Monday, January 13, 2014

Coopers Hawk's Life in The Dangerous Lane

top right picture - coopers hawk examines his surrounding; middle right picture - coopers hawk dangerously dodged cluttered tree stumps in high speed to surprise prey; bottom right - birds fly for their lives......silence, where did the hawk go? ; bottom left - coopers hawk's reality of life: squeezes his/her victim trying to drown the head of his/her prey; top left - coopers hawk after food, searching again for an opportunity?

It is said that coopers hawk lives a life in the dangerous lane because when hunting, coopers hawk pursues prey with a great burst of speed through tree branches, which is a dangerous style of hunting. Coopers hawk does not have a notched bill like peregrine falcons to kill its prey. Cooper's Hawk squeezes its prey with its sharp talons and strong feet, and if there is shallow water, drowning its prey in the water.
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  1. The Hawks are awesome birds. Great post and your photos are wonderful.. Have a happy day!

  2. We have a pair of Cooper hawks in our neighborhood. They go after the morning doves. And, yes, they fly right through the trees in our front yard after them. POOF! ALL the birds disappear! I do, however, find feathers every 3-4 days, so I know they have made a kill.

  3. learned something new and interesting again from you Beth!