Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 17-mile Drive, Pebble Beach, CA

The Lone Cypress Tree at 17-mile Drive
The 17-mile drive was one of the places we explored when we were in San Francisco during my younger brother's work assignment in the Bay Area last spring 2007. Because my younger brother only had one day to spare for exploring due to his hectic work schedule, we were at a toss then where to tour him around. I asked a friend who lives in San Francisco if she only has one day to wander from San Francisco, which she would prefer to tour friends or family: go North to Point Reyes National Seashore and Muir Woods National Monument, or go South to Big Sur. Not stopping at all to think, she said with such joyful tone, "BIG SUR!" Adding that it is her favorite place on Earth, more than Prague! Haha, of course, it is hard to compare the two, since Big Sur is more about nature, and Prague is a historical and cultural city. 
Me and My Younger Brother at Spanish Bay

17-mile drive is not part of Big Sur, but because the drive to Big Sur passes this area, we decided to explore this one first. I must say though that because of this, we were not able at that time to explore the whole stretch of Big Sur. What we thought was a short 17-mile drive actually went longer. From my experience of this place, Point Lobos and Big Sur, if you only have a day and wanted to experience Big Sur, I believe this is one place you could skip. It will save you some entrance fee as well. But I am not saying that this is not a beautiful drive,the 17-mile drive is probably one of the most beautiful drives in the world, only that, Big Sur is really a lot more beautiful and magical for me. If you have however more days to explore, then, I believe this place is worth visiting!
Here are some facts I have learned from  the site of 17-mile drive:
The Lone Cypress Tree at 17-mile Drive
1. The Lone Cypress Tree is recognized among the "10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World" by World Amazing, February, 2009. 
Fanshell Overlook
2. During the CA Sea Lions birthing season, portions of the shoreline are protected from visitor intrusion with fencing. Actually, in the photo above, my younger brother was simply looking out at the opposite shoreline which was closed at that time because of harbor seal pupping season (April 1 to June 1).
3. Many locations along the Drive have starred in motion pictures including National Velvet with Elizabeth Taylor, The Caddie with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, One Eyed Jack with Karl Malden and Marlon Brando; and Escape from Witch Mountain (Disney).
For more information and how to get here, please click Pebble's Beach 17-mile drive.
If you want to check out my post on Big Sur, please click: Come, Experience, Big Sur!
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  1. that love cypress tree tells a beautiful story. glad you had fun time bonding while travelling with your brother. i know the feeling of touring around a love one. :)

  2. wow! the scenery is so picturesque. it must be really good being high up the hill

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  3. The tree does look striking. The beaches are just beautiful out there in California.

  4. I am as handsome as your brother many many years back.

  5. I just love to sit and look at the sea..
    enjoy the wind and the sound of the waves ..

  6. That lone Cypress tree is very famous, and you got a picture of it! Awesome, and glad you and your brother got to see each other too.

  7. The tree is outstanding! Thank you for the picture!

  8. So many places to explore in California. I have not been to 17-mile drive for a long time myself. One can easily sit there and be mesmerized by the beauty of the ocean.

  9. Love that fanshell overlook photo of your younger bro! and the lone cypress tree shots are making me really want to go for a nature trip now! happy seeing photos of you having so much fun with your bro wonderwoman!

  10. Simple n joyful indeed…
    Liked the fan shell bench or pew or whatever it can be called :P

  11. You do live close to many beautiful scenery, Betchai! Love the photo of that lonely tree.

    Glad that you and your brother got together even for just a short while!

  12. I'm imagining that tree with sunrise or sunset backdrop.

    The waves look strong.

    Very beautiful place. :)

  13. the tree is indeed magnificent.
    oh and your brother in on a natural hammock.
    nami mag bonding sa utod ms beth no? :-=)