Thursday, February 07, 2013

What The Sunrise Brings

"Nothing is lost when all memories are kept in the heart."- This is what I told myself about 3 weeks ago in realizing that I deleted a set of pictures that I took during my Philippines vacation. I really thought those pictures were gone. I spent a lot of times learning how to retrieve files that were deleted from the recycle bin. I tried several rescue procedure, but nothing that I wanted to recover were found. Thankfully, the sunrise last weekend brought me a very pleasant surprise.
Sunrise from Home
 When I looked at our window, I saw the intense color of the sky. Usually, I would just look at the colors, but not take picture since it's not always easy getting out of bed taking the camera out. However, at that day, I was moved to leave the bed for pictures. When I started shooting, my camera told me "memory full". I was about to delete all pictures in the compact flash card when I saw the very last picture in the memory card which was displayed first.
The Last Picture in My Compact Flash Card
The charcoal sketch above was one of my sketches back when I was younger. I took pictures of some of them  during my home visit in the Philippines. While reviewing my pictures, I was saying to myself, " How come I did not see these pictures?" 
One of The Pictures in my CF Card 
( L-me, R- my friend when we went ziplining at La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort)
As I was seeing more ziplining pictures, it dawned on me that the pictures that I thought were lost were actually still in my camera's compact flash card! How I jumped for joy on realizing that nothing is really lost after all. Why I deleted the pictures in my computer then, was because I cleared my "philippines vacation" album of JPEG files thinking I have them all in RAW files. After copying all the RAW files to my portable hard drive, I deleted all JPEG pictures in my laptop. At that time, it did not dawn on me that the last set of pictures I took were not in RAW but JPEG because my CF was running out of space. After deleting all JPEGS, I emptied my Recycle Bin. When a friend reminded me of the pictures, I realized I deleted accidentally those pictures that were not taken in RAW. I spent so much time researching how to recover files that were emptied from Recycle Bin. Had I checked my camera first, I would not have spent so much time figuring out how to recover files which I thought were already lost. So thankful for the sunrise last weekend for bringing me happy memories back. :) Here are some more of the pictures that I thought I lost but now are found. :)
Another One of My Sketches ( sketching was one of my hobbies back then )
 The View from our Bedroom's Balcony at La Vista Highlands Mountain Resort, San Carlos, Negros Occidental
 View of La Vista from our Balcony
Me and My Friend Ziplining, It Felt so great to be high on air
Anyway, I really thank the sunrise last weekend for bringing me back these happy memories. :) More of my Philippines trip in later posts.
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  1. Hi there Betchai! You must have been so sad when you thought you lost those files...I remember looking at a sunrise too and hesitating to take a photo too lazy to grab my was a great thing indeed that you used your camera that morning and realized you actually did not lose any photo hahaha, weeeeee the photo of you ziplining is so joyful! and the view at la vista is so beautiful! all the green around makes it perfect :) and yes, your sketches too are perfect...don't you sketch anymore? please do so..looking forward to more of your Philippine vacation shots....working here and taking a break yah!

  2. Oh your sketches are simply fantastic, and you're indeed talented with that skill.

    As for ziplining, it looks like a fun activity to do!

  3. "Nothing is lost when all memories are kept in the heart." - Such a lovely thought there, betchai and I am so glad that you finally got all of your memories back in print :) The charcoal sketches are fabulous, I hope you continue to do them... would love to see more :) Philippines pictures are beautiful and serene and the ziplining activity looks so much fun!

  4. thats really glorious view from your bed room...
    Ziplining must be an exhilarating experience ha? i have never tried it...

  5. Such a relief, I know how you felt though. I lost tons of pictures a couple of times because my camera have failed and needed to be reset, I felt a gut-wrenching pain. I love the sunrise photos and so your sketch!

  6. They are somewhere in your memories.

    Waiting for you to recall.

  7. Oh! You found the lost photos!! Good for you! : ) I love that view from the balcony!

  8. can't help but leave my footprints here when I saw this magnificent snap of the sunset! ah, life is indeed wonderful ate Beth:) Im sorry about the photos you can't retrieve. I share the same feelings whenever it happens to me.

  9. The sky is just burning.


  10. First off, I love your sunset photos! They're so beautifully captured! God must have known that you badly needed such scene! :)

    Your Philippine vacation photos are just as fun as I thought the vacation really was! Ganda naman dyan sa resort na yan!

  11. Stunning sunset photos. Glad you found these wonderful photos.

    I wish my mom or sisters still keep my paintings when I was small. I want to frame it like yours.

    I love your artworks. :)

  12. You're such an adventurous lady Betchai! Good for you and I love your pictures too. Everytime I visit your site, I am amazed by how you capture God's beautiful wonders presented to us in the form of nature. I wish I can enjoy nature the way you do. I would love to try ziplining too one of these days, maybe when I finally go home for good. I'll take a mental note of all the places you visited and hopefully, I'll see them for myself and marvel at God's beautiful creations.

    Way to go sis! Enjoy life and keep doing what you do!

  13. I am glad to hear you found your vacation pictures. It would be disappointing to have lost wonderful memories of your trip. I'm glad you found them so you can share them and now you have learned how to recover lost files. :)

  14. Great shots of La Vista. Betchai, ang galing ng sketches mo.. Inggit naman ako. good thing you saved these photos.

  15. I can super relate to that kind of feeling when you thought that all those important pictures were gone and you've tried everything to look for them in your hard drive and in the recycle bin retrieve them. When you thought of giving up there is always some hope left and just like you, I accidentally saw the folder of the pics I thought were lost. What a blessed day it is...

    And just like this post, this sunrise is not just an ordinary sunrise but it symbolizes joy and new hope. What a beautiful portrait... You are such a talented person Ate Betchai and I admire you all the more as a person.

  16. You are such an artist talaga, sis! You don't only take awesome photos, you actually sketch with such fine details! You are gifted with such talent! :)

  17. Ate Beth, napa "wow" ako sa sketch moh! I super love all the photos you have here. It's really disappointing when you realized your pictures were deleted! That was nice you still were able to find all pictures you thought were gone. Anyways, I never have tried zipline before and I am telling myself to do it once we're back in Davao:) Crossing my fingers on that! lol

  18. It really looks like a lot of fun! I can't wait to try it one of these days.

  19. What a stroke of luck!! Your photos are lovely, and the sunrise is gorgeousness!

  20. At first, I thougth the zipline is from Cagayan de Oro City. And the sketches, they look good for a kid.

  21. I love those sunrise shots! I also do have a heavy heart letting go with all photos that I took. Great sketches, you should continue doing it sis!

  22. Such a hidden treasure, you got talent! The best of it, you got them framed and matted!

  23. Good thing sunrise has given you a pleasant surprise Ate! :)
    It looks like you really had a blast upon your stay here in Philippines. ♥
    Love the photos. ;)

  24. Beautiful sunrise photos! I'm sorry about what happened to your other photos! Buti naman po pala at di lahat nabura.. Ang galing din nyo mag-sketch! At tama yung ginawa nyo na naka-frame at naka-display.. =) Ganyan din gagawin ko pag ako may ganyan at sarili ko pang gawa! =)