Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Date With Nature

Valentine's is everyday. It is not exclusive only to couples, but to everyone. Because Valentine is everyday, we also did not do anything differently last Thursday, February 14. We did not celebrate the day with a candle light dinner, nor had an extravagant exchange of gifts. Instead, we spent the rest of our day after work the same way we would always do, sharing the activity we love.
Let me take you to our Valentine's date last Thursday. Two simple hearts always finding immense happiness in the priceless gifts that comes from our wonderful world.
~ Valentine's Date With Nature ~
A walk to see the daily miracles of life. From the desert garden,
Desert Garden
we were reminded again how life always finds its way....
 nurturing and nourishing us with inspiration....
inspiration from the miracles of a flower....
blossoming even in the harshest soil conditions....
that with God, there is a place for everyone and everything on Earth. 
 He sent His angels to spread love and life around....
A walk near the sea, reminding us that angels are everywhere......
supporting all forms of life on Earth.....
knowing they are interconnected and essential to one another.....
so everyone could live life in peace and harmony!
Wishing you all a very beautiful day, everyday! 
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  1. thank you for being one of those angels who keeps on reminding us about the profound love of God and the meaningful lessons taught by nature.

    today, i am touched by an angel and i know i will always be. grateful beyond words could express...

  2. wow! this is such a very inspiring post. love the thoughts that everyday is a valentines day and that's not for couples only. it is very true. those photos are also beautiful. depicted God's love on nature.

  3. Agreed. It is not only for particular day and couples. Every day there is always love to cherish.

  4. I am in awe at how you put all these snaps together to serve as in inspiration and reflection to those who have a different view about Love and about Valentines day. YOu surely didn't beat the crowd doing this and I would certainly choose this over a crowded restaurant! :)

  5. What a beautiful post. Such pretty color and spending time with nature is definitely joyous.
    Have a wonderful week :)

  6. A date with nature is the best thing, it's relaxing and gratifying!

  7. Sounds like a fabulous date! I am glad that you have found each other and so happy to be doing simple things together that still yield great joys and happiness.

  8. Thanks for this very inspiring words, Betchai. You indeed had the most wonderful valentine date ever! Being in touch with nature and to see all those wonderful miracles God had created is such an amazing adventure in life. Cheers to love and God’s everlasting blessings!

  9. I agree with you,Betchai. Valentine's is everyday for us as well, we didn't wait valentines to show our love for each other, instead we do it everyday.hehehe

  10. wow! what a wonderful valentine's day...amazing photos!

  11. simply amazing how Nature works. Love those flower photos.

  12. You had an amazing date, Ate! ♥

  13. What a beautiful day to share our love for nature and it's surroundings :-) The water looks so refreshing :-) those flowers are beautiful :-)

  14. I love the double angels in the last picture.

  15. I also like the last photo you took the most! =) Beautiful sunset with two love birds.. just perfect for Valentine's.. =)

  16. its a perfect date for me, i would like this kind of date. thanks for sharing these awesome pictures around your area, and as always you never failed to inspired your readers and me that God is great, life is beautiful and we are all blessed. :)