Thursday, June 07, 2012

Summer Is Almost Here....Look Who Enjoys Bathing In The Sun

Casa Beach, La Jolla, San Diego
 Almost summer now. It seems like we are blessed with warmer water this time of the year! As early as first week of June, our water temperature ranges now from 64- 68F (17- 20C). Even though that is not really the recommended swimming temperature (70s to low 80s) to avoid sickness related to hypothermia, but the reality for this side of the coast is that the water seldom hits 70sF. Most of the summer time, the water stays only in the 60sF (below 20C). What people mostly do is dip in the water for 15-20 minutes (those who can stay that long), and then, warm up in the sand to avoid hypothermia. Or as what you will see with most surfers and snorkelers who stay in the water longer, wear wet suit to trap the heat for the body.

Anyway, it is almost summer time now, and let me share with you my pictures of the popular sun bathers in San Diego, beloved by the locals and tourists alike. They do love lazying under the sun.

Harbor Seal: "Let us Party.....who can open these mussels for me?"

 These sunbathers do not need to wear wet suit. And yes, they do love to make fun of us when they see us wearing suits that looked like their skin.
All the above pictures were taken from last weekend, where we had sunnier days. For more information about harbor seals, you can go to the feature of Animal Bytes on Harbor Seals.

Today, I had my first boogie ride this year. I almost forgot how fun it was.
Me Waiting to Catch That Wave for a Ride, picture taken last summer
Though I had so much fun riding the waves today, but frankly, I only did 20 rides. Why? Because I still have not adjusted to the cooler water temperature. Though I wore wet suit, but without the sun shining above me, I was shivering from cold after 15 minutes. Thankfully, I found it cold, because even I only had 20 rides, now my arms are sore, and my legs are a little bit tired. I did not get tired at all from our 12-mile hike Friday that we even took another hike Saturday, but 30 minutes in the water today, I felt like my body had been whipped mercilessly by a very powerful force. Next weekend, I will remind myself not to over do the swimming and boogie boarding, otherwise, I may not be able to report for work the next days. Like in hiking and running, I will slowly build my endurance first in the water until I could play with the waves for hours without feeling any soreness.
How about you? How are you enjoying your summer or what do you plan for this summer?

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  1. Cute shots of the sun bathers, you must have had fun riding the waves. Great post and photos.

  2. How fun to watch the harbor seals, you took a lot of cute pictures!

  3. I hope you have an awesome Summer, Betchai! I love Summer! I get to relax, well a little bit. Mostly I get to organize and reorganize. I do hope to enjoy my pool, after this crazy spider bite is gone.

  4. aw... i really feel jealous seeing someone dipping on the sea water. for we don't have it here, i mean where i am at now, doesn't have sea water nearby. however, i do enjoy the experiences you shared makes me happy. those seals are so adorable, one thing i have notice, are those sea shells?

  5. is going to US during summer expensive? or can you recommend good month to go there? of course, you will be my guide haha

  6. Summer is almost here.

    You will then spend your summer holiday bathing in the sun.


  7. the sun bathers are sooooo cuuuutteee!!!! can not get enough of their shots....makes me want to become one in another life haha, would love to ride waves with you one sweet summer day!

  8. i didnt see seals coming up to the shore before! that's so nice to see your shots here

    Latest: The Pork Way to Go

  9. haha! go easy on your boogie rides Beth. you and Khai enjoy the rest of your summer. :)

  10. The seals are adorable! Boogie boarding looks like so much fun.

  11. The weather sounds wonderful and I'm glad you're enjoying summer already when it's technically not even summer yet! :) I like all your close up pictures of harbor seals.

  12. I live in Santa Barbara, and trying to talk Icy in coming here for the summer. She loves the beaches, and ocean.

    Fantastic photos, and my son would love to see the sunbathers. Thanks for visiting!

  13. Lake Michigan is still in the 50's to low 60's. It doesn't warm up until mid July.