Monday, August 02, 2010


After Sol Duc Falls and Easy Pass Trail, let me take a breather from my lengthy outdoorsy posts, and this time, just simply share a few pictures of how we are taking pictures :) This is just a "more for fun" post. I guess, I am very tired right now, I walked all day at Balboa Park and San Diego Zoo ( of course, taking a lot of pictures too), and when I got home, I grabbed on the chance to write a sponsored post for my group, The Salitype Society, however, sadly, we encountered a problem because of our change in url. Troubleshooting the problem kind of fried my brain that I do not know anymore what to write and what to say, so, here goes my post for today, simple words......and yes, simple fun :)

Whenever we are on vacation and engaged in our world of taking pictures, we also love to capture each other's challenging moments, or let me say, awkward moments. Here are some of our pictures being "caught" doing our best to capture the image the way we wanted it.

1. Me ( it is my blog, so I am first!)
( caught by KTL, my hubby )
Okay, so, what is the result of that kneeling to the ground? 
Mt. Rainier Penstemon 

2. My hubby
caught by RCA, my cousin)
 why did he have to lie down like that? Well.....
Starfish at Hole in the Wall Tidepool
Since my hubby's lens is a 75-300 mm, it is hard for him to take a wide angle picture, however, in his mind, he wanted to capture the starfish with the rocks and the ocean. Kind of, we all think the same, but have different results. See what my cousin did (below), and see also what I did in similar situation ( last picture below).
3. My Cousin
my cousin caught by KTL ( obviously I am not very fond of catching others in their awkward moments, as I was absorbed in my own world)
What is the result of her picture? Take note of the orange starfish above so you would be able to relate to what she did!
Lone Starfish and Sea Stacks
Can you see the similarity of our captures? We did not talk, but maybe, somehow, family kind of influence each other. We all are thinking of having starfish as part of the foreground of the scenery in front of us. Now, here is my take below, only that no one bothered to take me a picture while I got wet taking this.
Now, why do I have to post this last one? Well, this is my blog and I am free to show off what I got too, while they can't, haha! Anyway, now you know, we are a family who share the same hobby, hiking, outdoors, beach, tennis and photography! Ooops, my cousin is into marathon too, now, that is not something I can do! Just make me hike 26 miles, not run 42.195 kilometres ( 26 miles and 385 yards) for a very short time like she does! :)

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  1. Wow...the way you guys snap photos are really like a pro. :)

    Aww...the star fish are so beautiful especially when they congregate together. :)

  2. Wahahaha!!! The pictures of the persons caught are better than they captured! This is so fun!

    I shall do this to my friend too!

  3. But I like the capture by your hubby the most.

    Sorry to say that.


  4. It's a fun post, Betchai, and all the photos turned out fantastic..

  5. What a fun post! You are letting us see more of you. I like it.

  6. I love this series of photos! It's fun to see what you have to do to take the pictures!

  7. Wow... come to think of it... some awkward moments resulted to wonderful shots. Nice one Sis.

  8. Such fun to see photographers in action and the images they took. All the photos look excellent!

  9. cool, im glad you are sharing the same passion for photography with your family. definitely more fun going places with you people who have the same interests. the pictures turned out really great and creative :-)

  10. We'll do anything for the perfect shots and as I can see, you do :) Love the post and gorgeous shots.

  11. Love the title post! Hahaha, Zee always tells me, I can post whatever I can and do whatever I do, because its my blog.

    Those starfish are giant ones, nothing compared to what I see down here!

  12. Well that is a fun and cutest post. I liked that you were so honest and down to earth- haha, very much when you guys bend down. That zoom lens your hubby has, I envy those, but too heavy...I am into small, compact...I know the results are not the same, but, oh well. :-)

  13. hahahahahaha, i love them all Liz!

  14. can you get to take such pictures while rafting or hiking or kind a such a thing!?! great job!