock climbing; and water activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. My friend and I giggled as we imagined our kids having fun at the lake - her 9-year-old son happily rowing a boat on the cool waters, or Teyla's excitement in catching her first fish (with our help, of course). We were, however, disappointed with the boring and outdated (in our opinion) swimming attire that met our eyes at the mall, and after almost three hours of perusing various swimsuits in different stores throughout the mall, we climbed into our vehicles empty-handed.

*** Photo of Teyla pulling mommy out of her baby pool last summer, courtesy of Rog ***

Later that night, though (and let me say, "Thank God!," because shopping for gorgeous swim suits is hard work!), I stumbled upon the NEW Spring 2011 swimwear collection at Express while surfing the net! Boy, I was like a kid in a candy store, bright eyed and all excited, as I scrolled up and down the page, looking at the various bikinis, string bikini, two piece swimwear and monokinis, imagining how I would look in each particular style. The bright, solid hues, the body-loving shapes, the flirty ruffles and the glam beaded embellishments are what I love most about this line! I also like that the padding in tops is removable. And Express even offers swim shorts for men. So now, I can shop for Rog's swimwear at the same time - and same place - as mine!

My favorite swimsuit from the Express Spring swim collection would have to be the bright yellow number in the halter bikini style. I find the ruffles ultra sexy and very unique! And yellow, to me, is the perfect color for summer - so happy, so zany, like a bucketful of sunshine! I can definitely picture myself enjoying a day at Summersville Lake with Rog, Teyla and our friends while strutting around in this cute, sunshiny bikini:)

women's swimwear @ Express

Something else on the Express web site caught my eye. Listen to this - Anyone can have the chance to win one of 10 $200 Express gift cards simply by signing up for Express e-mail! Hey, I don't know about you guys, but I have already signed up for Express e-mail and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I win one of those gift cards. If I do, I'm definitely using it to get that yellow halter bikini! Picture yourself selecting one of those gorgeous swim suits from Express with a gift card if you are one of the lucky winners. Can we spell F-R-E-E S-W-I-M-W-E-A-R? Now go and sign up for Express e-mail already!:) The sweepstakes ends Thursday, April 21, at 11:59 p.m., EST. Visit Express to read the sweepstakes rules.

Also, don't forget to check out Express's spring essentials such as hats for him and her, sunglasses, tout bags and sandals for that perfect day at the lake or ocean! I can't wait to hit Summersville Lake with Rog, Teyla and our friends who, along with me, will be sashaying up and down the shoreline in our brand new Express swimwear.

Photo of MJ perched on huge boulder overlooking Summersville Lake, courtesy of Rog

I wish you all many warm and sunny days ahead! Summersville Lake, here we come (as soon as it quits snowing around here)! 
- by MJ

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  1. It's a wonderful post. Nice family fun. I can't wait until I get soaked in some nice pool water.

  2. my pretty and sexy power ranger pal!

  3. Well, there was a time in my long ago youth - a half a century ago
    ( YES, it has been that long ) when I did look for sexy bikinis but no longer. I do enjoy imagining my young friends frolicking around in them and wish you much delight in your choices!

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  5. I'm looking for places like swim shops that sell spring board diving that say stuff on them or sweat shirts that have cute sayings and stuff like that.Like swimming stuff.THANKS!