Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Peek Into My Joys of Simple Life

**Originally posted September 2009**

"Do you enjoy life at all, like going to clubs or bars?"....... "Don't you enjoy shopping? No woman doesn't, right?" ---- these are some of the questions I used to get before when some probably wonder why they don't see pictures of me, or from me, clubbing or shopping. 

Do I enjoy life at all? I DO, so happy, contented and at peace with the joys of simple life. Let me share with you my simple joys 


In my regular days, when most people are probably still in deep slumber at 5:00 am, I am already awake and preparing for school. Though still sleepy, I have to be awake. By 5:45 am, I am sitting on the bus on my way to school. During the ride, I extend my sleep for even just 30 minutes :( Sometimes, I would take a peek at the bus window to gaze at the beautiful sunrise. If I am inspired enough, I would take out my cell phone and take a snap shot of the early morning rising sun.
Sunrise Using a Cell Phone Camera

But most of the time, I am just too sleepy that I simply close my eyes and continue to be in dreamland. However, when I get off the bus, I am as energized as I can be, for after-all, I should! I should not look more sleepy than my students. At school, I am transformed, no more sleepiness. I just have that inherent joy to share what I love to do the most, that is to teach.

Now, after school or after work, here in America, work continues at home. We have to clean the house, water the plants, do laundry, cook meals. Another simple thing in life that I have learned to take joy in it is to be self-sufficient and not relying on helpers to do household chores that we ourselves can do. Of course, at first, I thought it was hard, but as time passed by, I find so much happiness in doing household chores. Self-sufficiency has opened my world not only to how much we can save in the process but also to the ultimate joy of being free at home, free from prying helper's eyes. I am free to enjoy every corner of our house in whatever physical appearance. 

At home, I cook our own meals since I believe it is healthier. Thankfully, cooking is not work at all for me, it is one of the simple things in life I love doing best and take joy in it. I love to whip up everything from scratch.

We prefer to just simply eat at home and take control of what we eat.

When the day is longer, that is late spring to early fall, between school and home, there is enough time for us to explore our beautiful world outside. During weekends, instead of dining out and spending money in the mall shopping, we just take our simple delights to the trails or to the ocean, or both.  
finding joy in hiking, our local work-out @ Torrey Pines Trail
finding joy in hiking, our local work-out @ Lake Hodges 

Either we hike, snorkel, boogie board, or do them all in one day.
finding joy in snorkeling

We have fun, we get exercise, all for free!

Now, if not working, or not outdoors to energize our body and spirit, at home, when there is free time, I blog. I blog because I find joy in sharing the joys of simple life. I blog because I see blogging as an opportunity to  learn from others and also earn on the side to give the gift of education to some deprived kids and some who may be in the most need.

Working meaningfully as a teacher, enjoying life at the great outdoors, being self-sufficient, saving money for the future, earning a little bit more from blogging to sponsor some kids to school and sharing some of our blessings to meaningful causes, are what I call, "The Joys of Simple Life". Come, enjoy life as simple as it can be. 
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  1. Though it looks like routine, but we change portion of the daily journey here and there, we pretend to discover wonder now and there, my life is simple, but then joyful and meaningful.

  2. Hi Betchai! We have almost the same lifestyle...mine has changed drastically since I moved here. No more easy life with maids and all. Now I have to do work then extend it more at home. Cooking also is my relaxation, I don't consider it as work. We prefer eating at home and healthier meals than eating out. We just do it as a treat. Not much out of town trips, we're too tired to go out that far so instead we take time to relax at home. I still consider your life and mine as simple. Nothing too lucrative or extravagant. Also, you remind me of my bestfriend. She also had some teaching loads before and she really enjoyed her teaching career. She handled computer and math.

    To end this long comment...i love your photos most esp the sunrise and the trail.

    Have a wonderful evening dear!

  3. If only everyone could enjoy the simple things in life, what a wonderful world it would be. I have a great respect for you, and I love your blog.

