Monday, October 22, 2012

Rain or Shine, It's Another Beautiful Weekend

Time flies when you are having fun. Before you know it, another weekend just passed.
We had our second drizzles here in San Diego since June of this year probably. I can't wait for more rain to come to shower the dried up soil so that by spring the trails will rejoice with happy colors.
Mt. Woodson Trail, Spring
Same trail as above @ Mt Woodson (notice the same shape of rocks), this weekend, 10/20/12  photo taken by cell phone
Mt Woodson Trail spring time
Same trail as above @ Mt Woodson (only that the hill was covered by fog), this weekend, 10/20/12 photo taken by cell phone
We went hiking to Mt. Woodson Saturday from Lake Poway. Near the summit is the now popular Potato Chip Rock. Last Saturday, I could not believe the number of people waiting in line to get a photo taken at the chip.
People Lining Up for Photo At the Chip Rock 10/20/12  photo taken by cell phone
I sure missed the days where this rock was our place for a short nourishment break and where we would look at the expansive rolling hill topography of San Diego that is bordered by the ocean from this rock and no one would hurry us to leave so they can have a photo. 
My Hubby and Cousin @ the Chip Rock Many Years ago ( when this was still not a popular place for photo opps in San Diego)
I used to call this rock "My Potato Chip" since it seemed to be waiting for me. :) However, for several times we have reached this rock this year, there were just too many people lining up for picture that we would find another rock for fun and snack break instead. Thankfully, there are so many rocks littering in the slopes of Mt. Woodson for us to have our own space always to have silence and fun. 
flying high above Mt Woodson ( taken last January )
Thankfully also, though the Chip Rock has become popular these days, but the trail is still not as crowded as the Chip because Mt. Woodson summit can be approached either from the East on a shorter trail or from the West (longer trail). We usually take the trail from the west so we can get more exercise. :)
If Saturday was hiking Wt. Woodson, Sunday was a more relaxing stroll again by the ocean at La Jolla.
Someone is trying to cross the Arched Rock :)
Windblown Rose Petals
This flower is happy after being drenched by rain
 Harbor Seals on Shore
 All photos from this weekend (Mt Woodson Hiking and La Jolla) were fresh from cell phone camera directly uploaded to Blogger Mobile. I am starting to love Blogger Mobile since I can now directly upload my cell phone pictures to my post. I actually composed this post in Blogger mobile, but just edited in blogger Chrome to add the old photos for comparison of Mt. Woodson then and now.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will have a wonderful week ahead.

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  1. Hello Betchai, hope you will respond to my email.. thanks!

  2. Those are really beautiful pictures.

    They inspire.

  3. I can't believe you haven't had rain since June. I didn't realize San Diego was so dry.

  4. Oh, too bad the Chip Rock has become a popular tourist spot. Luckily you discovered it earlier : )

  5. Well now, this is life at its best by enjoying it! So many fun photos to see, and happy faces too.

  6. Wildflowers and other plants must be well adapted to your dry weather, your pictures are always so beautiful. We have been exceptionally dry this year too. Now we come into the dry season, so I am not optimistic about rain.

  7. The chip rock looks scary. While looking at the photo, my hands were sweating. LOL.... No kidding!

    Dropping for CommEx. My blog is

  8. Can't believed you don't get much rain there.We have more rain plus flood warning :(, You had absolutely beautiful weekend there,Betchai.

  9. your weekends are always full of wonders, Beth! may you and Khai be blessed with healthy body always to keep wandering and sharing nature's amazing gifts.

  10. now i really want to visit san diego, i love that rock, very scary though..

  11. Wow, lovely snaps! I wish our relatives took us there when we visited San Diego last 2009! I'm not sure if they even knew those places!

    Lovely rock formation and I love the captures of the same place in different season. I will note this place and will ask our relatives to take us there on our next San Diego trip.

  12. You really had a wonderful time, Betchai. I must say, you always live your life to the fullest. I love all the beautiful captures but the photo were you jumped high in the air was the one which specifically caught my attention :-) It speaks so much of you as a person- a happy person who's living a good life :-) Thanks for the positive vibes you have imbibed on this post.

    See yah!

  13. Betchai, enjoy na enjoy ka talaga. BTW ano feeling kapag naroon ka sa edge ng chip rock?

  14. I love all your photos, Betchai! That chip rock looks really amazing..How does it feel to be sitting on the edge?

  15. All the pictures are stunning! I love how there are trails where you can hike and exercise. This is one thing severely lacking in the Phils, unfortunately.

  16. That pointed rock looks scary, all your pictures are amazing, glad you had fun.

  17. Cool photos! But the chip rock scares me a bit?! Or maybe I have to see it personally to appreciate and see if it wasn't as scary as it looks. I have fear for heights.

  18. holly molly! these are some cool photos...awesome adventure!

  19. great pictures, i always love reading and seeing your post about your adventures. and that chip rock is so cool, lucky you because you was able to discover the place before it became a popular spot for photo opps. :) have a great and blessed week.

  20. Wow this are beautiful shots those places really amazing...

  21. Ahh! A lovely weekend indeed! Amazing shots po, as always! :)

  22. wowowo, awesome shots you got here...thanks for sharing...

  23. wow thats amazing isnt it? this is what i love about the seasons here in US, its always beautiful and make u look forward to on each season. thanks for sharing all your photos! so beautiful!

  24. Look at that fog! It must have been chilly there, no? Keep sharing your adventures, Betchai. Nakaka-inspire mag travel just by looking at the awesome photos you share ;)