  4. It's the simple things in life that makes a difference!

    I am thankful for the little things in life that brings me joy. A 30min ride to work without the hassle of heavy traffic flow everyday is something I can think of :)

  5. Your joy shines through in all of the wonderful things you do. Your students are so fortunate to have such an inspiring teacher.

  6. You have the right idea of the way to live. The people that go to bars may not understand the joy that nature and other things of a simple life can bring.

  7. This is a beautiful post and you live a beautiful life full of goodness. I am happy I know you.

  8. you are an epitome of a very fulfilled person living a simple yet terrific life. like Melissa, i have a great deal of respect and appreciation for your lifestyle and i can't help loving your blog more and more as time passes by. your photographs are awe-inspiring as always, be it taken using your cellphone or DLSR. youare simply amazing!

  9. That Boogie Board looks like fun :)
    Do not worry about what people told you about the definition of perfect life.
    As long you feel happy and content with your life, it's perfect :)

  10. i envy ur uncluttered life.. i use that phrase cos it seems free of most stuff except the essentials... great life

  11. I haven't met such a compassionate teacher like you for a very long time. (I volunteer in my son's school, and see many unpleasant things from teachers). Please keep that love alive.

    I also understood your meaning behind the joys of simple life. You and your husband are so lucky to share the same thirst for life..It's very rare and special!

  12. thanks a lot everyone.

    @ Rainfield, yes, discovering wonders here and there is what makes our life less routine :) simple but joyful and meaningful. Cheers, and thanks again.

    @ Ayie, yes, no more maids now, but I have learned to love the lifestyle without a maid at home, i am now more free at home, i mean i can walk around inside the house without having to worry what the maid will see :) plus it brings us a great savings too if we do our own household work

    @ Melissa, thanks a lot. I think it is our differences in life that makes us enjoy in different things. I am glad to know you and everyone here too.

    @ Mei, yes, like you, it is a joy not to see any traffic :) . Also, I enjoy sitting in the bus and sleep, I do not have to worry about driving at all.

    @ Diane, thanks. there's no joy for me when I do the laundry though :) but that is one thing I have to accept really doing otherwise we would be wearing wrinkled clothes all the time :( But I listen to music when i iron clothes, that makes me a little bit joyful :)

    @ Ratty, yes, I have several friends/acquaintances who look at me with pity because we do not go to the bar and enjoy night life, and i tell them i have to sleep early since I have to wake up early to hike, and they could not understand it. They tell me, "enjoy life once a while". Even though I tell them, "I do, very much! We enjoy life each day each moment!" I guess for some you only enjoy life when you are in the bar.

    @ Teri, I am happy I know you too, you are such a wonderful artist and through you I met more artists.

    @ Cher, thanks, like you, i can say just loving life simply "cherrifically"- too blessed to be stressed :)

    @ kirigalpoththa, i love uncrowded beach too, but our beach here really becomes lonely when it is not summer because it becomes too cold for swimming

    @VS, yes, boogie board is fun, I may have to feature it in one of my posts next time. yes, as long we are happy and content, life is perfect and terrific :)

    @TH, am glad you love vege too.

    @bengbeng, yes, i guess, our life is free of a lot of stuffs, just the essentials, though we buy some luxuries but only if we really want it ( i say want since most luxuries we can live without) and if we have enough to spare for it

    @ Icy, thanks, I think I know what you mean, I met some teachers too who sadly should have not been one :( but I know a lot too who are very happy and passionate with what they do.

  13. Betchai, how wonderful to get a look into your daily life. This blog is the perfect example of how you live your life which is simple yet joyful. I too believe in simplicity being the road to happiness. Self sufficiency also means you have control over your life. I also really like the Mushroom Burger, Green beans, Bok Choy and Rice. those are all ingredients that I enjoy. In fact I eat bok choy everyday. I love the taste and the health benefits. Thanks Betchai, for sharing your life with us.

  14. It sounds very simple and very lovely. You sound very satisfied with your life.

  15. It sounds like a wonderful life and a great attitude for living a simple life.

  16. It's wonderful to see you enjoy your job that getting up at 5am doesn't seem an annoyance. And you still have enough energy to cook? Amazing!

    Yes, I was at Comic-Con this past weekend. What a madhouse. It gets worse every year and every year I come back. :P

  17. Nice to take a glimpse of your ordinary day,betchai.i smiled when i learned you also get up early. i have to cook breakfast too as early as 5am because my daughter's classes start at 6am.like you,my routine is just home-school-work-school-home.

    At home,i also do the chores because i don't have a nanny anymore (been 2 yrs).but whenever i'm stressed, i either sleep for long hours or go malling and shopping (yeah,guilty as charged hehe).

    I envy you for the marvelous places you can visit there.we live in a commercial district and the closest natural refuge we have is a river. we go there on cool afternoons.

  18. So not boring, I know I'd rather be traveling and seeing my surrounding than drinking my money away each weekend.

    I dream that when my kids are older I will be able to get up early in the mornings and go for walks as the sun is rising.(Not possible to leave them at home by themselves at the moment.)

  19. you're right with the savings but still i won't mind embracing my life back at home hehe you might think i'm a spoiled brat...i'm not =)

  20. Hi my friend... been a long time. I thought about you today and tried to find this new website that you started [and put a link to my blog too. I don't know I just miss your amazing photos.

    I am still busy with summer camp and don't really have time for blogging. I miss it but I don't know why I can't make myself write again or rather where can I find the urge to write again.

    Anyway, I am happy for you keep it up my friend. Take care.


  21. Hi Beth! Oh the simple joys of seeing a student learn, the way their faces light up when they understand a concept! Priceless indeed! I also live for moments like these.

    You are a teacher, not just to your students, but to a lot of us, who have been mentored by you about the technicalities of blogging. I have learned so much about blogging through you. I love to write, I do so often in TEStimony (my friendster blog) but you have taught me the other side of blogging, it isn’t just writing –there’s more! Thank you! I continue to learn from you!

    We have only one life and it is up to us how we make the most of living to the fullest! “The glory of God is man fully alive.” Keep enjoying the joys of simple life!

  22. I ran into your blog through a friend's link. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! I lead a fairly overly-complicated life, so they were nice to see.

  23. hi betchai - thanks for sharing such great pics of san diego. i ran across your other site and saw the beautiful poppies at tooth rock. would you mind emailing me directions? do you think the poppies are gone already since it's april? thanks so much!

  24. "Sunrise Using a Cell Phone Camera"-That is great, I like to use my cell phone camera take pictures here and there in my life too, that is my simple joys.

  25. just in case you're wondering i'm just going back to the older posts to get to know you better. like this post how much more i find out about you in your life. i like your idea of exercise and have fun instead of going out to eat. Smiles.

  26. What a wonderful life you are living sis Betchai, you're routine is simply glorious and never boring, how could it be boring if you find joy in doing things you wanted to do in life.

  27. i share you joys of simple life Beth, ever so inspiring!

  28. So this is how you spend your daily life. Wow! early in the morning pala ang alis mo sa house. Di ko ata carry yun. I woke early din but I spent the hours taking care of our garden.

  29. I mostly wanted pictures of nature and your adventures rather than shopping or clubbing photos honestly, though i have nothing against it but nature's scenery is just an amazing thing to look at rather than those lights and drinks.... keep posting here.

  30. Every time I look at your pictures Sis, it makes me happy :-) You have amazing shots as always :-) I love the nature especially the most :-)

  31. I could just imagine having a simple life in the future: Wake up early in the morning to enjoy cool breeze, then report to work, walk in the city if I have time, head home and cook dinner then bond with the family.. :D